Kimberly began her career as a licensed speech pathologist, where she learned early on the strengths and weaknesses of traditional medicine, as she helped children and adults overcome feeding, nursing, weaning, and swallowing disorders. Realising she could do even more for her clients, Kimberly began to seek out new and alternative methods and eventually enrolled in a Ph.D. program in holistic health and nutrition. 

Kimberly’s unique skill set includes certifications in yoga therapy, EFT, Reiki, the “getting through” technique, and homeopathy, as well as a master’s degree in speech pathology. Kimberly shares this knowledge with other mothers through lecturing and other teachings on how they can make small changes that encourage healthy development, detoxification, and healing at a cellular level.

Kimberly has first-hand experience overcoming a chronic illness and disabling autoimmune disease. Diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012, and then developing neurological symptoms and autoimmunity as a result, Kimberly suffered through countless doctors, tests, traditional medications and alternative therapies before she found her path to healing, which she realised was within her all along. Trusting in her intuitive ability to find a solution, Kimberly recovered, and she is now committed to helping others in the same way.

Today, Kimberly’s clients run the gamut from adults looking for solutions to their fatigue, tingles, and numbness, brain fog, migraines, pain, anxiety and depression, to children suffering from attention and learning difficulties, impulsiveness, food allergies, autism and developmental delay. Beginning with a nutrient-dense, whole foods approach that sees food as medicine, Kimberly tailors her treatment to meet the individual’s needs, whether it is detoxification through whole foods, boosting nutrient intake, emotional therapies, supportive herbs and supplements, essential oils or other interventions. 

Mentored and trained by the Modern Medicine Woman, Muneeza Ahmed, Kimberly’s skill and dedication to her clients are recognised within the holistic therapeutic community, and she is a trusted referring practitioner for Anthony William, the New York Times bestselling author of Life Changing Foods and Medical Medium. 

Hey Kimberly, tell us about yourself!

It’s an honor to chat with you! I am a Mom of 2, my daughter is 5 months and my son is 3 years old. I love the outdoors and I enjoy spending time with family and friends. My hobbies also include traveling, yoga, running, cycling, exploring, and eating yummy food. I love being out in nature, at the beach, and exploring new cities.

Can you tell us a little bit about you and your career background?

I started my career as a speech pathologist working on a wide variety of settings. I’ve also previously worked in acute care and outpatient pediatrics. I have trained other therapists statewide and have even extended my services to developmental centers. As my own health took a turn I started to explore the possibility of bringing nutrition and alternative methods into the work that I do.

Reclaimers Of Health ignited simply because despite living active, healthy lifestyles and having a background in holistic nutrition, you personally became very sick and could no longer care for either yourself, your children and you were unable to work or even leave the house. Can you talk to us about this?

I was at the height of my career and had just got married, built a brand new home and had just run a full marathon and about a dozen half marathons the year prior. I was in the happiest place and the best shape of my life.  Then one day my body just broke down. On a Sunday I was hiking in the woods with my husband, and that Monday my neurological symptoms started.

You were diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, Lyme Disease, and after spending thousands on testing before finding Anthony William. Surely this must have been a sigh of relief to find the answers you had been searching for?

Absolutely! It was quite the journey. I was sent from doctor to doctor both conventionally and alternatively. I saw endless practitioners with little or no relief from my neurological symptoms. I had tremors, tingles and numbness, vibrations in my hands and feet, head, and face, my blood labs were all over the place, and my immune function was in question.

How would you say that you are raising awareness of the importance of healing for others?

We are dedicated to sharing our story and sharing the TRUTH. In his books, Anthony William describes autoimmunity as a viral issue and debunks the myth that the body is attacking itself. We have seen it over and over, people healing from “autoimmunity” by addressing the underlying viral and toxic load in the body.

Can you us what is your most seminal point whilst building Reclaimers Of Health?

Seeing people start to heal and improve chronic and mystery symptoms after they were told that their condition was permanent.

The most rewarding moment in your personal life?

Definitely the birth of both of my babies! Especially my 9 lbs baby girl which was completely unmedicated.

Can you tell us what areas you have struggled with the most in business?

Definitely finding enough hours in a day to get it all done. This has been a challenge for me! It’s so important to have a work/home balance but it’s difficult when you see important emails rolling in. We are such a social media society that it makes it very difficult to unplug.

What outlets do use to market Reclaimers Of Health?

Instagram and Facebook.

Which methods are you using to build your audience and expand your network?

Social media is the best tool I think.

What is the best piece of advice you have received to date?

“You can heal” AW. This advice literally changed my life because it took me from believing that I would be “sick” for the rest of my life to then feeling empowered enough to pick myself up and actually do something for my own health. This simple advice turned it all around.

What is the number 1 critical lesson you have learned along your path to success?

To keep moving forward and reframe anything that stands in your way. You need to look at it as a way to grow and expand.

How do you create an evenly balanced work and personal life?

This one is so hard! I practice mindfulness and focus on being present in each and every taste, even if it’s doing the dishes or changing a diaper. I admit that this is a tough one!

Which other leading entrepreneurs and leading female pioneers do you also admire?

Glennon Doyle and Oprah.

What is a good article or book you have read recently?

‘The Tapping Solution’ and ‘Love warrior.’

What does success look like in your eyes?

Home and work-life balance and infinite abundance in health and all areas of life.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

To be your own cheerleader, your own biggest fan, and your own supporter.

Lastly, what is next for you?

I just launched a course on children’s health which you can check out online here



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