Creator of Nourished Energy, Loretta Carraro believes we are all an expression of love. Reiki enables us to connect with that love – it is a practice to remember our true essence, creating a connection with our infinite Highest Self and a connection with Unconditional Love.

After a successful career coaching organisational executives and leaders in change and transformation, it was Loretta’s own healing journey that was the genesis for Nourished Energy. On the outside, it looked like she was doing a superb job at juggling the demands of being a corporate professional, partner, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. But missing from this equation was her own self-care and nourishment. 

Loretta has always been interested in the metaphysical, playing with crystals since she was a little girl. She began formalising her studies of Reiki and Crystal Healing in 2011 and since then has been dedicated to her healing practice daily. It was upon reconnecting to her inner guidance, and own spirituality that she began feeling like herself again. 

Now, Loretta has a strong passion for teaching and working with other women to help them reconnect and rediscover their inner spark, cultivating greater self compassion, awareness, peace and connection. 

Thank you for joining us today Loretta, let’s take it back to how your career started and what led you to where you are today as the founder of Nourished Energy

My career really began when I was a little girl. I was always interested in crystals, tarot cards and anything mystical and magical. The way I see it is that I lost my way as I got older. My 20s was a dark period of my life, where I spiraled into depression, anxiety and bulimia.

Although I appeared to be highly functioning and successful on the outside, my inner world was in complete turmoil. It wasn’t until I found my way back to the magic that I rediscovered myself. I started working with a life coach and energy healer and it completely transformed my life. I started studying myself a couple of years later and just knew that this was my calling – to now help others rediscover themselves too.

How does Nourished Energy offer a complete foundation for lightworkers to step into a fully supported, thriving and masterful career?

After I studied Reiki, I found it really lonely and difficult to navigate my way as a new practitioner. I didn’t feel like I had the support I needed, not just as a business owner but also as an energy worker – how to hold space for my clients effectively and safely.

When I started teaching Reiki and crystal healing, I knew that I wanted to ensure my practitioners always felt supported and connected to a community where they had ongoing support. Not only to hold space for others, but also on their own healing journeys.

When a student learns Reiki with Nourished Energy, they have a lifetime of ongoing support. We have regular masterclasses and advanced training to help them be the best practitioners they can be, opportunities to collaborate and join live events, engaged support group and community for sharing experiences, asking for advice and more.

My expertise spans so much more than just teaching Reiki. I am a successful practitioner with a thriving business so I also offer my students the foundations for building a business from scratch. WIth background in marketing and communication, I am able to provide advice on teh holistic aspects of their business.

What is a typical day like for you now as a leading Reiki master and teacher?

I have a young family so I usually wake up early before my husband and children and I love the quiet time in the early morning to choose a crystal and practice Reiki. It’s a way for me to check in with how I am feeling now in my body and energetically, but also tap into my desires so I can live in my fullest expression. It helps me cultivate a better day. Naturally, when our vibration is at its highest, those around us also benefit.

I make sure I balance my day between spending time with my family, friends and doing something for myself – my self care practices are really important to me. Nourishing myself inside and out as well as moving my body every day and getting outside.

I usually see clients a few days a week and this is either online or in my clinic space. Other days I’m usually in meetings organising collaborations, podcasts, creating content and studying myself. I am always studying and researching. It’s one of my passions – to learn and continue to grow for myself and for my clients. At the moment I’m studying Tantra and yoga.

What is the best business lesson you have you learnt to date?

The best business lessons I have learnt are that you don’t have to say yes to everything and everyone. Stay in your truth and in alignment. Everything that you want, the way you want it is happening for you.

Which 3 tools do you use frequently to enhance the efficiency/productivity of your business?

  1. Google for Business
  2. Dubsado
  3. Zoom

Who is the most influential female Reiki Master that you admire and why?

I would have to say Hawayo Takata who was responsible for bringing Reiki to the West. She had a desire to share this extraordinary modality that helped her – the same desire I have. When you have found something so life changing, how can you keep it to yourself?

How are you working on your own personal development?

I am always learning and studying. I believe we can’t ever stop evolving and growing. I also believe rest and celebration are just as important, but as long as we are always following our desire and balancing and nurturing our curiosity. I always follow my own intuition with what is the next thing that I want to work through or learn – whether it be learning something for myself, my relationship, my children or to help me be a better practitioner and teacher.

I work on my own personal development by having coaches and healers around me who inspire me and help me grow in alignment with who I truly am in all areas – physically, energetically, emotionally, socially, sexually and mentally.

You’ve taught almost 400 students globally, and your signature transformational Reiki programs are now more than just Reiki classes. So, what is next for you with Nourished Energy?

I absolutely love the new direction my courses have gone – to me learning Reiki was always about helping students reconnect to themselves, to find Reiki within. We are all love, it’s just that sometimes we forget that. So at the moment I am focussing on adding more content to them and refining my courses to make them the best they possibly can be.

I am also working much more with clients one-to-one mentoring longer term – helping them grow their own businesses, as well as working with women who are leaders in the corporate space and helping them ‘have it all’ without burning out. I’ve learnt to not plan too far ahead and just continue following what feels good. If it doesn’t feel like love, then it’s not the right path.

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