Poppy Delbridge is the life strategist and success coach for productive AF women who want to soulfully and successfully raise their game, claim their power and reach their desired heights.

She’s also a businesswoman: founding and running two creative 6-figure companies, and a Television Executive with over 15 years of experience creating, branding, selling and producing mainstream TV shows globally. She’s a bonafide boardroom boss, regular BAFTA Judge, and panellist and featured in Glamour magazine as one of the ‘Most Powerful Women in TV’.

She’s active in the female founder and corporate women’s network in London and LA and is a Founding Member, regular speaker and Ambassador of The AllBright Collective – the first Private Members Club just for working women. She also facilitates the Academy programme alongside the team.

She’s the working single mother to her teenage son, a style + New Thought devotee and creator of SLAY Retreats, the luxury self-care and self- development mini-breaks for busy women as well as the transformational ‘7 Step Slay System’, designed to make life better.

Her entrepreneurial and creative know-how is in everything she does, she works well with high-vibe, curious women who want to push themselves further, polish what they’ve got and receive a think-outside-the-box, soul-aligned strategic coaching, and consultation experience. Intuition plays a big part in the way she works. 

Her very limited amount of Private Clients are often in the creative and entrepreneurial worlds: public figures, female leaders, celebrities, female founders and visionaries. She delivers powerful shifts for those who work with her or attends her SLAY Retreats; her aim is that you become aligned to expect and receive your ultimate life upgrading on all levels as a happy, fulfilled, empowered woman from the inside out. 

Hey Poppy, can you introduce yourself to us?

I’m a creative entrepreneur running a TV Formats company and female-focussed coaching and retreat business. I am passionate about empowering high-achieving women to unlock their true potential with a blend of strategy and soul-alignment work. I don’t believe that just feeling okay about anything is okay because I know from personal experience and with my clients that we are able to make it all happen! I work One-To-One with a limited number of women, usually public figures and career women who are productive, ‘awake’ to the power of mindset and manifestation – and want to live their dreams faster. We have this one life and if you know it’s time to play BIG – and understand that it requires navigation and accountability to get there – then here I am. I am also launching an online group coaching program, designed to help Female Founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs with their branding needs for maximum global impact. It’s based on my 15 years expertise as a Creative female leader in the Television Entertainment industry.

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now?

Too much to tell! But basically, my journey began a long time ago when I was a little girl brought up by entrepreneurial parents who lost it all when it was discovered that my dad had a very advanced and rare cancer. I was brought up believing you seize each day and he lived happily for 15 years when the amazing medical consultants who gave him keyhole surgery told him bleakly, “There was nothing they could do.”

There was something my dad could do though. His mindset game became rock solid and it has been my biggest inspiration. I make things happen through a mix of good work and unwavering self-belief, which I owe to my parents. My career progression was very quick, I was on a 6-figure salary in my twenties and featured in Glamour magazine as one of the most ‘Powerful Women in TV’ – and kept rising despite being a young working mother in TV. I realised I could make this spread out across other areas of my like relationships, wealth and love and I haven’t looked back.

What is a day in the life of you like?

I build my business around how I like to spend my days, not the other way round. Once you know your needs, values and your vision for what your life to be like, you can create your own boundaries around what you will and won’t tolerate. Each day is different as I like variety! But it will be a mix of working between my two businesses and catching up with my son and partner. I don’t waste any time. I was told that being an entrepreneur and businesswoman means your leisure time doesn’t exist because you’re doing what you love… it’s actually true! I wake up inspired and I’m usually coming up with TV ideas with my team, working with my private clients by phone or in the member’s clubs around Soho, where I have talent or agent meetings. I make sure I do certain holistic and business practices each day, which keep me grounded and focussed. 

What was the concept behind launching ‘The 7 Step Slay System: Unleashing Your Ultimate YOU!’?

I wanted to create a formatted system (I’m a tv CREATOR AND FORMATTER SO…. I couldn’t help it!) based on my lifelong devotion to New Thought and mindset techniques so women can upgrade themselves and their lives. All my clients work through the Slay System and I’m thinking of making it available to more women as a home study course. For me, it’s come from a place of passion – I really want women to clarify and fast track their life to a place of success and joy from the inside out. Success is an inside game… there’s something hollow about achievements if you are not aligned with your true purpose and values.

Can you give us 3 useful tips for someone wanting a career within the TV/ Entertainment industry?

  1. Firstly get in touch with me. I’m happy to help wherever I can and try to offer help to people. 
  2. I got into TV by applying for a creativity competition in the Guardian. I was living in Stoke on Trent with my new baby on my lap. I was given a break by some people who believed in me, so try to find someone who ‘gets you’ as soon as you can. 
  3. Try not to pester too much. Be clear, have one good idea up your sleeve and only get into TV if you are prepared to accept that it’s an industry with as much graft as there is glamour!


Who does the team involve behind you?

Having had over 15 years experience within the television industry and are also the founder of 2 two companies, where can you see yourself within the next 3-5 years?

I like to keep moving. In my life, the times I haven’t accepted the pull to move forward are the times I’ve stagnated. I try to be bold and do things before I’m ready as you learn whilst doing. I like mistakes and challenges, they’re badges of honour because I’m evolving.  I will grow my company to be the collaborative and creative hub I want it to be. I will only work with brilliant, kind people who inspire me – and I will expand my events and retreats. Mainly though, I will have time with my son – who is 15 now and growing fast, also my partner and his children. I like to cook, learn and grow. As long as I am aligned with that, I’ll be happy. 

How do you create an evenly balanced work and personal life?

The constant battle! It’s not easy but you can instigate boundaries, my son and I try to go for mum and son dinners to catch up every week. We are very close and I need to make sure I prioritise different things at different times. I believe we can have it all – just not be it all and not all of the time. It’s an overall feeling of balance and if that’s off – do an audit and make changes. Recalibrate. It’s normal to go off course all the time. 

The highlight of your career so far?

Being asked to judge the BAFTAs a few times for my TV genre (Entertainment and Comedy) was an incredible honour. 

Which other leading entrepreneurs and pioneering game changers do you also admire and why?

So many, Brene Brown, Gabby Bernstein, Shonda Rimes, Debbi and Anna who set up The Albright Collective for working women, which I’m a founding member and ambassador of. I admire brilliant women (and men) who go out and be themselves. I’m inspired by women who are prepared to be the rebels for their cause, whatever that is, even if it’s to understand themselves more. 

What is a good article or book you have read recently?  

I read a collection of Forbes Under 30 stories and felt very in awe of the work some of them had done. I’ve set up a new night exploring the personal life stories of inspiring women, I think knowing the life trajectory of someone who has succeeded is often as important as their work. 

How do you measure your own terms of success?

Success makes me feel empowered, alive, free and inspired. It’s about living my desires.



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