Lana Elco, is relationship and feminine empowerment coach, international speaker, the Founder of Love Unlimited Program & Empowered Women’s Club. Lana helps women heal their wounds in a relationship with men, activate the transformational power of the Feminine and create authentic intimate relationships from that place.

Lana works with women on the energetic level and shows them how to embody their feminine power in their daily life so they can create deep, authentic and lasting relationships with their partners.

Lana inspires bright and independent women to become confident leaders in their own relationships with men because she believes it is an original area of feminine expertise. 

Ukrainian born, Lana followed her intuition and moved to California where she met her soul partner and started her life from scratch. Today she lives near the mountains in Utah with her daughter and partner.

Lana has a Master’s Degree in Social & Political Sciences, Business Administration, studied transpersonal psychology and is certified with Grof Transpersonal Training. 

She has been working with cross-cultural couples and women from all over the world on their relationships for about 10 years. She is also trained in NVC (Non-Violent Communication), Zegg Psychodrama, Intimacy and Tantra.

Hey, Lana, can you introduce yourself to us?

Yes! I am deeply grateful I have found my true life purpose and have an opportunity to offer my deepest gifts to the world. I was born in Ukraine and actually had an amazing life and business that allowed me to travel the world and explore adventures such as skydiving.

However, at some point, I realised there is so much more about my life, I really wanted to find a deeper purpose and share my true gifts with the world.

First, I had to take myself on the journey of self-discovery and exploration. I have done lots of inner work and psycho-spiritual practices to understand why I am here. I also used to struggle with my relationships and couldn’t really stay long enough with one person. My desire to discover a deeper level of connection and intimacy was guiding me through this journey. 

The biggest discovery for a tom girl like me was the power of my own femininity and how much we need empowered feminine energy in the modern world. 

Working on my own Feminine allowed me to find a new dimension of intimacy and connection in my own relationship, as well as helping hundreds of other strong women who struggle in their relationships with men. 

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now?

When I look back I am amazed how much faith and trust I had on my journey that brought me here, where I am now. In the beginning, I did not have any answers. All I had was my intuitive guidance and my own heart desire. 

I remember it was a bit scary to let go of the past, leave everything behind and start a new life from scratch. I received a message to move to California in my meditation. There were no other reasons for me to move. But I followed this guidance and took a risk. 

My heart was so open and full of faith! The beginner’s mind… I felt supported by the Universe on each step of my journey and experienced lots of synchronicities. In California, I studied transpersonal psychology, tantra & intimacy, non-violent communication, Zegg psychodrama, tribal technology, and other modalities. 

I met amazing people from all over the world and they became my soul tribe!

I also started my own coaching business inspired by my own journey and all the knowledge and experience I have been accumulating for years. Love Unlimited relationship program for women was the peak of my inspiration and expertise. I have a passionate desire to show other women what is possible for them in the area of love, intimacy, and relationships. I want to show women their own power, unlimited creativity, and intimate potential in their relationships with men.  

How much research did you do on the market prior to launching Lana Elco Coaching to understand your market?

I was really generous with myself in terms of investing in my education, marketing, and business coaching. I joined Coaching and Marketing Academy and studied for a year. I have done research on what is available in my industry and found my own unique niche.

I believe that once you discover your own specific and unique gift there is no need to compete with anyone. This is how I feel about my business today.

What methods are you using to help women looking to accelerate their growth as an ‘Empowered Woman?’

My core approach in my work with women is so-called intimate leadership.Since I focus on relationships between women and men, I discovered that we have to accept fundamental differences between feminine and masculine power.

Being a strong and independent woman myself I used to be so much in my masculine. It helped me to create a successful business but it was damaging for my intimate relationship. I always ended up creating power struggles in my relationships. 

Intimate leadership approach is based on the fact that relationships, emotions, intimacy, and love is the feminine area of expertise. This is our innate gift. Men are not going to work on it themselves and lead in this area. 

That is why it is important for us women to discover what our feminine power is about, how it is different from masculine and what kind of skills we need to develop to become confident intimate leaders. This method integrates ancient teachings of tantra, emotional mastery, psycho-spiritual modalities, consciousness work, non-violent communication skills and receiving practices. 

Who is the team behind you at Lana Elco Coaching?

I have an amazing team that supports me through my creative process and service work. Usually, I love to develop a relationship with my team members that last for years. I am pretty loyal this way! I have an amazing web and graphic designer, VA, photographer, marketing and FB ads support.

Where can you see yourself within the next 5 years?

In 5 years I envision to have a global, location free lifestyle, travel the world, speaking in different countries and leading women’s events and retreats. 

I have just launched a program for feminine leaders called ‘Queenhood’  that provides internal, “behind the scenes” support for women who want to have it all and be Queens in their own lives. I envision this program helping influential powerful women around the world.

What outlets do use to promote Lana El Coaching?

I use Facebook ads, Instagram, YouTube, E-mail marketing, speaking gigs, women’s events, and referrals.

What gives you ultimate career satisfaction?

My deepest satisfaction is to see women heal their older wounds, discover their feminine power, reconnect with their heart desires and their voice. Witnessing a lifetime transformation of a strong woman full of potential is the best reward for me. 

It is beautiful to hear how their relationships with men change and how they finally find the right man for lasting and authentic relationships. Like attracts like. An empowered woman attracts an Empowered man. It is amazing to see them growing together and women gently leading the process. 

What challenges have you seen to have been presented during the growth of Lana Elco Coaching?

At the very beginning, I had a challenge of authenticity. I was trying to mimic others to become more successful. I had a hard time to translate my soul language into marketing language. The solution was simple: Keep going, Lana.

Only through continuous action and work, we can discover the real depth of our gifts and the clarity of our unique message.

When I created my coaching business I also had to learn how to change my value. My business coach really helped me with this. She taught me how wealth consciousness into sacred feminine business and own my monetary value. It transformed me. I do share this transformation in my Queenhood program.

Which other leading entrepreneurs and pioneering game changers do you also admire and why?

Beforehand, my business coach Gina DeVee. I joined her year program Divine Living Academy and it completely changed my life. She is a powerful spiritual feminine leader and the true inspiration for thousands of women around the world.

I also admire the work of Marianne Williamson and follow her contribution. 

Top 3 go-to Podcast channels?

  2. ‘Tears to Triumph-Emerging Women’ by Marianne Williamson.

How do you define your own success?

For me, ultimate success is not just about financial freedom, lifestyle, and fun. I achieved it in my late 20-s and still felt something was missing. 

Now the missing link is found and integrated into my life and business. It is all about living my soul purpose, sharing my best gift and creating a positive impact in the world. I call it Sacred Feminine business that serves Life and integrates consciousness and spirituality.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

#BEYOUROWN speaks for itself! It resonates with me and my business on a deep level. Inspiring women to discover and live their unique gifts, be visible and shine their light…. What a beautiful mission. Very grateful to be part of this project.

Finally, what are you working on throughout 2019?

This year I am working on my TEDx talk and launched my new Premium program Queenhood that I share with women all around the world. My intention is to do more speaking in Europe where I am originally come from. 



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