As a Success Coach and business owner, Lisa Jeffs teaches women and men how to step into their power and create the life and business of their dreams. She believes we have no limits greater than the ones we put on ourselves. With passion, she shows driven women and men how to move past the self-imposed limitations so they become unstoppable. In addition to offering one-on-one coaching and online group programs, Lisa enjoys writing designed to make an impact. She has been featured in publications such as Tiny Buddha and YFS magazine. She is also a contributing writer at Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global and London’s HavingTime.

Hey Lisa, can you tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your current role as a success coach?

I decided to go into to business for myself after a very memorable morning driving to work in 2013. I felt an extreme amount of stress in my body that gave me a visual of age 10 years to the minute. I worked with at-risk youth. And although I loved the kids, I felt trapped and suffocated having to work in the public sector. I decided at that moment I was going to take a different path and my life never looked the same.

In 2014 I became a certified coach and launched my coaching practice and online business. Over the last couple of years, my business has experienced shifts and changes. All for the best. I can say when I stopped doing the things I thought I ‘should’. And started to do what felt good and what my intuition was guiding me to, my business really took off.

I now incorporate spirituality, energy healing & mindset work when working with my clients. Bringing ‘all of me’ into my business is what has made the biggest difference both in my own fulfillment and the success of my clients.

How does your day start and how does it finish?

My day starts out with gratitude journally and setting my intentions for the day. I’ll then move into some free-writing or meditation to connect with my spiritual team. On the mornings I feel my energy needs a tune-up, I’ll give myself a self Reiki treatment.

After that, it’s usually time to make some coffee and create content for my community. By 8:30AM I am out the door driving my daughter to school.

My evenings are a little less structured but I always make time to burn some incense. Create my schedule for the next day and play some meditation tunes. I believe how you go to bed is how you’ll wake up. So I make sure to go to bed calm and at peace.

Any anecdotes to share?

Sure do! My daughter and I thought it would be fun to go on an ATV sightseeing tour on our last vacation. I checked the reviews of a place close to our resort and everyone was raving about the experience. Well, we started on our ride and I quickly realized I may have overestimated my desire for ‘excitement’.  I pretty much spent the entire three hours trying not to crash haha. My forearms hurt for days from gripping the handles so hard. Luckily my daughter was completely oblivious and had the time of her life riding on the back. Next time, I’m sticking to an air conditioned tour bus!

What is on the horizon for 2018?

I predict 2018 is going to be a huge year for me personally and for my business. 2017 was a big year where I really got clear on what I want and what matters to me. 2018 is the year where a lot of that comes to life. I can’t wait.

Can you talk to us about career satisfaction and any winning moments you have had so far?

Oh man, too many to even mention. But most have to do with my clients. Being able to witness my clients shed all that is holding them back, the doubts, the fears, the limitations. And step fully into their power to create the life of their dreams is incredible. That’s why I do what I do. It’s a blessing to be apart of it all. I’ve had so many clients overcome great odds. I may be the coach but they are the true inspiration.

I also get great satisfaction with setting goals and conquering them. There was a time I would set goals and wouldn’t achieve them because I didn’t fully believe they were possible.

I’ve done a lot of inner work over the years to own my role as a business owner and creator. So now when I set a goal and achieve it, I make time to celebrate and really enjoy the moment. It’s a great satisfaction.

What is the most common factor as to why clients need a success coach?

A coach is going to help you stretch and grow both personally and professionally faster than you can yourself. This is why I always work with a coach.

Sure I could always try and figure things out on my own, but working with a coach accelerates results. Most of my clients begin working with me because they’ve been trying to fix things in their life and it just isn’t working. I’m able to come in and within our first conversation I can see what’s going on and what needs to be done to move forward. A lot of people are unaware of the internal and external patterns keeping them stuck. Coaches are trained to be able to spot of these patterns quickly. And then have the tools to support transformation.

Another huge reason for hiring a coach is accountability. People procrastinate. It’s the number one challenge I get on applications to work with me. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever had an applicant state they didn’t have procrastination as one of their challenges. I have colleagues who hire coaches specifically for accountability. When you have skin in the game, you do the work!

How do you personally find time for yourself and create a balance for yourself?

Time for myself is of the utmost priority. The first year of my business, I really bought into the hustle mentality of working and grinding all hours of the day and night. This left me in an exhausting state of adrenal fatigue. I knew I had to change what I was doing or I would never reach the success I desired. Now my mornings are my ‘ME’ time. They are a time for grounding and me to connect to my higher-self. And remember why I am I doing all of this. ‘ME time’ gets scheduled in my planner and gets done before anything in my business. I believe everything is energy. So for me to show up fully for my clients and community I need to be in the right space, body-mind-spirit. Once I am in that space, everything else balances itself. It’s pretty amazing how that works.

Please share with us 3 tips on how to make sure us ladies are living our life with a purpose?

If you want to make sure you are living with purpose. First ask yourself…

1.What is my WHY for doing what I am doing? If your answer lights you up on a soul level, you are living with purpose.

2.Second, pay attention to how you feel in the morning. If you are excited to wake up and start your day… that’s a good sign you are living with purpose. If you’re not. Ask yourself what needs to happen for you to wake up with excitement?

3.And last but not least. This is actually my most powerful practice. Picture your future-self. (I like to picture myself as an older women sitting outside on my porch) Now visualize yourself having a conversation with your future-self. Ask her:

“Am I satisfied with what I did with my life?”

If the answer is ‘no’, ask her “what else should I be doing?”

 Then go and do what she said!

To live with purpose is to live a life where you are doing what lights your soul on fire. When you can honestly say you are doing that, there will never be regrets.


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