Kiera Noelle is a transformational coach, healer, and voice for feminine awakening and transformation. She mentors devoted souls on an inner journey back home to their innate innocence and authentic power. She is an illuminator and guide, helping others remember their divine path and merge with their higher self. Kiera has supported countless women awaken their unexplored sensuality, sacred feminine essence and the rise of the divine feminine within.

Hey Kiera, can you introduce yourself to us and tell us your story? 

Of course! Yes, it’s a pleasure to be here in this space with you. I am a transformational coach, healer and a voice for feminine transformation and awakening. I have devoted my life to support the rise of the divine feminine, the planets embodied ascension and activation of one’s higher self.

I mentor and guide devoted souls to return back home to Self – to their purest essence – merging with the sacred divine feminine & divine masculine that lives within. I empower others to reclaim and embody their sovereign divinity: to live a life fully alive, activated and in ecstatic rapture.

I deeply support women to reclaim their authentic, wild, sensual, sacred feminine self. I offer services to support the rise of the divine feminine within. My role is to hold them in a space of grace to awaken the goddess within and remember who they really are.

Lovely, can you tell us how you arrived at where you are now?

My journey truly began when I surrendered. I suffered from a severe eating disorder 9 years ago and that was the catalyst for my awakening and inner journey, back home to my truth. It’s been a 9-year inner journey of radical self-realisations and awakenings, all in divine timing. And guess what? The journey will forever continue. When you are a devoted student of life, there is no destination. The journey is the destination and you’ll see that life is the ceremony. Every breath is a gift. When you do your work, the Universe does its part too – when you show up for yourself, the universe shows up for you in ways you couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Yes! Agreed, what were the first few steps to training as a visionary transformational coach? 

I sunk my teeth into everything. Literally everything, from books, workshops, seminars, online courses, training, you name it, I was all in.

I dove deep into personal development and it shifted my reality in the best way, and my perspective on life completely changed. However, I still felt incomplete. You know that feeling when that juicy ‘umph’ is missing?! Yeah, that was how I felt. The depth I craved was with myself. Intellectually, I had totally shifted but I still craved that deep connection and acceptance of myself – my higher self/soul/God. That is when my journey went so (ul) deep and fast.

Within a year I was certified as a Yoga teacher, Meditation Guide, Reiki Master, Modern Mystery School initiate, Kundalini Yoga teacher, and the list goes on. But none of the credentials mattered – what mattered was the person I became in the process. The one who met themselves deeply, who came home to herself and who could hold space for others to do the same. I truly believe it’s not something you can train for, it really emerges from within, when you give it space too. At the end of the day, people want youyour vibe, your essence, your heart, your energy. The REAL you. Not the fabricated version hiding behind labels. Take the pressure off. You, at this moment, are more than enough.

In an over-saturated market of coaches, how are you standing out?

We have got it backward, we are told to focus on everything “out there” (advertising, strategies, numbers, funnels, competitors, etc.) when we have lost our true medicine, which is being authentically ourselves. When we drink the sweet nectar of our own medicine we radiate and magnetise soul mate clients, soul mate lovers, and a soulgasmic life.

I do the internal work. The internal work is the key to everything. When we allow ourselves to become the embodiment of our best self – we radiate a magnetic essence.

I offer you an invitation to meet your self, the real self, the fully awakened, embodied, sensual, innocent self. It’s felt at a soul level, it’s an irresistible feeling. I get people coming to me all the time saying “I don’t know what you are on, what you have or what you exactly do, but I want some of that.” And the long and short of it is this: they want themselves. They are longing for that deep connection to themselves. I am just a mirror for them, reflecting back their purest essence.

We are all longing for that deep connection and the one that we truly desire starts within first. The power is found in presence. I invite you to meet, feel and see yourself in the presence and we go from there. There is a common theme, are you catching it yet?! You are the answer.

Can you talk us through what an Oracle for the Divine Feminine Christ consciousness & multidimensional muse is?

An open channel, walking the path of the heart, connected to their innate essence. The embodiment of the Divine Feminine is that of ease, grace, sensuality, and sacredness. The embodiment of the Christ Consciousness literally translates to love – walking the path of devotion through the heart. This is how love works – love empowers. It’s expansive. It’s healing. It’s illuminating. It’s pure. And it’s all that truly exists.

Multidimensional being: I celebrate the duality that we live in. A pure soul, as well as a human being and I, honour every part of my existence. I dance with both and I let you see all parts of me – the humanness the divine, and everything in between!

How are you guiding your clients to reclaim and embody their sovereign divinity?

Your soul wants to be seen, held, heard, loved and met in presence for its vulnerability. I hold your heart and a sacred space for the deepest transformations and internal shifts to occur. I provide tools for your conscious awakening, walk alongside you as you embrace your wholeness both light and shadow and rise in your empowerment as your best self. I invite you to take the hand of your higher self, reclaiming your sovereign divinity. It’s an inner journey home, back to you.

There’s depth to this journey, walking the path of the heart. You are the ultimate creator of your life and once you truly accept this, your whole world transforms. Letting go of victim consciousness and taking your power back.

There’s experiencing, expanding, learning, living, breathing, becoming, embodying and remembering all that you already are.

How are you planning to expand your services?

As I expand, my services do too, I will continue with my 1:1 coaching, group programs, and private healing sessions. My global online sisterhood is in my heart and mind with deep connections from all walks of life, I believe the planet is yearning for that kind of medicine.

What is the most rewarding moment in your personal life?

Good question. There are so many, but I’d say when I made the commitment and devotion to unravel myself to serve humanity.

What do you think makes a great transformational coach?

You can already see the client transformation before they do. You know them better than they know themselves because you have been there before. You are them and they are you. We are mirrors for each other and vital aspects of the journey home, back to self.

I hold them in a space of grace, constantly guiding them back to their self to reclaim the power that has always been within. Living an illuminated life and dancing with their higher self.

What gives you ultimate career satisfaction? 

I like to call it the “humble surrender” which is to witness another being fully surrendered into that which they already are, you can see it in their eyes, feel it in their heart and hear their body take a breath, maybe for the first time, ever. Tears of every emotion usually follow and it’s the most beautiful shift to witness. Their life changes forever, from that moment on.

Can you tell us what areas you have struggled with the most whilst being a transformational coach?

Full transparency as I too struggled with feelings of not being ‘enough.’ I am human, to duality, right, and being an entrepreneur isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else on the planet. The contrast is so necessary and all part of the journey. I am infinitely grateful for this gift of life and to serve at such depth. Heart explosion. every day.

Have you ever had a coach? If so how has this benefitted you to grow? 

Yes, two that have completely changed my life I am eternally grateful for them. Surrounding yourself with others who are where you want to be, speak your language, walk the talk and are beautiful souls is invaluable. We aren’t meant to do this journey alone. We long for connection and a deep soul connection. To have someone who can illuminate your blindspots, hold you accountable and flat-out love you is the biggest blessing.

What outlets do use to market yourself?

Instagram, Facebook, my website and also word of mouth.

Which methods are you using to build your audience and expand your network?

Instagram, Facebook, podcast interviews, Facebook Live guest speaking & word of mouth.

What is the best piece of advice you have received to date?

The journey is the destination and that life is happening now. There is nowhere to get too, only to be. Celebrate each moment as it’s the only moment we have, and celebrate the person you become in the process.

What is the number 1 critical lesson you have learned in your career?

Start before you are ready. Showing up even when it is uncomfortable, even when it’s not perfect, your vulnerability is where your magic is. Start now.

We are with you on that one, how do you create an evenly balanced work and personal life?

There’s a harmony that comes when you align internally – 50/50 doesn’t exist in my reality – but rather a constant dance of flowing, expansive energy that nurtures and replenishes. There is structure to the flow and flow to the structure and I am in a constant dance between the two. The true measure of balance is the ease at which I can dance between the structure and flow in my life.

Which other leading entrepreneurs and leading female pioneers do you also admire and why?

Gabrielle Bernstein, I honour her devotion to herself, humanity and vulnerability through it all.

What YouTube or online space channels are you watching currently?

Instagram is my jam so you can find me following all the juiciness there.

What are the top 3 books you have read recently?

1.’Conversations With God’ by Neale Donald Walsch

2.’Dear Lover’ By David Deida

3.’Womb Wisdom’ by Padma Aon Prakasha

What does your Podcast playlist look like?

‘Earn Your Happy’ with Lori Harder and also ‘How to Create Your Own Magic: A Collection of Visionary Voices’ with Allie Michelle and Raquelle Mantra.

How do you measure your terms of success?

Going to sleep at night with ease and a grateful heart, resting peacefully in who I am – knowing I am in alignment & living my divine purpose. It is the greatest gift you can give to the planet.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

You are your own Guru so listen to the whispers of your soul.

Lastly, what is next for you throughout 2018?

Expansion. Of every kind, on every level, in every realm. More adventures, sunset watching, soul connections, dark chocolate eating, magical ceremonies, and inner journeying.



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