Ellis DeBona is a women life’s coach and spiritual teacher who combines traditional coaching practice with ancient spiritual principle and knowledge. Ellis helps women who feel blocked in their life to move through their personal challenges and fears and uniquely specialise in feminine energy, empowering women by helping them to love and trust themselves deeply so that they can feel whole and complete.

Welcome Ellis, it is great to have you with us! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi and thank you so much for having me here. I grew up in Italy but I moved to Australia 5 years ago for work. I was in Finance at the time, but then I made big changes to my life and now I am a life coach for women.

It all happened after I healed from depression. Before I had low self-esteem,  I was starving for love, I wasn’t confident, always self-doubting and I created a new version of myself. I received help from many people, but I also studied and learned different tools that I can use independently and are available to me.

These tools combine different disciplines and backgrounds (psychology, coaching, and spirituality). I started sharing them with my friends who after applied them experienced major shifts and changes in their life.

My friends were always calling me, asking me for help and thanking me for all the miracles that they were able to bring into their life.  Then I realised that I could help even more women and I started my coaching business.

By making your own feminine energy your number one priority, can you tell us how this ignited the fire within your business journey?

One of the attributes of the feminine energy is nurturing and listening to our own needs.I asked myself what do I need to thrive? By answering this question I took daily inspired action with the intention of prioritising myself. As a result, I transformed my career and built my own business. Also, the Feminine energy is flowing and allowing.  While before I was pushing myself to fit into a box, I turned it in the opposite way. My own business is an extension of my personality. I went out the ordinary list of jobs and built a profession based on my strengths and aligned with my purpose.

I had a lot of limiting beliefs that I had to work through, for example, I am not worthy, you have to suffer to make money or you want something that you will never be able to achieve…etc. But, I trusted my intuition more than my fears. I made choices that apparently didn’t make any sense. I just knew that this is what I am meant to be doing and trusted the process. I followed my inner voice.

What are your marketing methods and what platforms are you using to raise brand awareness?

I have an online business using my own website and blog www.ellisdebona.com as the main platform. I heavily rely on Facebook and Instagram to promote my work. The majority of my coaching clients come through social media advertising.

I also try to give as much as possible free content through blog post and newsletter. I send a weekly email to my subscribers with coaching advice and spiritual guidance. I personally love Instagram, I share a lot there from my thoughts to my daily life. I believe in the power of stories and my intention is to inspire other women. I hope that they can see themselves in my experience, learn through my lesson and apply the same transformational tools that I use every day to their life. I can create an authentic relationship even if we are in different parts of the world.

How are you intending to awaken The Feminine energy in others?

My biggest way of serving others is throughout my coaching program. I help women to connect with their core feminine energy.  It is called ‘I am beautiful’ because beauty is an inside job. It comes from living from the soul, in alignment with who we are.  The program is a journey of self-discovery and what I call ‘re-programming your life’.

We begin from fear and limiting beliefs, doing an entire inventory of old stories that are holding us back from living our best life. I help women understand feminine and masculine energy, in all their aspects, balanced and unbalance.

We all have both energies in us and we need to understand where we are at. We could have unbalanced masculine sides as well as feminine. We need to leverage our strength and reclaim our shadows. My clients get my help but also the energy of the group. We have video group call meetings as well. There is a massive power in the sisterhood and the way they support each other is very powerful.

What methods do you use to measure the success that your clients benefit from after working with you?

I ask my clients to write their stories at the beginning and at the end of the program. It is amazing to watch the transformation that they go through during the 8 weeks. These women completely change their mindset and life.

Who is the most influential female powerhouse that you admire and why?

I love so many women! I draw inspiration from every powerful woman out there. I love Giselle Bundchen, she is pure feminine energy. She combines spirituality with beauty, which is very similar to what I do. I admire her journey and how she brought the topic of self-discovery in the fashion industry. I also love how she supports the planet by raising the global consciousness on a lot of important topics (ie the Amazon deforestation) as an environmental activist.

How are you working on your own personal development and are you looking to study or go through any more training/workshops to extend your knowledge?

I always work on myself and learn more. I have my own coaches and teachers that help me with my business, personal development and knowledge. A coach to truly understand her clients must be doing the work as well. In terms of workshops, I attended Spirit Junkie masterclass with Gabrielle Bernstein two years ago and it has brought a massive influence on my work. All my content is now infused with deeper spiritual principles and I added a weekly meditation to my program (I am now a meditation teacher as well). I am planning to attend her workshop in Sydney next year.

I also read a lot of books. I am currently reading ‘Mary Magdalene Revealed’ from Meggan Watterson. There is so much female strength in her story. I keep exploring the feminine energy. I am also studying psychology and the subconscious mind.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

It means being whole and complete. For a long time, I was looking for a man to complete me and/ or for some event to make me happy. I truly found happiness when I realised that each one of us is complete and all we need is inside us. We need to connect with that voice, power and love that is within us and live from that place. I decided to make it my mission because I want every woman to see it and feel it.

In which areas are you looking to grow and expand throughout 2020?

I am writing my first book. I want to spread my message as much as possible. I believe that my story of transformation can help many women out there who feel lost and incomplete. I want to tell them that even in the darkest moment there is a way to find happiness and healing is always possible. It doesn’t matter how big is the pain we can always reclaim our power.



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