Founded by LaTayvia Brown, Professionally Inspired, LLC is a consulting company that partners with non-profit, high schools and faith-based organisations to prepare the upcoming generation for the workforce and for college. Her reinforced ideas are what create the core principles behind her self-affirmation poster, “You Were Created to Lead.”

LaTayvia is an award-winning social entrepreneur who has been featured in LV Magazine, Faith Grind and Inspired podcast, the First-Gen Lounge podcast, Bronx Community Television, and countless more media. In May of 2019, she was recognized by Making the Impossible Possible Inc, the Brooklyn Borough President, and various members of Congress as an outstanding citizenship Hall of Fame.

All of LaTayvia’s accomplishments and certifications help her to educate the next generation, by giving them the tools to empower themselves. With a widespread partnership to faith-based organisations and scholastic organizations, she is able to motivate youth and young adults by tackling topics such as self-love, leadership skills, defining the purpose, the importance of making an impact and added curriculum courses to help build their lives for the better.

This is just a small part of LaTayvia’s overall vision to develop and empower positive future leaders. She dedicates all of her time, resources, and connections towards building up those around her in order to achieve this goal and inspire others to help her do the same.

Welcome LaTayvia, can you introduce yourself to us as the founder of Professionally Inspired, LLC? 

I am LaTayvia Brown, the founder and visionary of Professionally Inspired, LLC. As a well-known motivational speaker, I also pride myself on providing resources to youth and young adults in order to positively impact their lives. #BEYOUROWN MEETS LATAYVIA BROWN1.JPG

What motivated your overall vision to help develop and empower other positive future leaders?

My faith in God and my values which are compassion, service and hard work. Being a first-generation graduate from a low-income neighbour I was determined to give back to my community and help others who lack resources to become positive future leaders 

What is a typical day like for you? 

A typical day for me is, first my self – care which is morning prayer, meditation and eating breakfast. Conducting meetings with the team about our community events, setting up meetings with organisations for the school year and heading to conduct 1- 2 workshops for various contracted organisations for the day.

Who is the most influential female entrepreneur that you admire and why?

I admire Oprah because she is a self-made entrepreneur that didn’t allow how she was raised to define her future. She beat statics that society puts on individuals who come from low-income families. She inspires me to trust  God and work hard to be the first millionaire in my family  

Can you help us understand your business model and own personal core principles at Professionally Inspired, LLC? 

We are a consulting business that partners with various organisations to prepare the next generation for their future lives. Through this goal, we offer organisations self-development, professional development, college readiness curriculums that will better serve their participants.

Our  3 core principles are as follows: 

  • Integrity: We take pride in being honest about our services and building a trusting relationship with our partners 
  • Innovation: We are always  ahead of our competitors by bringing new programs and resources to our partners 
  • Drive: We are always looking to improve our services by exploring my our team creativity and skills 

What has been the most challenging yet rewarding barrier you faced and how did overcome it?

The most challenging was finding the right team and doing this business my own for a short time. When I first started my business I had a team who was a willingness to help me build, but  I found that the people next to me was just using me for my ideas and contacts. During that time  I had to cut all ties and do the work on my own. For a long time, I had trust issues on who I wanted to come on board so I did it alone. I overcame it by letting go of the past and being wiser in my decisions. Now,  I have a great team in who I trust and has the skills to make my business a success.


What support networks do you personally love and can recommend to other aspiring entrepreneurs out there to become part of? 

I personally love the New York City Business Solutions which is an organisation that offers free workshops and services for entrepreneurs. 

How are you working on your own personal development? 

I do a lot of self- care that will help me spiritually, mentally and fiscally. Such as, praying, meditating, reading, and working out. Being more mindful of my values and self -worth. Being authentic and unapologetically me. 

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you? 

Why wait for someone to bring you an opportunity when you can create itself. Stop procrastinating,  pursue that dream and don’t just work for a business but create the business. Be your own boss.



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