Sally Griffyn AKA Millionaire Yogi is a spiritual business coach from London, UK. She teaches conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, and business people how to turn their calling into a million dollar business. Sally feels called herself to help visionaries become world-changing Influencers. By helping support already existing leaders step into quantum growth as well as new leaders create financially abundant businesses she believes they can give back to the planet. 

Her work on The Art of Perfect Timing is one of her signature teachings. Using ancient systems of wisdom to help her clients map out The Wheel of the Year, Sally teaches how to know when best to announce, plant seeds, launch and step back in harmony with their products and the seasons. It is the opposite of the corporate striving lifestyle. No matter how high you want to go, by implementing perfect timing, you can sit back knowing your plan is in place and use calls to action when they are at the most aligned for your launch. It’s a relaxed and powerful way to leverage up your business and to enjoy a happy life.

Sally was one of the guest speakers at Amy Yamada’s Dream Big event 2018 and does public speaking as well as personal coaching. Another area of work is her work with Your Money Trap which shows how to evaluate and redefine your attitude to money so when confronted with resistance, you stop missing rare opportunities. Sally has written 3 books, run a multimillion-dollar property development company, over 60 international retreats and a yoga festival in the UK. Every Thurs Sally does a free coaching session on FB Live. 

Millionaire Yogi “Becoming World-Changing Influencers” retreats, held at world vibrational sacred sites: In August 21 – 23, 2019 Sally will bring a group to Glastonbury and Stonehenge in the UK. On Sept 18 – 23 in Tulum, Mexico: Becoming World-Changing Influencers, meditation, ceremony with 3 hours of spiritual business coaching a day. The theme is how to be barefoot in business and work successfully from anywhere in the world. To apply for the group please send an email0.

Hey, Sally, can you introduce yourself to us?

I am Sally Griffyn AKA Millionaire Yogi and I am a Spiritual Business Coach who helps Visionaires become World-Changing Influencers. I work specifically with people who have a Calling, not just a business. Many of the clients I work with have a passion to give back to the planet, animals, and people and their dreams don’t end at the limit of their business. There are two paths I work with; the path of influence and the path of money. I myself have a calling to shift the leadership on the planet towards a more compassionate, healthy, generous form and so I back leaders to help them become the powerful influencers they have not stepped into being. When it comes to a financial measurement I chose to help these people make millions because this figure means something. If we shift power to alternative healers, yoga, ethical, environmental, food businesses then we will see a tipping point in leadership starting to flourish and I’m called to help with that process. We need better leaders. It’s a critical moment in evolution. I’m causing to his shift with the work I do. 

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now as a high priestess and classic witch?

When I was 9 years old I was living with my grandmother who I consider to be my first Spiritual Teacher. It was a warm night in Yorkshire and I went down to the end of the garden wearing a nightie and looked up at the stars and felt this wave of powerful emotion wash over me. I felt there was so much more to life than the ordinary. When I described what I was feeling to my Grandmother she told me that there are Witches who heal people with milk and they dance naked on the moors. It was an affirmation that these kinds of people existed and were a good example for me. I felt an awakening happen and wanted to find those people. 

How are you helping your clients to make millions and give back to the universe?

By my teens, I wanted to write a book on ritual and in my 20’s I went to a series of workshops in Covent Garden, London called Pagan History by Vivianne and Chris Crowley. They taught a very different history and we did small rituals of the elements and seasons. I was hooked and when the course ended I carried on with them and became an initiate of Wicca. This is an old path with much celebration of the seasons. We work with the Wheel of the Year learning about times to plant, times to expand, times to harvest and times to let go. I was at this stage a first degree called a Priestess or Witch. However later in the journey, I took a 2nd-degree initiation which is for those called to teach and be of service. The title at this stage is High Priestess. I have a group I lead in healing rituals and have done for the last 25 years. It is the backbone of my spiritual path. The God and Goddess of Wicca are Nature and I work on the moons. 

At the same time, I have been on a yogic path. Literally, at the same time as Wicca, I became a yoga teacher and studied all the Eastern philosophy and ways to live a healthy great life. Yoga teaches you to have a spiritual life and how to use breath to keep grounded through life’s experiences. My practice of yoga is for life not just to keep fit. All the work of being a yogi informs me how to look at life and business and to work for the best in everyone. 

The clients who are attracted to working with me always have a bigger picture and want to give back. I made a choice on the best people to work with and conscious business people are my avatar. I have launched many businesses during my lifetime – a multi-million-pound property development company in London, written several books, run a photography company, more than 60 yoga retreats and launched a yoga festival – so I am a launcher. I teach people how to get big projects off the ground and the step by step approach to moving the vision into systems that work to get your message out.

I work with money as energy. Using meditation to find their deepest values and key pieces of info I help them create a business that both works and makes them happy.  believe that good business comes from an evolved and ethical approach to the people who come to me often have wonderful visions that include giving back to a particular aspect of the environment, children, animals or plastic free charities. I know how to make money. They often sit in the alternative health world and feel they can’t charge their full value so one of the biggest parts of my work is getting people to raise their prices and believe in themselves. I work with the person, create their super niche and then we develop the best systems to deliver their vision here and now. I create million dollar blueprints for them so they can see how to move step by step to a million. That’s when it’s really possible to give back and make a huge difference and that’s what’s of interest to them and to me. I’m good at business, always have been so I teach people how to make money and make a difference.

Where can you see yourself within the next 5 years and what plans do you have in place to expand and further develop the growth of Millionaire Yogi Coaching?

Within the next five years, I see myself running a much larger coaching company and the focus of my work will retreatS. I’m changing the program I teach right now to be more efficient. People learn well through personal contact and have the biggest transformation in person so in my courses I’ll offer a nine-month with 2 retreats in it or a 6 month with one retreat as part of it.

The retreats take place in sacred sites which is part of my profile so all the business coaching is held with a backdrop of the deeply moving landscape such as Tulum, Mexico one of my favourite locations. I like taking people on experiences and journeys so they feel like they’re on a road trip that expands their soul and from there they make very big decisions and get out of their own way. My focus on quantum shifts works well with the retreat format. This year I hired my head coach who works with me from California. I have a great connection with the US and will be taking a lot of my work to America in the next 5 years and doing more and more speaking engagements.

My ultimate vision is to do a Ted talk on the topic of how the ultimate success is having a spiritual path in business with time for loved ones, yourself and to make a difference. I advocate working with the Wheel of the Year that I learned in my spiritual journey and have now directly applied to business. It’s an anti-corporate model. I believe we are cyclical beings and need a cyclical approach to business not just the push push push of corporate so I teach how to work less time, potent plantings, bursts of communication and also letting things grow while stepping back.

That message is my next 5 years work. I’ll also be working with master spiritual teacher and Shaman called Bobby Klein. He wants to work with world leaders and I want to help people become World-Changing Influencers so we have much in common. He is planning a lot of workshops New York and I want to help him with those. My entire focus is to help generate a new generation of excellent leaders to solve our planet’s problems. 

What outlets do use to promote Millionaire Yogi Coaching?

The outlets I promote Millionaire Yogi Coaching are Facebook and Instagram, my private FB group When Business Is Pleasure.

I work with other coaches who know my work,  word of mouth. Direct contact from FB is one of my main outlets. I work with other coaches who know my work,  word of mouth. Direct contact from Facebook is one of my main outlets.

What gives you ultimate career satisfaction?

The Ultimate career satisfaction is knowing that I truly have helped my clients get to where they wanted to. They would have held back on their vision and not gone global. When I get reviews and testimonials that are really heartfelt and say “you changed my life” that’s the ultimate satisfaction. On a more professional level, doing speaking on stages is one of the biggest thrills I get. I love speaking from stages.

What challenges have you seen to have been presented during the growth of Millionaire Yogi Coaching?

Challenges are always there. It’s the mindset of growing to your biggest potential and handling your mindset anytime you up-level. Finding money is always a challenge but when I step up, the Universe responds. I paid $18K in sponsorship to do a speaking gig last year!! Can you imagine? I paid to speak. And I got clients in the room that paid it back so it was worth it. But that level of the stretch was huge for me. Now I want people to pay me to speak.

Which other leading entrepreneurs and pioneering game changers do you also admire and why?

I admire Shanda Sumpter as an incredible human being and my coach. She has taken her business from 0 to 10 million in 8 years. Another coach who I love is Amy Yamada who teaches messaging. Both are in my mastermind group and from the US. I love Richard Branson as a UK entrepreneur for his audacious leaps into many different businesses and I like his style. Virgin planes are fabulous. He created charities on the plane to take extra change to help kids all over the world. He’s starting to deal with the plastic issue on flights.

How do you define your own success?

I define my own success by the life I lead – a simple life of yoga, helping people travel – I’ve done it when I didn’t have money and it continues now as I grow and have money. The actual lifestyle hasn’t changed much. I made a commitment to being happy in my 20’s and I look at life through that lens now. If it doesn’t make me happy I don’t do it.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

#BEYOUROWN  is a statement of identity. The individual. I do me. You do you. I help you do you in the work I do. I love the idea of us all thriving being true to ourselves.

Finally, what are you working on throughout 2019?

In 2019 I’m in a big expansion mode. Having hired a head coach to work with me from the states, I am implementing the retreats and am to date running one in Glastonbury/Stonehenge Aug 21-25 and one in Tulum, Mexico Sept 18-23. I’ll be looking to expand the team this year. I’ve spent 3 years building this vision and all the foundation work has been done and now it’s just spreading the word of the work I do. 



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