Nadia Arain is an award-winning author, mentor, clairsentient psychic and occult specialist. She empowers entrepreneurs with the spiritual intelligence to achieve financial freedom, impacting all other areas of their lives.

As the founder of The Spartanite, Nadia is dedicated to helping to raise the human race out of powerlessness, lack, and disillusionment and into confidence, strength and inspiration; ultimately creating a healthy, balanced life.

Thank you for joining us Nadia, can you tell us a little bit about your background and your journey so far?

You are welcome and thank you for having me. My journey has been simple, and yet complex. My background from a professional standpoint originates from the beauty and wellbeing industry. I worked as a fashion model and a beautician for many years, going on to open my first company which was a day spa at 22.

Many things happened throughout the way, I lost everything, and at 25, I began a new life for myself from a place of complete ruin, hopelessness, and destruction. I currently use the combination of worldly business knowledge + the in-depth knowledge of the Occult realms to assist people to heal and rise into their power through creating true wealth consciousness by emboldening others to create an empowered and healthy money story for themselves.

Can you tell us what steps you enforce whilst helping men and women around the globe to escape and stay away from abusive narcissist relationships?

There are many provisions online to help people escape this phenomenon, however, I find few people addressing the core causes of it because they do not possess a comprehension of it. Understanding the predatory mentality is one thing.  It is a start. Removing it is quite the other. Abusive relationships are simply an energetic match of a predator with someone who has a victim based mentality. This comes from a lack of boundaries. It doesn’t make someone a “bad person”, I had to go through all of it myself. It often begins at home and if one has gone through emotional unavailability, neglect, abuse, and abandonment in your family of birth, it stands to reason, it will continue.

My steps are identification, and then; elimination. Most people cannot escape an abuser because they are trauma bonded to the individual through the machinations of what we ordinarily know as ‘Stockholm Syndrome.’

All abuse is a psychic attack and it depolarises your spiritual centres (chakras), making it very easy for people with abusive personalities to gain power and control over you. Abusers live at a very low frequency. What I do, is cut the bonds that tie you to the individual and then perform spiritual work to make you repulsive to these type of people so they literally cannot be around you. Many people are aware they need to leave but until they are fully cut and protected, you have to understand an abuser is a type of crack cocaine, and they will always relapse. I did this for myself and do this for many others today.

You also empower women to success and aid them to tackle obstacles that prevent them from reaching success, how do you do so?

It’s a good question. Empowerment has lost its meaning. I try not to use the word, as much as my work really does empower an individual to their very core.

I would say I embolden women more than empowering them. I atypically show women that there is a balance between the litany of strengths a woman possesses and the get-up and go drive, that is required in society.

Women are polarised in 2 categories. Super driven and ends up stuck in masculine energy no matter how beautiful or charming she may look at an aesthetic level which is most businesswomen, or the swampy feminine; bogged down with her emotions and no decision-making skills. By unlocking the innate fire within by showing her what is truly possible, a woman comes to find that all narratives given to us at birth of being stuck in an inferior cycle, are healed.

Many women achieve success in how a man does. We are shown models of Success, that are masculine. I fully believe many women hold themselves back from Success because many successful women have a strong air of masculinity (the doing energy) and they do not want to turn into that energy. By combining the natural horsepower and drive required for Success with elegance, grace, and feminine charm — a woman can achieve heights of success and true power, far more than running on the normal paradigm of success that simply speaks of ambition without the inner emotional work to make her like a peach.

I use the peach theory. I encourage women to be like a peach. Soft and juicy on the outside, hard and tough at the core. Many women have it the opposite way around. They have the ice queen or hardened energy, however, I find many women lacking in the true steel slat core of empowerment that allows them to be resilient, flexible, and graceful under pressure. So when life hits her, the core isn’t there. It’s jelly. A peach has her strength tucked away on the inside. She does not need to “prove herself”. She is whole, confident, and shines beautifully. Her pit is her morals, boundaries, and standards; to protect her.

How you are balancing the work/life strife?

The answer is simple. When you work with your Divine Mission, there is always balance. Many people struggle with balance because they lack the true understanding and ways of life that would provide a balance on the inside. A lot of people begin a business because it’s a passion per se, but it is not what they were truly sent to this planet for. So there is still a disconnect. They are still listening to other people’s truth, instead of their own. As a woman, it ties into my previous answer. Some days are the “doing days”. I have to get through a lot. Some days are the “being days”.

The joys of femininity, allow me to always prioritise time for self-care and honouring my body and how I feel. Having a consistent pace is important. I don’t consume beverages that would put me off-kilter, such as coffee (which may come as a surprise). The main thing I do keeps my energy body clean. I designed a fantastic service that is a signature of our company — an aura cleanse. It provides motivation, strength, power, high octane energy, and super creativity. Because my work is so intense, it is easy for me to drain out fast. These cleanses are like hitting the reset button and tonnes of clients benefit from elevation in their thinking and their entire life, through this service.

Who are the team behind you and do you currently have any mentors?

Our team is fantastic. I do not have words to thank and accredit them for the transformation they have helped me bring. Jessica, our head of marketing division, David & Sean, our tech and web guys, and many other vendors in different countries across the world.

As an award-winning mentor myself, I am never without a mentor. My mentors are slightly different, I have met them through happenstance and their input has been invaluable for me. Some have been in North America, Eastern Europe, others the Asia-Pacific. We can see the wisdom in even the most mundane situations if we so choose to allow life to teach and guide us.

What platforms are you using as marketing tools?

Since the business is unique, we mix and match. Currently, we use Kartra, Shopify, Stripe, Instagram, and YouTube.

Who is the most influential female powerhouse that you admire and why?

My spirit guide Belvia. She is like 10,000 executive personal assistants, in one person. Her advice, abilities, and guidance are second to none. Many people admire women in business and mention well-known names, however, my guide has been the biggest influence of my entire life. I admire her because, without her help, I would never have Spartanite, I would have never got to where I am and I certainly wouldn’t be sitting in rooms and at tables that were the ideal match for me.

The best lesson learnt throughout the business building so far?

I have learned many lessons, by far, the biggest one; being Compassionate to others. Compassion for my own self, and compassion to other people’s challenges, struggles, and trials. Where judgement exists, compassion cannot.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

I believe the title speaks for itself and is exceptionally self-explanatory. Be your own person.

What does the rest of 2020 look like for you?

A life-changing year filled with promise, reward, happiness, and opportunity. A bigger chance to keep winning!



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