Mary Radenkovic is a Serbian-born entrepreneur and fashion designer. She grew up in Greece in the Mediterranean. Mary has been in the fashion industry since the age of 15. She initially worked as a model for beachwear, make-up and hair products and was a face of several European brands. She graduated with a BSc in Art and Poetry and has worked a designer of women’s clothes. She is currently working on her own luxury London based swimwear brand Lavishly Appointed.

London brand “Lavishly Appointed” leads the way in swimwear technology whilst bridging the gap in iconic style and elegance. The range offers essential costumes and bikinis, innovative body adornments, lounge wear and dresses to compliment the full line, your holiday staple for the summer as well as sun in the winter. Founded, designed and developed by Mary Radenkovic a Fashion Buyer and journalist. Lavishly Appointed was created for like-minded woman, seeking unique, eye catching and dynamic pieces that can take you from day through to night.

The science behind each garment has been carefully processed, from how little the Italian sourced fabrics absorb water to creating prints and combining colours that sculpt your body. Materials have been married with hand crafted jewels and particular attention given to details including obscured stitching. Today Lavishly Appointed is the distinguished global travellers best kept secret, appearing in exclusive resorts around the world, just like its clientele.

Hows it going Mary, hows your day so far?

Busy but very exciting! We are just starting the promotion for our new collection and have chosen the face of the collection. I am just coming from a meeting with our PR agency, we agreed on the final details.

Lets start with how your day usually starts and how it ends?

My day starts early with a large cup of coffee and going over emails. I then go for the meetings in town, usually running between Central and East London. The evenings I usually devote to creative work and I spend it in my studio usually coming up with new designs.On the other hand, my daily routine is quite different once we are manufacturing the new collection. Then I wake up very early and I spend the entire day with my team tailoring almost every model and enjoying every segment of production.

Can you take us on the journey right from the start with Lavishly Appointed?

We opened the company in 2015 and released the first branded collection with our recognised logo and colours. Since then we had established several important whole sale customers among luxury department stores. In early 2017, we opened our online store that is now the most popular feature of our website (feedback welcome!). Eva Longoria wore our bikini of the season in 2017. We are now promoting our third collection and are working hard to make it a great success!

Can you tell us what the incentive was?

I have always been a great lover of the sea and beach and boat life. Therefore, working on a beachwear brand was a perfect cocktail of my passions, fashion and summer. I strongly feel that having creating style with beachwear requires quite a lot more creativity as you must impress with little detail and only a few fashion items.

Where do you intend to go with it?

We are based in the UK and our current market is in Europe, but next year we are planning to extend a business to Miami and are exciting about prospects of our business in the USA. We will attend the Miami Swim Week this year.

Have you ever had a mentor? 

Well I certainly have a few friends and colleagues who are successful entrepreneurs and often willing to share their words of wisdom.  Nevertheless, my true mentor was my late grandfather who was also a fashion designer. He helped me develop a genuine passion for fashion that has been with me since my early years.

How do you think mentors can really help new founders and CEO’s?

Certainly, they can help by making useful introductions, expanding networks and pointing towards the right people.

What has been the hardest challenge you have faced so far?

My challenge is to create houte couture in a beachwear brand. I believe beachwear can also be a true elegant and unique high fashion.

We saw Eva Longoria most recently looking fabulous wearing a piece from your swimwear collection, however what has been the most rewarding moment for you since building your brand?

Yes, having Eva wearing our signature piece was amazing. We are very thankful and have decided the piece after her (every model of Lavishly Appointed has a unique name).

We also got quite a lot of celebrities asking for our pieces for their private boat parties. I guess our line is very attractive and glamorous, so goes well with women who want to be different.

Lastly, what does it mean to really #BEYOUROWN?

Undoubtedly, you must love what you do. I heard many people saying it already but it is true. You can only be your own and enjoy your own success if you have fought for it, failed several times and eventually achieved it yourself.


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Website: http://www.lavishlyappointed.com

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