Kiyah Wright is a TWO-time, Emmy Award-winning celebrity hairstylist & wig and extensions expert whose genius has not only set the precedent for image making but has redefined the appearance of sexy, successful and confident women around the world. As a highly sought-after beauty and style trendsetter and recipient of a Hollywood Beauty Award and Golden Scissor Award, Kiyah draws much of her inspiration from her deep love of fashion when creating her signature hair designs and transforming the image of her clients. Kiyah’s diverse clientele reflects her impeccable ability to reveal and effectively translate a woman’s beauty, inside and out.

As a charismatic visionary and entrepreneur, her life and career caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network. “Love and The City” gave viewers an inside peek into Kiyah’s world.  As a Clairol Professional Ambassador, she continues to inspire with cutting-edge developments.  She has established her mark in the industry and has made groundbreaking achievements and this is just the beginning.

Kiyah’s first big break came when she met entertainment mogul, Sean ”Diddy” Combs at a party, he was so impressed with her personal style, he hired her on the spot to work with his newly formed Bad Boy Records artists Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans. Here, she began mastering the arts of style, colour, cuts, hair weaving and full imaging. The buzz around Kiyah spread like wildfire, and her list of distinguished clients began to expand further with stars such as Tyra Banks, Kerry Washington, Ciara, Laverne Cox, Jennifer Hudson Iggy Azalea, Brandy, Gabrielle Union and more, all hiring her to glamorise their tresses.

Kiyah’s innovations over the years have been featured on hit television shows like Black-ish, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Celebrity Apprentice, Jimmy Kimmel, America’s Next Top Model and America’s Got Talent. In addition, Kiyah’s creations have been prominently displayed in publications like Vanity Fair, GQ, Elle, InStyle, Essence, and Vogue. Alongside her remarkable work schedule, Kiyah still manages to remain loyal to her client base in Los Angeles at her Beverly Hills salon.

Kiyah has also launched her Muze|Hair by Kiyah Wright Hair Collection which aims to address the unique needs of the ethnic and texture hair markets and bring awareness and knowledge to the proper care of “textured hair,” whether it is curls or kinks.

Hey Kiyah, can you give us some background information on your career prior to where you are today?

My first big break came when I met entertainment mogul, Sean ”Diddy” Combs at a party, he was so impressed with my personal style, he hired me on the spot to work with his newly formed Bad Boy Records artists Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans. It was with Diddy where I began mastering the arts of style, color, cuts, hair weaving and full imaging.

What training did you undertake?

I went to a hair school in Washington DC and I studied cosmetology as a trade, my kit was only 150 bucks.

What originally sparked your interest to become a hair stylist?

I have never had any other job in my life so I am assuming that’s all I know how to do. I would sneak kids in the house when I was young and do their hair, and I would go help my grandmother out on weekends at her salon.

What is your favourite type of project brief or collaboration to work on?

I love makeover projects, they are my favourite. Any time I can transform a client from one person to another, they bring more joy to me. Sometimes just to see that smile on their face make me happier

The best client you have worked with? 

I actually work with all my favorite clients. I have been so lucky to really love all my girls. Laverne Cox, Tyra Banks, Gabrielle Union, Jennifer Hudson, Marjorie Harvey, they are all great!

What is your approach towards the beauty and hair industry? 

My approach is to touch each and every woman, whether they can afford to come or not. Most people think I am really pricey, but when they come they realise I actually specialise in everything. I am not a one lane stylist. I actually can colour, cut, apply wigs, and style

How do you handle the pressure? 

I am actually one of those stylists that actually loves pressure because I I sometimes overthink the creative stuff and it’s the pressure that makes me trust myself

What is the best advice you have received recently?

Trust myself and stay focused.

Best advice you can give someone?

The same advice as above and pay more attention to the details, that has been my gift, I am very detail oriented.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I would say magazines, watching people is a really big inspiration for me. Watching fellow stylists really helps. I’m more of a hands-on person so seeing it in person has always worked for me. Being around other creative stylists works as well.

How do you get career satisfaction?

Staying current and staying with people that inspire me really helps my creative process.

How do you wind down?

When I’m home, I get a chance to rest and unwind and just get refreshed.

Where do you usually hang out?

Hanging out for me is more like going to dinner with friends, going to longes and just being able to be around my friends.

What are your goals for the next few months and how are you striving to achieve them?

My goals for the next few months is to work on building up my personal brand, Muze|Hair, get my own reality show and build my empire. It’s my ultimate goal to become the Paul Mitchell of Textured Hair Care.

You are a 2x Emmy-winner, what has been a super rewarding moment for you throughout your career so far?

Being able to move to all of the major cities and become successful has been really rewarding for me. I’ve lived in New York and that was really the start of my career, then I came out to LA after 9/11 and was able to restart and really build my career out here.

How did it feel to be nominated?

It was extremely rewarding and TOTALLY unexpected. It was definitely one of my career highlights that I will never forget.

Have you ever had to deal with lack of support from family or friends throughout your career, and if so then how did you deal with it?

No, I have always had the support of my friends and family, but have had to sacrifice a lot due to always being on the road and always having a busy schedule.

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2018?

Hopefully, for 2018 you will see me on my new show and my hair care line will be in retail stores across the globe.



Twitter: @muzehair | Instagram: @kiyahwright1

Website: https://www.muzehair.com

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