In the space of 2 years, Jennifer Claire has built a 6 figure 4 business empire whilst travelling the world with her husband and toddler. Jennifer Claire is a best-selling author, award-winning wedding and travel blogger, multi-entrepreneur and a very sought-after wedding celebrant, officiating beautiful weddings across the UK and Europe. Jennifer runs her company ‘JenniferClaire.com’, her success coaching and creative digital agency and lives a nomadic lifestyle free from the 9-5. 

After quitting the rat race in December 2016, she left the UK with her 1-year-old and husband in tow. She set up 3 businesses whilst travelling in Europe in a motorhome. In libraries across Europe, she started her first business the global directory site The Celebrant Directory, promoting and supporting hundreds of Wedding and Funeral Celebrants & Officiants worldwide whilst being an influencer in the industry. 

In 2018, Jennifer began her digital marketing agency and success coaching business, JenniferClaire.com. She coaches celebrants and wedding professionals to run successful businesses and creates websites and brands for the same market.

Jennifer has since travelled to 20 countries with her young son and husband whilst continuing to build her businesses. She believes that everyone has the power to step outside of their comfort zone and live their dream life.

Thank you for joining us Jennifer can you tell us a little bit about your background story as you have many strings to your bow as a success coach, brand and website designer, author and speaker?

Sure! So I have a pretty unusual background, certainly one you don’t hear of every day! I worked in marketing and fundraising for 12 years, from Coordinator to Associate Director of a global charity, I travelled the world running multi 6 figure campaigns. I was living the dream. Four-bed house, company car, business class flights and fighting hard for global change. Then everything changed when I had my son, Ethan. I decided that life was worth more than the weekly commute to London, travelling on business to just see hotel rooms and working hard every day (including weekends!) to pay my mortgage and get my 20 days holiday pay. 

It wasn’t for me any longer.

As much as I adored charity work, as soon as I started to pay £1000 a month to put Ethan into the nursery, I decided enough was enough and we sold up and took our 1-year-old on the road to travel the world. 

We witnessed Ethan taking his first steps in Portugal, saying his first word in France, touching his first snow in the mountains of Spain and playing with children of multi nationalities across 20 different countries. We were living our dream.

Whilst travelling, I built my first business called ‘The Celebrant Directory’ as, alongside my career, I ran a multi-award-winning celebrant business. It boomed and within just 6 months, I had hundreds of celebrants advertising their services. I became an industry influencer, won awards for my work to influence the wider community and became a member of a lobbying organisation the ‘Wedding Celebrancy Commission’ to shine a light on Celebrancy and legal regulations in the UK. I also joined the team as a judge on the largest wedding industry awards in the UK and New Zealand.

As my influence built, so did my audience and I was soon approached to offer to coach and mentoring services. So whilst travelling in Europe, I built a digital marketing agency and success coaching business, JenniferClaire.com. 

JenniferClaire.com supports celebrants from across the world to develop thriving businesses and gives me opportunities to speak, inspire and mentor globally. 

Congratulations on your best selling book, can you tell us what inspired you to write your book?

First and foremost, aside from the BOSS title, I am a mum to 2 boys. There are so many mums out there that would love to quit the rat race, travel with their family and earn a living.  For so many, this is just a dream but I was living proof that it can be done. I knew I had to tell my story in order to inspire others. 

An opportunity arose to be part of the Mums In business Association, Mum on Fire series and I jumped at the chance to tell my story. This quickly became an Amazon Best Seller and I am super proud of it!

You launched The Celebrant Directory, can you tell us what members can expect to take away from this hub and why it’s a great investment to become part of?

The Celebrant Directory is a marketing platform for Celebrants. It is a leading global directory and blog that couples, families and loved ones of those that have passed can find their perfect celebrant. This month, we just reached over 2.1million monthly unique viewers on Pinterest giving over 21k reach to the site from just that one channel so the potential for bookings is huge!

When you join the directory, you also join a team of celebrants who support each other. I advocate hard for the community over competition. 

Do you have any current mentors? Either professionally or personally….

I’ve been working on and off with some amazing coaches. I truly believe it is vital to have someone by your side to give you motivation and accountability. Also, you need someone there to celebrate your successes and sound off your hurdles. 

What platforms are you using as marketing tools to promote your 121 private and group coaching sessions?

My Facebook group is my biggest asset. This is where I can talk to my audience, connect with them and build a following.  I use Active Campaign for email and campaign automation. I absolutely love LinkedIn also, it’s my new favourite social media tool for gaining new clients. 

What 3 solid tips would you give someone looking to work with the coaching sector?

  1. Find your niche – I was so afraid of choosing to just work with a small market, but I love it. I love it because I can really support people who are in the same position I was when I started my celebrant business 10 years ago. I give the results. It has also helped me be consistent with my messaging, relevant and able to hone in on my course offerings. 
  2. Invest in yourself and your business – Have you heard the saying, “you have to spend money to make money.”  Well, it is true. Don’t be afraid to reinvest your profits so you can build a bigger and better audience. Also, get a team around you to take away the work that others can do for you, so you can focus on what will bring you the most rewards – financially and personally.
  3. Stay passionate – Passion breeds motivation, which breeds focus and every business needs focus in order to make it a success. Get a strategic plan in place and set your goals. Without goals, you won’t know how much you have achieved along the way. Continue to love what you do and if you fall out of love with your business, refocus and start another journey. It is never too late.

What has been one of the most valuable lessons so far throughout your business building?

Don’t bother comparing yourself to others. This is a total waste of time. There is no one else like you out there so don’t worry yourself about what others are doing, they aren’t your competition. Yes, do your research and be aware, of course, but don’t be disheartened if a direct competitor seems to be doing really well when you feel you aren’t. Behind closed doors, they could be struggling as much as you might be at that precise moment in time. Be the confident person you know you can be. 

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

Being unapologetically you. Loving what you do and owning it. If things in your life aren’t bringing you joy, then have no fear to change it.  

What does 2020 look like for you throughout the rest of the year with your journey?

After 2.5 years travelling as a family and building my business where ever I could get wifi in Europe, we have stopped still in Spain for a while. Did I forget to mention I had another baby!? Little Arlo was born in Spain in December so I am balancing running my businesses with having two children. 2020 has already started off pretty exciting with the launch of my signature programme being such a success, I can see the rest of the year only getting better! Oh, and of course, more travelling. My life wouldn’t be complete without adding adventure into the mix. 


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