Denise Beaupré is a dynamic presenter who trains leaders to motivate and engage their teams in working toward company goals. Her method uses the talents at the management level to bring out the best of every team.

As Owner and COO of Auction Transport, Denise is well-versed in the challenges of operating a successful business. She brings excellent negotiation and communication skills to the table, along with superior customer service.

Prior to this adventure, Denise excelled for 13 years in Real Estate, achieving many awards and designations along the way for the most listings, the most sales and highest commission earned, just to name a few. In her spare time, Denise is an abstract artist and enjoys travelling and spending time with family and friends.

Denise’s passion for leadership training was born early in her career. In her quest to transform one mind at a time, Denise uses various platforms to reach as many people as possible. From online courses, 2-day in-person workshops, to 6-12 month executive team coaching programs – there is an option to suit everyone! Building leaders are her passion. Already a leader? She can reignite the passion deep within you and pull out the best from both yourself and your team.

Hey Denise can you introduce yourself to us?

Founder/CEO of Denise Beaupre Creative Leadership. I’m also part owner/COO of a trucking business called Auction Transport Services Inc. and Author of Best Selling book Rise above- Create the abundant life you desire.

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now? 

That’s a big question! My husband is the founder and CEO of Auction Transport, he started back in 1997 with 1 truck and 1 driver (himself).  I came along in 1999 and as we grew our relationship, I began getting involved with bookkeeping and so on.

The business was small and not really generating enough money for me to work in it full time.  in 2003, I became a Realtor and quickly built a strong business.  I made the list of Top 100 Realtors in North America 4 years in a row and received many awards over the years but after 13 years in Real Estate, our trucking business was growing and I needed to dedicate more of my time to it.  I retired from Real Estate in 2016 and now dedicate 100% of my time to my husband and my staff.  It was not an easy process for me and I was met with much adversity along the way.  A woman in a “male-dominant industry” a ‘realtor”, “the boss’s wife” was not well welcomed at first.

With patience and persistence, I stayed true to myself and showed my staff that I had much to offer and that I was on their side.  Since then, the company has been growing at a rapid pace.  In order for me to stay on track, I needed outside guidance and I chose to reach out to Bob Proctor from the movie and book ‘The secret’ also the founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute.

I was mentored from the best and I continue to be mentored by the best and now I aim at helping as many people as I can in their personal and business growth journey. I continue to be Owner/COO of Auction Transport to this day but my heart is really into public speaking, workshop and empowering people.

How are you helping your coaching clients to change their way of thinking and re-train their mind?

It’s really about Goal setting.Most people aim for the wrong goals their entire lives, therefore they get lost, they get distracted and lack the desire to stay focused.  I help others find their real goals, I help them build their self-confidence and self-image.  If a person aims for the real GOAL, nothing can stop them and everything just starts coming together.  I guide them in this direction.

Congratulations on your best-selling book ‘Rise Above’, can you talk to us about the book and take us through the writing process? 

I wrote the book ‘Rise above’ in order to share my story with as many people as possible and to help others realised that it’s okay to “want something” that we should not be ashamed of having goals and that it’s okay to fantasise. There are 2 important parts of the book.

Part 1 is to help people grow on a personal basis through goal setting, controlling our self-sabotage and understanding that we have limitless potential and we can accomplish anything we want.  Part 2 is taking action where I share many tips for anyone to follow and apply to their daily lives or their business.  Human Development is what I get excited about, I love to see others become successful and really reach for the stars.

Alongside mentoring sessions, workshops and speaking engagements, in what other areas would you like to expand into?

Public speaking all over the world to all walks of life and all industries is really what I am passionate about. I aim to empower others and show them how creative they can be and that there is no limit to what they can accomplish.  Aside from this, My goal is to someday own a Boutique Hotel in the Caribbeans and help people live an abundant life all while I travel the world teaching and empowering others.

What outlets do use to promote your Leadership Mentoring and Management Training workshops?

My book ‘Rise Above’ has been a great promotional tool for me.  The trucking industry has also been very good to me and encouraging me to introduce my material to the Industry as a whole.  Aside from that, I use social media, mostly Facebook and Instagram. You can find me on Facebook, on Instagram  and of course my website www.denisebeaupre.com

What gives you ultimate career satisfaction?

Every day, I see my team in the trucking business flourish from my teaching and I am so proud of what they have accomplished on a personal level and also on a corporate level.

Which other leading entrepreneurs and pioneering game changers do you also admire and why?

I have to say that Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher from Proctorgallagheriinstitute and their entire team have helped me grow to a whole new level of awareness.

How do you define your own success? 

The best definition of success that I have ever come across is this “The progressive realization of a worthy ideal” from Earl Nightingale.  Success to me is being able to reach and accomplish anything I set my mind to.  It’s about rising above and living a life of abundance.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you? 

To be who I want to be and not what someone else wants me to be.

Finally, what are you working on throughout 2019?

2019 is a year full of growth. My trucking business is currently experiencing tremendous growth and I need to lead my team through this growth all while booking more workshops to empower as many people as possible.  I’m also aiming at creating online courses to reach even more people all over the world.



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