Kristine Davies is a spiritual teacher, intuitive, coach, speaker and has successfully become a number one best selling author since 2019. Now, Kristine is helping awakened women within the corporate & executive sectors who want to walk their spiritual path with confidence and create a spiritual coaching business to serve their life mission.⁠

Kristine’s mission is to teach as many women and lightworkers as possible to learn how to heal themselves, mind, body and soul, to find peace on this earth, in earth school. To help you live a life of harmony and feel at home here in this life. To light up your own mission, deal with fears head-on, embrace the natural energies to be the Goddesses you are meant to be.

Thank you for joining usKristine, can you tell us a little bit about your background and your journey so far?

Originally a beauty and holistic therapist, I set up the first beauty salon and training school in Wales at the age of 19, in 1985, after training at the prestige Champneys College of Beauty Therapy in Tring, Herts, which was a huge success.

Finding myself as a divorced single mother, 6 years later, I had to reinvent the salon processes, treatments and tactics to the current trends in order to keep up with the growing industry and improve on what we currently had. The small beauty salon supplying 2 wages increased to support 8 therapists within 18 months. This was 23 years ago and unheard of still in many beauty salons. 

After re-marrying, and ‘inheriting’ 3 more children from my husbands first marriage, now totalling 5, I found myself pregnant again with placenta problems and had to take rest virtually constantly for the safety of my unborn daughter and had to call it a day on the beauty business, as I knew it. My beauty business was now being run from home due to an earlier blow of having to give up the bricks and mortar business due to a family feud and literally having it taken away from underneath me, by my parents, with no control over the matter. 

What followed were years of depression, bitterness, anger, court situations- including my business partner defaulting on her payments of the loan taken out to cover the costs of shutting the salon and solicitor interaction with my parents. As you can imagine, struggling to feed 6 children, with extremely low support and juggling employed jobs, self-employment and doing whatever it took to put knickers on the kids, in and out of court with the above and my husband’s ex-wife who had abandoned her children to us, took its toll. 

Fast forward to 2016. In the time between these years, I had started several businesses, taken several jobs, everyone was successful and life-changing, but I had become extremely unwell with fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, allergies and total chaos in my head. I’d become so limited in what I could and couldn’t do, even a simple dog walk or sweep the floor could create a debilitating issue. 

All of this, coupled with slipped discs from a car crash back in college, that was now taking its toll, post-operative healing issues after major abdominal surgery, children leaving home and menopause was leading me more and more into hiding and the feeling of uselessness. Empty nest syndrome hit hard and fast! One day I just collapsed into a heap, wondered what the hell I’d done with my life, it wasn’t meant to be like this! I was supposed to have so much more by now! And shouted ‘I’ve had enough! What is my purpose! What is the point of it all!’

I was in pain, exhausted, not knowing where to turn, just knowing I was meant for much more than this. The next day I spotted a Facebook post advertising a webinar ‘What’s your purpose?’ The universe always has your back when you ask for it.

 The coaching business was born. Or so I thought! The pain was getting worse. Every networking event or any challenge to get me out of the house was getting a bigger and bigger block and the pain was getting worse. I made it my mission to understand what was going on and get rid of these problems. 

I’ve been fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, asthma and hot flush free for 2 ½ years now and became a No 1 bestseller co-author on amazon in 2019 with the story of ‘fibromyalgia, a reflection of my fears.’ 

I defied many Dr’s and specialists beliefs and in turn helped many others to free themselves of fears that were the root cause of what was holding them back, including helping someone get pregnant after being told for 9 years that she would never have another baby. Every issue, I believe, is fear-based.

The trouble for me was that I got rid of fibromyalgia et al., but I was still going around in circles, with this void, the belief that I wasn’t good enough and replaced the physical illnesses with depression and empty nest issues. I became intolerant to eating meat and fish and drinking alcohol even in the minutest amounts. I still had healing to do.

I was working very deeply on my spiritual and personal development, trained in many more modalities for the answers that I was still looking for, uncovering more and more layers of blocks, issues, coping mechanisms from this life, past lives and akashic records, but I couldn’t seem to find the switch that I needed to fill this void, the heaviness that was still there, causing me to spiral, not only when there was a full moon! All these things were helping my clients, but not helping me. 

I couldn’t stick to a ‘niche’, I couldn’t work out why my clients were transforming their lives becoming hay house authors, turning over 10 of £1,000’s of every month in their businesses, creating franchises throughout the UK and I couldn’t transform mine. I was still stuck in the fear of judgement, failure, not good enough to fit into my big vision. I was relying on coaches, crystals, tarot, quizzes, likes, ‘getting spotted’ to get me out of a hole, instead of looking within for the answers, relying on my own intuition as I had done from day 1, that day when I shouted enough was enough and manifested the ‘what’s your purpose’ webinar. I’d worked on myself, my feminine side so much that I couldn’t seem to switch it off and had become a hysterical wreck in the process. Got into huge debt and nearly lost my second marriage. Where was that woman that created a successful business at only 19 years of age? Where was that woman that faced her fears and did it anyway in the face of everything that was thrown at her? What happened to the vision? I had to find her again. I had to find myself.

There it was, all along staring me in the face, what I had created for my clients and myself each time I needed to get to a point B was a vision and did everything I could to get them there and myself. The word ‘niche’ had haunted me, the pressure of a niche to be perfect, to get it right, so I didn’t fail. Stepping out of the spiritual closet in fear of being burned at the stake was as real as it was in a past life. The knowing that I could put myself first and make my own self whole without worrying what others thought, without the self-fulfilling need of having to have children to look after to make me complete, seemed daunting. I needed to be me.

I revisited my strengths, my core beliefs and values and of course my super scary, exciting vision of being on a stage with Gabby Bernstein, to collaborate with Ricci-Jane Adams of the Institute of Intuitive Intelligence and to be on stage helping others change their lives to give them hope, peace and freedom. Who knows! One day. With Rebecca Campbell thrown into the mix too. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? But that’s my vision and holding onto the heart centred energy that’s going to create the how to get me there. Guess what?… the very next day my ideal client messaged me to work with her 1-1. No coincidence. No posts. No advertising. Just messaged me. 

My superpowers are to help others create and embody their vision. When it’s aligned with the energy required without the blocks that are stopping them getting there right now, it’s easy to manifest. No tarot, no crystals, although I still love them and still use crystals for animal healing, it’s all internal work from within, your intuition, that’s been there all the time. I can spot someone else’s niche a mile away, but it’s up to them to work it out with the tools I offer. Ultimately it’s #BEYOUROWN self.

Can you tell us how you are helping your clients to kickstart the change from fears to owning their life and seeking change?

I now help entrepreneurial soul sisters to create and manifest their vision, through energy alignment and connecting with their purpose, skills, values and superpowers, transforming them into being successful business leaders with the confidence to be themselves, offering a freedom forgiving lifestyle and it feels amazing. I do this through 1-1 coaching, workshops, online courses and speaking. 

To kickstart their fear fighting process we look at the fear that’s behind gaining the bigger picture, getting their vision to come into fruition. There are various methods I use and can be as simple as talking it through sometimes. We look at what that fear is doing for them, as your mind believes everything you tell it so every fear you put out there has a mission, that your mind believes is keeping you safe. Then take back control of how the fear is making you feel. It’s important to create the space required to see the real truth of what is needed and so many women and men do not allow this even for 5 mins a day to find the answers that they need. By creating daily rituals and an aligned soul centred vision, the muscles get stronger to keep you centred, grounded and creates the ability to bounce back to alignment when required and life gets in the way.

By practising the daily non-negotiables, such as meditation, even for 5 mins, helps to take back your life and control required to get through each day, maintain the vision to gain the life that you wish for.


Can you talk us through Chakras, what they are, and how they represent the jewels of our soul?

If you’ve not heard of chakras, they are energy centres running through and around the body that help us balance each area of our life, in every area, including connection with the higher self and improving intuition. Chakras need to be cleansed and cleared to bring back into balance when there is a misalignment. They are impacted by daily life and strife from this life and past life experiences that have attached themselves to them and the clearing process is ongoing. The chakras can tell us what needs to be looked at, what lessons need learning, also your gifts and purpose and so much more, e.g. when someone has a creative block, very often the sacral chakra (lower abdomen) is impacted. When the sacral chakra is out of line it can cause menstruation issues, uterus issues, holding on to emotion and abundance, therefore not only does it have an effect on a creative practical slant but the creation in the womb too, that leads to flow and release. Every chakra has a colour associated to it e.g. sacral chakra is orange. There are many things to look at when studying the colour of each chakra, but one way of helping to clear the sacral chakra is by using the colour orange. Imagine it filling your body and releasing through the chakra. Imagine seeing the spinning energy orange wheel vibrant, and clear. They are the jewels of the soul, with many stories to tell.

This work is combined with colour numerology, psychology and akashic record readings. Each chakra also represents an archetype and when you know what chakra you are being called to work with it allows a deeper understanding of mission and areas you’re being called to, lessons to learn.

Working with colour is profound. My life path colour is a Rose, that corresponds to a life path 8 and the 8th chakra that allows my understanding of helping others to guide them to their bigger mission. I ‘show up’ as an orange or a 2, the creator, that corresponds to the sacral or second chakra and create experiences and ways to deliver my work for others. Everything is connected. 

Working with colour, chakras, understanding self is powerful and leads to healing at a profound level.


How you are balancing the work/life strife?

To practise what I preach and help to balance my work/life strife, I meditate daily, I work on my fears daily, I learn, I read, I journal and grow. I have learnt to become a lark instead of an owl in order to achieve adding these daily practices first. I look at habits and needs that are preventing myself from reaching a goal, for instance, the reason behind holding onto old fibromyalgia weight that I couldn’t seem to shift, once I discovered the need behind it, I released it and lost 2 stone within 6 weeks. I’m also learning kundalini yoga and invest in myself constantly by taking courses and working with coaches. It’s not all perfect!

The strive for perfection goes on, as I am only human and life changes get in the way if you to choose to let it. It’s about recognising what you need, where something didn’t work, surrendering to what is actually going on, having the gratitude for where you’re at and what you have got in your life, picking yourself up and making the changes needed to achieve what you want, to be the best version of you and always come back to love. It’s not just once said and done work, it continues, every goddamned day. 

What platforms are you using as marketing tools to promote your 3 Steps to Explore, Embrace and Embody balance workshop freebie? Meditations

My freebies are on my website and I’m also on FB, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Do you currently use any apps or tools to help the functionality of your business practice?

I offer Voxer use, Facebook messenger and email to support my clients, also use Hubspot through my website to facilitate a smooth process and zoom to speak to clients around the world. The website is WordPress that enables programmes and courses to be run from there. I love Picsart to create pictures and Canva. I use Picsart to design individual colour soul blueprints for my clients and chakra activation cards.


Who is the most influential female powerhouse that you admire and why?

There are a few female influential powerhouses for me, some I have already mentioned, but aside from those and Cleopatra the one that has impacted me the most is Joan of Arc. Her message ‘I am not afraid, I was born to do this’ is my motto that keeps me going every day. She was true to herself and her beliefs and was willing to lose everything to get her mission accomplished. 

If you could tell your 18-year old self a solid piece of advice, what would it be?

I would tell my 18-year-old self, that life will get hard, it’s not a Disney ending, but you have the power to get through it, to  take the journey you’re meant to take in order to make it your own. Do not be afraid, you were born to do this, simply be you.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

#BEYOUROWN highlights to me that the most important thing is to be you, as you. It should take priority over what’s expected or who you ‘have’ to be. People get lost in the translation of who they really are, claim who they really are as it stops them living a fulfilled life. Being your own self allows you to take the pressure off, releases and declutters headspace, body space on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. Yes, relationships will fall away, life will change but it leads to fulfilment and reaching for own potential. It is your life entitlement to be you, that way the path is clear to the bigger picture of your mission. After all, it’s actually not about me or you, it’s about understanding who we are, that we’re all connected and we’re here to serve the world.

What does 2020 look like for you and how are you planning to expand?

This year is a green year, that relates to a 4 in numerology. This means that we can breathe, the earth can breathe, that everything that’s been working on will come into fruition from the heart. My personal year is a Gold and as a rose life path, this means, that I’m being asked to step up, share my voice and help awakened women build their dreams and step into #BEYOUROWN to fulfil their mission. 

I’m committing on a deeper level to discipline and devotion of how I’m here to serve the world. This year I plan to speak more, sharing my voice, my message from the heart and offer more. More workshops are planned. 

I plan on expanding by training others to do this work and build a team. I also start a 1-year long scholarship with Ricci-Jane Adams in February, proof that manifesting and attraction works. Through this, I will strengthen my intuition, my mission, be able to offer my soul sisters more and also be a certified intuitive, modern-day mystic and priestess.



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