LOVE TV was founded by Karinna Karsten, an internationally recogniSed relationship expert, media personality, and executive producer. LOVE TV empowers your relationships in the digital age. We educate, entertain and lead you on a great adventure to succeed in love. Members of LOVE TV are led by top relationship experts on a liberating journey of personaliSed advice, AI leveraged chat technology and deeply helpful interactive resources to overcome relationship challenges and expand your heart and mind.

Welcome Karinna, thank you for taking the time to share your story with us, can you introduce yourself to us? 

I’m Karinna Karsten, an international relationship expert, tech and media entrepreneur. Founder of LOVETV.co and the upcoming Relationship A.I. I’m passionate about helping people develop self-awareness and self-love to achieve successful dating and relationship experiences.

Can you give us a little back story on how you are where you are today as a successful tech & media entrepreneur, relationship expert and authoritative figure within the dating industry?

From a young age, I was fortunate to live and work around the world, first as an international model with Elite Models, then relationship educator and entrepreneur.  My passion for the subject matter of Dating, Relationships, Intimacy was fuelled by my time in different cultures and observing and studying their relationship history and dynamics.

Currently, I’m travelling in Greece, working and visiting important sites where cultures established both female and male respect and leadership, artistic triumphs and valuable relationships. Just over 20 years ago I had a revelation in the Greek Island of Crete where I realised I wanted to come back to the US and focus my career on empowering women and men around building great relationships and shared power. Media and Technology have been important for expanding this intention.

As the CEO & Founder of the upcoming app, how are you aiming to revolutionise the way people make relationship decisions?

Lately, I’m enjoying a new term “evolutionise.”

We are at a very important moment in history in terms of relationship development. We can feel at once more connected and more frustrated, exhausted and alone. There is a ripeness for an evolution in our personal lives, something fresh, more real, more fulfilling. Relationship A.I. does just that by helping daters to evaluate quickly and date smarter.

Most people are on multiple apps at one time as well as dating through in-person channels as well. We are here to help these savvy daters navigate their demanding dating lives and make their best decisions in real-time.  

I love introducing Artificial Intelligence into the relationship world, every other industry has been revolutionised and it’s time for a big technological shift in the way we support relationships.

Congratulations on launching LOVE TV, a platform dedicated to providing success-minded individuals empowering love content to create meaningful relationship experiences. What was the ignition behind starting this and how did you bring this concept to life?

I am so animated about creating content that is relevant for millennials and beyond around their love lives and what I saw was fluff. 

I started creating pilots, wrote and produced a film that ran on Netflix for 4 years, and pitched many shows in Hollywood.  I would get turned down over and over. Comments like, “This isn’t crazy enough.” “There isn’t an out of control, wild character.” “You are too calm, ” propelled me to do my own thing.  

Finally, with the support of a few amazing people, I launched LOVETV.co. We have many amazing creators and writers developing original content for us.  It’s all about what’s important and relevant around love and empowerment.

Adding another string to your bow, you wrote the Amazon best-selling book ‘Intimate Wisdom: The Sacred Art of Love’ what was the writing process like for you?

Intimate Wisdom took me the longest to write. It is a modern and practical application of the deeper teachings I have provided my clients over the years around on the foundation of building a 4 tier, high-quality relationship life. 

It starts with self-care and development and then how to share love, passion, intimacy in mutually satisfying ways. It also weaves in complementary, ancient Tao practices for love and intimacy.

Can you share with us a particular career highlight so far?

Each new opportunity I have to share is an important highlight. I am very grateful for the opportunity to share knowledge, to model love, to support healthy relationship growth.

How are you working towards your own personal development?

Personal Development is innate for me. I have practised and taught meditation for decades. My husband and I enjoy ever-deepening, mindful relationship development. My best friends and I have hours of the conversation focused on self-awareness and how it applies to every area of our lives. And it’s fun! 

One hard lesson in life you have learned so far?

To Let Go and to Flow. 

 What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

  • Person.
  • Freedom.
  • Lover. (First)
  • Role Model.
  • Dream.
  • Boss.

We have no doubt that you will succeed at disrupting the dating industry, so can you give us a clue as to what you are working on throughout the rest of 2019?

Launching the Relationship A.I. app for success-minded daters to thrive in their love lives this Fall. Thank you very much #BEYOUROWN



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