Sapiens Media Coaching founder Marta Ceccato is a qualified career and business coach and her mission is to empower women to unlock their inner greatness and achieve the most out of their career, business, and life.

Before re-training and developing a career as a coach, Marta worked for more than15 years in marketing and media organisations where she learned first-hand about the challenges of thriving in a highly competitive environment.

Feeding on that synergy, Marta recently founded Women Tribe, a beautiful safe haven outlet for women who support each other in connecting with their purpose, following their passions and taking their life, business or career to the next level.

Hey, Marta, can you introduce yourself to us?

Hi, my name is Marta I’m a career and business coach as well as the founder of Sapiens Media Coaching and Women Tribe. Before re-training and developing a new career as a coach, I worked for more than 15 years in marketing and advertising organisations.

For me, I believe in giving back to the community hence I dedicate some of my time to volunteering as a business mentor for The Prince’s Trust.

Can you tell us a little bit about you and Sapiens Media Coaching?

Sapiens Media Coaching is a coaching consultancy for women who want to grow their business and achieve the most out of their career and life. The clients I work with are either frustrated with their job, feel stuck in their current situation or just want to launch their business venture however they don’t know where to start from. My role is to help them gain clarity, put together an action plan and hold them accountable.

How has the journey been since launching?

Exciting but exhausting! Starting a business is not easy and requires a lot of time and dedication. At the beginning you have to do pretty much everything, therefore, you end up working long hours. On the other hand, in these last months, I have learned a lot and I have met so many extraordinary people. 

Before re-training and developing a new career as a performance and business coach, you worked for more than 15 years in marketing and media organisations. What made you switch over fields?

It was by coincidence. In my early 30s, I had a hectic lifestyle and a demanding job that required a lot of traveling. When I wasn’t traveling I was working long hours. I was struggling to build meaningful relationships and I had no time to see my friends or my family.  It was only when I met my partner that I realised I had to stop and think about what I really wanted from my life. I have always been an ambitious person and I knew I wanted to be economically independent but more importantly, I had always thought I could have it all!

I was working in a male-dominated and highly competitive industry where women faced an uphill struggle to be successful in their personal as well as professional life. It was clear to me that I had to change career and start focusing on what I valued the most. 

I didn’t know what that new career would look like until the company I was with at the time invited me to attend coaching sessions as part of my development plan. I was so impressed with the positive impact that coaching was having on my personal and professional life, that I decided it was the career I was looking for. 

So I started looking for coaching courses, but I soon realised they were all out of my budget, so I gave up the idea. Before I hit the one-year mark at the company I was made redundant. I knew that this was my opportunity. I called The Coaching Academy and I enrolled in the coaching diploma course.

Why you do believe coaching is a great investment to make in ourselves?

I believe we are the makers of our success and destiny. Things don’t come together as if by magic. The decisions we make in every day affect our lives and so does the lack of decision-making. Coaching enables us to take the necessary actions to create the life and career we want for ourselves.

Having personally benefitted from coaching can you tell how impactful it can be in our own life and career?

I used to be an introvert and it was only when I took on a leadership position that I realised that if I really wanted to emerge as a leader I would need to change my mindset. It was coaching that really helped me to become more confident and it has had a positive impact on my relationships.

Can you talk us through how your programmes can help us to relive our dreams, grow our businesses and achieve the most out of our life?

Both my career and business coaching programmes are aimed at defining the ‘why’ thus creating an action plan and providing the support and accountability required to achieve outstanding results.

Can you talk to us about your mission to empower motivated spirits just like us? 

I believe working women are still facing really difficult issues. They still have to face the dilemma of when to have children and how to balance life and work. Many have to hide medical treatments for fear of being overlooked for a promotion or simply because of the demands of the job they are doing.

My mission is to help those women to fulfill their life dreams and professional aspiration by unlocking their inner potential and making the changes required to achieve financial independence, professional growth, and a balanced lifestyle.

Any challenging times you have had to overcome? When were they and how did you learn to overcome them?

When in my early 20s I moved to London on my own with just in savings £3000 in savings. I was struggling to find a job; my savings were running out quickly and I really wished I had somebody to steer me in the right direction.

I got in a ton of debt and I made some bad choices, but I managed to work my way up to become a senior professional in the advertising industry, I achieved several qualifications and accreditations and most recently I started my own business.

It hasn’t been always smooth sailing, but I have been lucky enough to meet many other women who have helped me to shape my life and profession and who have taught me the importance of connecting, sharing and collaborating. This has inspired me to start Women Tribe.

Women Tribe is a place for women to nurture relationships, share skills and knowledge, get feedback, ask for advice and support each other while on a journey to fulfill their dreams.

We really love the concept of Women Tribe. Have you ever had to deal with any doubts of contention or lack of support from relatives or friends? If so how did you push through?

My parents respected my decision to move to London but never supported it. I remember them calling every 2-3 days and asking me when I was going to book my flight back. They didn’t know I had bought a one-way ticket and for years I battled feelings of guilt, however, I was determined to show to them that I could stand on my own feet. It hasn’t been easy. I’ve missed birthdays, weddings and when I look back, I do sometimes question the choices I made.

Which methods are you using to build your audience and expand your network?

I mainly use social media channels and networking events. 

What is the best piece of advice you have received to date?

Perfectionism kills success. In fact, perfectionism can be more of a vice than a virtue.
For years I have been battling the “all or nothing” mindset that prompts setting impossibly high standards.

Being a perfectionist means that you struggle to delegate; you never rest as “the job is never done” -and the job is never done because it’s never perfect; you don’t take risks as, if you can’t do it perfectly then you won’t try. Finally, perfectionism prevents you and your business from growing. 

Whenever the “all or nothing” mindset kicks I ask myself: “What’s the worst that could happen?” “What could you be missing out on?”

What would you tell your 18-year-old self?

Get out and see the world. Experience life and immerse yourself in new cultures. 

How do you create an evenly balanced work and personal life?

Planning and time blocking. I plan my days and weeks in advance to make sure I get things done but also to free up my calendar so I can spend time doing the things I like.

 What is a good article or book you have read recently?

It’s a book from Dale Carnegie: “How to win friends and influence people.”

Yess! We love that book too! What does your Podcast playlist look like?

It’s mainly marketing and business series. I really enjoy listening to “The online marketing made it easy” from Amy Porterfield.

What does success look like in your eyes?

Success to me is the feeling of happiness and having the ability to enjoy what I do. Furthermore, it’s spending time with people I love and having no concerns. 

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

Being the master of my own success. Running my own business. Empowering other women to be successful. Most importantly being able to set my priorities based on what matters to me.

Lastly, what is next for you 2018?

Firstly, the launch of two new coaching programmes: “The career revolution” and  “Kickstart your business for success.”

Secondly, I want to grow Women Tribe. I founded the group with the intention of connecting women and provide a place where to nurture relationships, share knowledge, get feedback, ask for advice and support each other. My aspiration is for Women Tribe to become an online community where everybody is invited to contribute.



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