Kristi Peck is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher and author. She has been teaching, mentoring, and helping others for well over 30 years. She is a writer and an honest storyteller.  She brings with her a wealth of experience and energy from her own personal transformation and spiritual awakening to her everyday life.  Her stories and intuitive wisdom captivate. You will be energised by her stories, inspired to take action, and willing to make courageous choices.  Kristi’s warmth and vulnerability create a safe space to open your heart and begin your own journey toward a conscious lifestyle. 

Kristi is a natural born empath and self-taught intuitive and healer. Her deep connection with spirit and her ability to communicate with loved ones from across the veil are additional gifts she brings with her. Plan to be invited to show up, courage up, and rise up with her.

You can find her laughing with friends and family, reading, shopping or watching movies…always with her favourite cup of coffee in hand. Kristi lives in St. Louis, Missouri, the USA with her husband and their four children. She is devoted to living consciously by example.

Welcome Kristi, thank you for coming on board with us, can you introduce yourself to us?

I’m incredibly excited for such an opportunity. So, thank you! When I am asked to introduce myself, I tend to feel a bit out of sorts. I get a sense the traditional approach to this question would be to begin listing all I have done. I feel we get a much more expansive and deeper view of someone when they introduce who they are. After all, that is the essence of everything. And, we are wired for connection as human beings.

So, here I am, Kristi Peck. All of me. Writing my first book – ‘Coming Home: A Love Story’ taught me to embrace that aspect as very real.  The last words of my book are I AM.  Those words opened up in me an understanding and a love affair I had not ever gotten before.  I am funny, kind, wise beyond my human knowing, curious, courageous, organised, helpful, and loving.  

Coffee is my love! I am also a yeller at times, scared, fearful, intense and can get anxiety very easily. I am an intuitive healer and a spiritual teacher. I am a writer and have authored my first book in 2018. I am writing a second book and believe there will be 4 books in the series on transformational healing and living a conscious lifestyle. I am a wife and a mother to 4 amazing children who are my greatest teachers.  I surrender often to them knowing more than me. I am a friend and a lover of learning. I am highly empathic and I cry often about all kinds of things – good, bad and ugly. 

I like to think who I am in real life is exactly who I am in print and in the media. I had a friend read my book and he said to me, “I feel like I was listening to you talk.” That is exactly who I am! If I had to sum all of this up, I would say I am Kristi Peck and I am a teacher.  

Your mentoring experience spans over 30 years, can you talk us through the path you have pathed to where you are now as an intuitive healer and spiritual teacher?

I began my career as a teacher in the school system.  Within a few years, I was asked to train other teachers on the intentionality of practice. I loved supporting the learning and development of others.  I continued that role for quite many years and even included mentoring teachers and teams on inclusive practices. This role led me to mentoring beginning teachers.  My knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning were growing exponentially. 

About 6 years ago, I began getting this sense that I was being asked to leave the educational school system. I tried to ignore it for a couple years.  I meditated, I prayed, I changed my thinking, and I opened up.  One day as I was training my second-year teachers, I was sharing a technique for engaging students into the deep learning process and the teacher shared that while she agreed with the research and content, she was not able to apply the techniques to her instructional practice.  I knew at that moment, God was forcing me to leave what I had thought was my place to be. 

I left and within a few months, it became apparent my thought of getting a corporate job was not where God had intended me to be. So, I began this search for understanding and more learning about who I was, and what I was intended to be doing. 

4 years later and tons of learning from spiritual teachers, healing sessions, and some grand awakened moments, I am here as an intuitive healer, a spiritual teacher and a writer.  It really is more of a discovery that what I had been looking for outside of me was really within me all along. It’s like the movie, Wizard of Oz, where the good witch proclaims to Dorothy, “You had the power all along.” 

Once I began to be open and willing to receive, synchronicities would occur, messages would come through, and enlightened experiences would happen. At first, it seemed random and the more I paid attention, the more I began to trust in them as a guide and a path. So, I started saying yes to experiences of helping another, of being a vessel for messaging that could heal another, and the signs for living more consciously awakened.  At the same time, my writing was also becoming more expanded and a source for channelling what the world needed to hear. 

I continue to say ‘yes‘ to what shows up and I trust the women I am to help will easily find me, the words I am to write will come through and the experiences I am to be a part of will happen, and those whom I shall teach will appear for me. 

I am here to help others first – remember who they are as transformational healing is the presence of remembering and second – find their voice through vulnerability, openness, intuition, consciousness, and energy. You can read more about me online.

How are you inspiring your clients to live a well balanced conscious lifestyle with more joy, health and fun?

Simple, by example. I am a human being and a spiritual being. I do my very best every day to be and live out a conscious lifestyle balanced in all of me and owning all aspects of me – the good, the not so good and sometimes the icky. I embrace my vulnerability and my wickedness. I show up in my experiences.  

I am here to inspire others to do the same. Inspire means to give breath to.  As a spiritual teacher, I am here to help you learn to notice the wholeness of the world around you so that you can be led in your life in the way that awakens you and leads you to all you are meant to be.  As an intuitive healer, I am here to create with you a sacredness (like a holding)  so that you can unknot whatever it is that has you not seeing, not hearing and not believing in your wholeness.  As a writer, I am here to write about living a conscious lifestyle as a human being and as a spiritual being. 

I share lots of my living and learning experiences in my writing through weekly blogs,  and teaching opportunities with other women.  I also share my life experiences with listeners on my new podcast – Living the Liminal:  Finding Joy in the Pause of Life.  I am a teacher so helping others by sharing my stories and inspiring others on the effortless way to awaken and live life consciously is such a joyful space for me.

Congratulations on the success of your book ‘Coming Home: A Love Story.’ We hear that another book is in the pipeline too, would you like to share the writing process with us and how does it follow on from your first book?

When I first began to write ‘Coming Home: A Love Story,’ I had a much different outline for the book. As I began to write and write and write, a hugely different version began to surface.  To be honest, it scared me and I shut the writing process down twice during the timeline. The stories and the language were raw, and intimate, and personal.  I wasn’t sure I was willing to let that be opened to the world. I had to go inward and do some deep healing work on myself.  The interesting thing is that people, messages, etc. would show up exactly when I needed something. Even as I write book 2, the very same thing is happening for me. The writing and the story has to be lived first and morphed into language onto the paper as the finale.

So, with Coming Home the outline morphed into its own plan and one I came to trust as the Universe supporting the story in every way. I would write my experiences from an outside-in approach which is a combination of writing from the heart and yet writing as if you are looking at the experience on a stage happening in front of you.  I guess you could say it was like I wrote using the snow globe effect of  my head and my heart.

There was also a huge element of channelling that occurred as I wrote. I have come to understand this is a part of my willingness to use writing as a platform for helping others learn how to live an awakened life. I trust that connection to higher consciousness in the process.

On my website, there is a video and a podcast interview where I go into more detail about how I wrote the book. There was a prayer I said each time I sat down to write, “Help me write Coming Home: A Love Story. Help me be open and willing to put the words on the paper in the way it needs to be written.  Help it heal me and heal the world.” 

I was not the same person after I wrote the book as I was in the beginning stages of writing. It had transformed me into knowing wholeheartedly who I was. It really was the ultimate love story and taught me that any time I get distracted or forget, I just need to come home…to me, to my heart, to my soul and remember who I am.

Shortly after I finished the book, more writing and storytelling showed up. I knew there would be a second book. The title and the beginning excerpt came out immediately so I included them at the end of Coming Home:  A Love Story.  

The 2nd book will be book 2 in a 4 book series on transformational healing.  Coming Home:  A Love Story was the beginning of the transformational process of healing as a form of remembering who you are.  Book 2 – Welcome In An Illumination of Self will be the ongoing journey of living in alignment with the presence of remembering. And I am certain to book 3 and 4 will show the continued evolution of living a conscious lifestyle connected to higher consciousness. 

My second book in this memoir series has taken a bit longer to write as I have been living the ending.  As before, I must live the story before it can be created on paper for others to learn from and awaken from within.

How are you working towards your own personal development?

First  (and most importantly), I do not do this life alone.  I am consciously connected to God (not the religious entity that many of us have grown up with knowing, yet more of an expansion of love, higher consciousness, the Universe, Spirit, Source, etc.).  I tune in with God daily and have come to trust in God with me every day and in every way.  It really is an awakened lifestyle. So, if I am in need of some learning or acquiring a skillset, I know God will bring me that exact knowing by way of a workshop, conference, podcast, speaker series, book, article, etc.

2nd (and this truly speaks to my personality), I am a learner.  I love learning.  When I was younger I use to argue everything that came my way and now I know in my heart, that was just me wanting to absorb all aspect of any topic or theme.  I call that learning! 

One of my favourite mantras is – “Ever growing…Ever-changing…Ever inspiring.” This is the essence of learning. I believe our life is a classroom and the experiences are life lessons meant to continue your ever-growing, ever-changing, and ever-inspiring yourself and others to love. Love is the ultimate story.

The work I do, whether it be every day with my family and friends, or with clients, readers, and listeners of my new podcast, is centered around what’s the point of life if you are not learning and growing. We were made for evolution.  Conscious evolution is being aware of those lessons and experiences that bring you those lessons.

Number one rule in life you stick by?

Be You. Being who we are meant to be is the foundation for a well-lived life.  It really doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, who you are is why you do what you do.  It must be the central theme of your life. 

Often, as my kids leave the house, I will say, “Have fun and be you.” 

It is really about owning who you are so that you can make informed decisions, choices that are exactly right for you and aligning your life so that it works for you (and that it feels good to you.) This – Be You –  is home to me.  It is how I get centered and brings me peace in all situations.  

Anytime I am wrestling with a thought, a belief, an experience, a person or a decision, I go to who am I?  Answering this question from my heart enables me to align what is best for me and then I know for certain it is the best for all involved. 

Most of my client work is helping them get to this centered place within their heart.  When you can get grounded in this essence of you, everything will expand from that sacred space.  My podcast is also about inspiring others to be empowered to see the wholeness of who they are. 

What areas/projects can you see yourself expanding into next and what steps are you taking to see them come to fruition?

Currently, I am a writer. It works for me.  I still have children at home and being a mom along with being an entrepreneur can be challenging. Writing is peaceful.  I really get such joy from writing.  I know there are books I am to write. I am working on online learning opportunities and possibly a retreat. I will also be adding speaking opportunities.

I’m also considering putting Coming Home: A Love Story on audible. 

These ideas come to me in waves and if they feel right, I immediately say YES to the Universe.  If I am not quite sure, I let them go.  I watch for what is brought to me.  For instance, I had been told I would write a book for many years.  Each time I would blow the idea off by replying, “Do you see how many books there are?  The world does not need more books.”  I’d laugh it off. Year by year the same message would come in and I would let it come.  The day that I attended the lunch with the publishing company, I knew I was to say yes.

I typically get clues or messages that show up in groupings of 3 and that is how I know I must listen and say yes. I trust it!

What are your preferred marketing methods for your online mentoring programs and the Masterpiece online learning course that you are due to launch?

I use social media and word of mouth to market my programs. I have a weekly newsletter that also shares upcoming programs and courses. Currently, I use Instagram and Facebook.  I am also on LinkedIn. 

My Living the Liminal podcast is available on all podcast channels. I’m open to working in collaboration with others and I currently have a few projects like that.

I am working on the best online learning opportunities for my audience, so I suspect some online learning will be in the future available to my audience.

My book – Coming Home:  A Love Story – is available on Amazon. It is available in paperback and Kindle version.  

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

Do your thing. Find you purpose. Live a life that works for you. Do what feels good for you. Live a conscious lifestyle that makes you happy, joyful and is fun for you. Be you.

If you have a vision, share it with the world. If you have a message, share it with the world. If you have gifts and talents, share it with the world.

Do your thing. And never ever compare to others, try to be someone or something else, and by all means, take the mask off that keeps you hidden. (Masks show up as limiting beliefs, playing small, and when we try to be someone or something else.) Be you!


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