Kimberlee Young, founder of Develop Me by Kimberlee, works to help small businesses and entrepreneurs launch, grow, and succeed on and off-line. Develop Me by Kimberlee provides concrete methodology used to cultivate businesses with social and digital technologies.

As a Digital Business Strategist, Branding Strategist and Certified Google AdWords Specialist, Kimberly conducts stratagem sessions with small business owners and entrepreneurs on countless topics such as management, Web, Mobile & Social Media topics. Kimberlee is currently writing her first book, working title,” Time Management: Every Parent’s Guide to Managing Your Home and a Successful Business”, which discusses the how to overcome the struggle of time management most parent face. Kimberly uses her education and passion for project management, time management, productivity, task, team, to study upcoming trends and tactics for businesses.

Can you share your journey with us so far Kimberlee?

Well, let me start off by saying thank you for interviewing me. It has been one hell of a journey filled with high notes and low pits. I worked in a field most would dream of, however, I found myself mentally and physically drained from living my daily mundane routine. Being a single mom of three girls, I was missing out on important events in their life, in general. I started out working in the network marketing field but eventually found myself not interested in recruiting people.

I moved into the online marketing space which led to starting, Develop Me by Kimberlee, catering to budding small businesses developing a brand and business strategies. Giving people a way to opt out of the daily rat race and into their own lane.

How does your day usually start and how does it finish as a branding strategist?

I am a firm believer that how you start your day is how you will end your day. My day starts out at 4:30 AM. I typically start with prayer. I move into what I am grateful for that money cannot buy. Then, mediation for at least 20 minutes to get clear on my intentions for the day which include affirmations. I drop off my girls at school. Afterwards, I started writing and I spend a minimum of 90 minutes writing.

I spend the rest of my day creating content for the public or meeting with clients. I grab my kids from school, do their homework, cook dinner and spend time with them. Once they are in bed, I am back online finishing emails or client requests. I sum up my evening by journaling or adding something to my gratitude/reflection jar. (A gratitude/reflection jar is where you put something you are grateful for or that accomplished. At the end of the year, you reflect on those moments.) I am in bed by 9:30 PM. My routine does vary, however, not very often.

Have you always had an interest in branding?

Growing up in Jamaica, my grandmother, my dad, and other family members had mom and pop shops or small businesses. I always had an interest in business, not branding in specific, but always in business. My interest peaked when I realised that the world was changing, and people were branding themselves rather than other companies.

How do you distinguish yourself in the market?

I like my clients to relate to me. In the sense that I am parent starting a business which of course has challenges but, is all worth it in the end. By sharing so much of myself, popping out tips and strategies, my customers get a behind the scenes look at what my day consists of while being a parent.

What are your favourite social media channels to use?

Currently, I use Instagram. The attention span of people have shortened, so grabbing customer’s attention from the jump is important.

How would you say you turn average into excellent?

Convert, change or transform the ordinary into superior, brilliant or outstanding.I love tapping into my client’s persona to let it shine through in their business. My customers start with ideas that I dramatically build upon delivering a well-lit path to their success.

Where do you source your clients?

Currently, my clients come from word of mouth. My friends and family really started me on the trajectory where I am working with their colleagues or family friends on a one on one basis. They knew that I was giving countless business and branding strategies, so they really helped to put me out there.



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