Detroit native Elise Mesner (now based in Los Angeles) is an eclectic-minded painter, illustrator, fashion/costume designer, stylist, taste maker, cross-media artist, and fine art photographer/art director working and dipping into all arty media. Creamy colours plants, fresh air, and drops of neon rule her world. She’s known for creating idyllic dreamscapes, both in front of and behind the camera, as well as on the canvas.

Hey Elise can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background? 

Hi hi hi hey, hello. I’m a girl that’s quick to smile, happy about much, appreciate much and more. Born and raised in Detroit. Green to LA and really loving it here. I love making art and that’s a giant chunk of the cake.

To you, what makes a great picture stand out from the average? 

Emotion and colour. “It has that good something” and of course picture’s can be special for sugary sentimental reasons, beyond the vanilla.

What does photography mean to you? 

Expression! Capturing! And also a tool, much like a paint brush is to paint. And it means the world and over the moon.

How important is it for you to connect with your subject to be able to achieve the best results? 

It’s important to beam in and connect, but the connection depends on what the subject is and all the other twirls of arrival. I like to work with intuition let the connection happen organically.

How do you handle unpredictable factors? 

Rollllllll with it all and enjoy. Great things can come from happy accidents.

Finally, can you sum up #BEYOUROWN in one picture? 

I’ve always adored the old saying “Let’s make our own.” and #BEYOUROWN rings bright and true to that.


Twitter: @EliseMesner | Instagram: @lellopepper

Website: http://elisemesner.com

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