Interior designer Eunice De Campi is a lot like her work: meticulous in approach, international in outlook, imaginative and sophisticated. An alumna of the National Design Academy and a former accountant (working for a multimillion-pound construction company), Eunice is admired for having a head for detail and an eye for trends. Her projects reflect an ability to translate her clients’ desires into composite designs that are aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. Creative to the core, she is lauded by her clients for her ability to skillfully transform the unlikeliest of spaces into triumphs of design know-how.

After several successful years of accountancy, Eunice decided to turn her full attention and energy to pursue her talent and long-held passion for transforming interiors. Spurred on by her nearest and dearest, she founded her Hertfordshire based design studio, Kenza Design, in 2011, in part to prove to people that “beautiful design can be affordable and has the capacity to transform lives”.

Through Eunice’s tenacity, ambition and drive, Kenza has become a thriving design studio highly regarded by a burgeoning list of residential and commercial clients. The company has built up an impressive portfolio of projects ranging from retail venues to refined manor houses, and the bulk of its commissions come from existing clients. Projects bear witness to Eunice’s timeless aesthetic, neat detailing and exceptional finishing. And, always keen to impress, she is rarely without a visual surprise up her sleeve. Whether deliberating on design priorities with property owners, liaising with architects and surveyors or coordinating next year’s Christmas lighting schemes with her commercial clients, Eunice’s creativity, drive and attention to detail have been instrumental in her success. Her philosophy? It is to inspire and delight a discerning clientele with her commitment to intelligent design, traditional craftsmanship and exceptional service.

This is a philosophy that has paid these former accountant dividends: Eunice has become one of Hertfordshire’s sought-after designers. When she’s not helping her clients to achieve the full potential of their living or working spaces, there’s a strong chance you’ll find her indulging in her other passions: gardening, entertaining and upcycling household items. 

Thank you for joining us Eunice can you tell us a little bit about your background story as the founder of Kenza Design?

From a very young age, I’ve always been interested in interiors and architecture. Throughout my working life as an accountant, I would spend my weekends or evenings re-arranging my house, family or friends. So, founding Kenza Design came naturally to me. I have a passion for interior design and more. I would describe myself as a multi-passionate and I’ve managed to combine some of the passions into my business which gives Kenza Design a unique competitive edge. I’m currently working on the launch of EDC Wellness yet another passion of mine. This is a holistic nutrition and healthy weight loss programme for the menopausal woman.

Can you talk us through your holistic approach towards interior design, which allows you to infuse Feng Shui, Biophilic design principles into your work?

Traditionally, the interior design focuses on aesthetics and function only. I go well beyond Form and Function. My approach to interior design is holistic, I strive to create spaces that are

harmonious and have a balanced ‘feel’ required by the client NOT what I think would be right for the client’s space. Firstly, we dive deep to explore the client’s personal life goals and desires and then it is with this information (whole story… which incorporates mind-body and space) that I will be able to translate into the required design. The spaces I design are unique, they are environments that support and nourish the client. In doing so we use natural and sustainable materials and textures to create a home that makes the client happy to live in and a home where they can be at their best.

With so much happening in the world today your home should a sanctuary, a place where you can tell your own story visually by surrounding yourself with furniture and items with meaning.

Throughout the years, in most of my designs, I’ve managed to use my extensive knowledge of Feng shui which works on many levels from the physical to emotional, to mental and spiritual. Also, I infuse Biophilic design principles which are creating healthier and happier environments for clients to live in and work in.

What was the set-up process like for Kenza Design, how was it funded and how did you manage to get your first client on board?

The set-up was a slow process, I had a toddler and a baby at the time and not enough hours in the day. It was challenging but through determination, it all worked out in the end. It all started as a hobby which turned into a business gradually. Landing my first clients was a little easier for me.

From the offset, I knew the type of client I wanted to work with. Since my business was home-based at the time, I didn’t have any funding for it. I worked from home for a few years and then as the business grew, I moved into purpose-built premises.

What does the company structure currently look like at Kenza Design?

The company’s performance is based on a strong organisational structure, skilled staff, and a dedicated management team serving our company. Kenza strives to innovate and develop our standards and capabilities to meet new challenges and overcome difficulties through a system of

Satisfaction by Design. We rely on experience, expertise and impeccable integrity to complete projects on time, on budget, with consistently pleasing results.

Do you have any current mentors? Either professionally or personally….

Yes, I have business mentors only in the last few years. I couldn’t have been where I am today on my entrepreneurial journey without the help and guidance of mentors.

What platforms are you using as marketing tools to promote Kenza Design?

Just recently started placing ads on Google and currently looking to utilise social media platforms better as well.

Do you currently use any apps or tools to help the functionality of your every day?

Anything to make my daily life easier I’ve been using Mindnote and Todoist for a few years now. I use these apps for both work and personal life, and it makes such a difference.

How do you manage your work-life balance through your passion for interior design and wellness?

My work and life boundaries blend sometimes, so I need to be mindful to look after myself and that I’m giving enough time to my own wellbeing. When it’s time play will be played throughout and the same for work. So far, I’ve managed to run purposefully designed businesses and ultimately, lead a well-designed life that gives me space for all my dreams and passions.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

Be me, finding my flow and embodying my authentic self. I choose to live my life with passion and purpose. I am my own person and I make my own decisions.

What does 2020’s growth plans entail at Kenza Design?

Scaling the business, something that we’ve been working towards in the last couple of years. We offer more than just Interior design service we give added value to all our clients. Due to COVID-19, we had to move with the time, and we launched Kenza Design Delivered (KDD) our on-line discounted interior design service. With this service and as a business we are looking to help as clients who are now focusing on improving their homes and gardens during this difficult time. Interior design is now a way of life and I believe interior design changes the client’s lives.



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