Giselle Mascarenhas-Villarreal is a Texas-born and raised business entrepreneur and public relations guru. Born to Dr Raul and Irma Mascarenhas, Giselle first showed a spark in PR by creating plays and dance routines as a kid to later acquire a global education from her travels as an international flight attendant and Spanish interpreter. Her marketing, events management, and business skills were developed in her 8-year ownership of two highly successful nightclubs launched in 2000. This life trajectory honed her skills in the Public Relations & Small Business arena and helped her focus on what has become her life’s passion. 

Her resume includes international travel, magazine editor and business owner, all of which exposed her to the significant relationship between organisations and clients.  In 2013, Giselle founded Indigo Public Relations, a McAllen, TX-based Public Relations firm that helped clients dig deep and build big! In 2018, Indigo PR had a facelift due to the ever-changing trends in outreach and traditional media. Bold Media the “New PR” was born with a focus on building authentic stories using social media outlets in its native form. Giselle is always ready to adapt, pivot, and move mountains to stay current to where the attention is to successfully build her client’s brands. As Founder and now, Co-owner with her husband, she helps the small and big businesses realise their full potential by executing their visions. Bold Medias’ past and current clients include Maison de Papillon, a luxury fashion brand based out of New York City; The Warren Group Architects, an architect group that bridges economic development, investors and design; Stern Law Group, a group of expert litigators in personal injury and Tara Rios Dental Group, dental group in the Rio Grande Valley.  Giselle’s branding firm has also been the catalyst for many political campaigns in the state of Texas. In 2019, a new addition to Bold Media was born- Bold Insta-tute which focuses on helping individuals, businesses and large companies in all industries connect to their own power to brand and build their influence on Instagram, which as of today is the fastest growing social media app with over a billion users. After a decade of helping businesses brand she bridges the gap between late-adapters and the fast-changing world of new media to build their brand and influence to stay relevant and competitive! 

Giselle’s commitment to her community has placed her in various leadership roles in the Rio Grande Valley. She currently serves as President of FemCity the Rio Grande Valley Chapter & Femcity Collective Director,  a global women’s business organisation that serves over 100 cities across the world that inspires women to build their business through a spirit of collaboration and positivity. Giselle has served as a Committee Member for the Cattle Baron’s Ball- RGV, a fun-filled event raising money for the American Cancer Society and Committee Member for Collage, a fundraiser and social event for the International Museum of Art & Science. Her previous community roles include Vice Chair of Organisation of Women Executives and Board Member of the Women’s Business Center. She serves many causes and uses her strength in connecting via social media to raise awareness and monies when possible. 

Through her business success and community involvement, Giselle has earned awards including the SBA 2014 Region VI Women in Business Champion of the Year. Giselle enjoys travelling the world and partaking in amazing epicurean adventures. She is a mother of two wonderful kids, John Rios Zertuche and Gianna Gonzalez. Giselle currently resides in Mission, TX where she lives with her husband Ruben O. Villarreal.


Welcome Giselle, Can you introduce yourself to us as the founder of Bold Media / Bold Instatute?

Hello! Thank you first of all for reaching out and asking me to be apart of this amazing highlight of extraordinary women. My name is Giselle and I am a “Valley Girl’ on a mission to support and uplift my fellow Girl Boss with a passion for travel and a fierce purpose to connect people to their power to brand on the “modern-day media” of social media, more specifically Instagram.

What is a typical day like for you?

I wake up every day between 5 a.m.-6: 30 a.m. depending on the day before and the heaviness of the day. Then I walk 2-5 miles daily. 7 days a week. I meditate 5-30 minutes.

I listen to my favourite podcast or current book during my walk. Right now my obsession podcasts: The Garyvee Audio Experience & The Startup Story along with my current Book which is Marie Forleo’s ‘Everything Is Figureoutable.’

I have a day of meetings or a day of creating. My brain works differently on the specific days so in my experience I have been able to time block a little better depending on my strengths. Mon-Wednesday my brain is on fire! Heavy morning creative and meetings and events after 3 p.m.

Thursday-Saturday – heavier on meetings and definitely when I take time for day drinking meetings, and girl time. Sunday – I don’t like getting out of my PJ’s when possible.

Who is the most influential female powerhouse that you admire and why?

Not fair! So many! I am obsessed with Mel Robbins. She is my daily go-to on social media for a boost of energy. I relate to no-nonsense characters and she fills my soul with clear, no bull shit advice that is relative to everyone in any social-economic status or upbringing. I love how she suffocates the excuses out you. Do you know her story? Read the 5 Second Rule. Everyone should be mandated to read this book lol…

Will you explain your business model and core ethos at Bold and how you are doing things differently?

My business model is simple.In both my client based business and my educational arm my model is; your success is my oxygen. In my client based Branding Firm, I work with people who will put their trust in my hands. I am selective with who I work with. For me, it is based on the impact I can make for you not based on quantifying creative measures to build your reputation and influence. You can feel and see the impact of a successful campaign. The journey is crucial and staying the course is what will determine the success or failure of a campaign. I stay super lean on who I take on because when a client comes my way who is ready to go all in and let go… I want to be FREE to jump in with everything.

However, on Bold Insta-tute (see what we did there? Instagram Institute) I want to get my hands on every single late-adapter I can possibly connect with to teach them how to build their brand and influence on Instagram because you do not need to be a fortune 500 company to build a strong brand. You can be determined, gritty, passionate and vulnerable and reach your tribe and grow your business. Late adapters just are so overwhelmed with so much change and I am passionate to help them connect to their personal power to brand!!

What I feel I am doing differently is focused on a demographic that has been successful in their business or career but is feeling lost and overwhelmed by social media. My purpose is to teach them through webinars, 1:1 Consultation and Workshops step by step and level by level so they will immediately implement and build the habits and the skills to be empowered and not overwhelmed. There are ton tutorials, workshops, and courses but I do believe Bold is about speaking clearly to like-minded individuals and teaching them in a way they can consume.

Can you give us 3 solid tips that will help us secure and identify our brand positioning as a start-up?

For late-adapters who need the tools to tackle Instagram to build their business or personal brand, Bold Instatute provides an implementable formula, action plan, and strategy because we understand the overwhelm felt with the rapid changes of communication and media.

What has been the most challenging yet rewarding barrier you faced and how did you overcome it?

The most challenging barrier I have faced was the years of disconnect small business owners felt about needing to use social media as their Public Relations vehicle to build their brand and influence. Now, it is becoming understood the necessity of making social media apps like Instagram part of the daily duties in building your brand but the major challenge now is making sure they use the opportunity correctly. People have a hard time being vulnerable and you can’t build trust will walls up! People buy from people they trust.

What support networks/channels do you personally love and can recommend to other SME’s and entrepreneurs out there to become part of if they are looking for extra tips on branding and social media development?

I am obsessed with my daily dose of Gary Vaynerchuk. I really don’t think there is anyone better. Read ‘Crush It’ and ‘Crushing It’ by him. Also, see the habits he personally has on social media. He doesn’t just talk he walks the walk. There are a ton of resources on Femcity.com. It is a Global Women’s Organization for the Soul because it is all about Women supporting Women! I am one of the Global Experts and with your membership, you get a ton of resources from me and many other experts.

A beautiful and supportive community of Boss Babes! I love the two Girlboss Rally’s a year Sophia Amoruso has. Worth getting the VIP Access and diving into learning the best practices for building your brand and business.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

It means to be true to who you are unapologetically. Love the flaws and be obsessed with your gifts. Don’t be afraid to play full out every day and live this amazing gift called LIFE! Remember, we don’t get today back. Who are you living for? It should be YOU! LIVE to make an impact! The only way to do that is by blessing others with your truth. That is what #BEYOUROWN means to me!

In which areas are you looking to grow and expand Bold Media / Instatute in the next 3-5 years?

To be a daily webinar source for Branding on Instagram. To travel and teach large businesses how to empower the team to build their authentic voice on Instagram using the talents and passion of their employees. To make sure every soul who is challenged on Instagram to build their influence and brand knows they can do it! Everyone can! The strategy just needs to be taught to them and Bold Instatute can do that! Bold Instatute will be the most impactful resource for personal brands to large corporations to learn how to use Instagram to connect authentically with their core customers to build trust, influence, and over time their bottom line.


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