Taylor Sappington, founder and CEO of Taylored WellBeing, LLC is a Board Certified integrative health practitioner with a background in Dietetics, Nutrition Therapy, Reiki, and Herbalism. Originally studying to be a dietitian, it quickly became apparent in postgraduate studies and work that it just wasn’t something Taylor felt she wanted to pursue. In addition to the several years of experience in a clinical setting, Taylor also holds the knowledge accumulated from extensive education from various naturopathic, functional, and integrative programs.

“I am convinced that there is not a person alive right now that cannot get well”-Taylor Sappington

Welcome Taylor, thank you for taking the time to share your story with us, can you introduce yourself to us as the founder of Taylored Wellbeing?

Taylored WellBeing, LLC was born in the Spring of 2018 after marrying my husband which required a move; I was more mobile and my career (of which I subconsciously knew was coming to an end) was in need of a transition. As much as I loved what I did it was also part of what was keeping me sick. Funny how when we don’t step into and live our purpose we find it hard to heal.

I was born to do what I am doing today; Nothing I experienced in terms of my own health challenges, of which, there were many were in vain and each experience lead me to a greater degree of personal understanding, exposure to different modalities, and ultimately allowed me to build the platform of which my practice operates off of today.

What incentivised you to feel passionate about guiding individuals through life’s conventional challenges with a not so conventional approach?

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, I was constantly uncomfortable in my own skin, and at a very young age was lacking the health and vitality one should have for and about life.

My Life was exhausting; My body was shutting down system by system and my doctors were baffled; “your blood work is normal; maybe it’s just stress-be really mindful of what you’re eating and make sure to work out.”

I rejoiced and dreaded the morning as it had a duality; the light represented a night of little to no sleep but the dawn meant I didn’t have to fight insomnia, night sweats, or heart palpitations one more minute. The most painful part of my morning? 

It was actually getting up; my feet buckled and froze. I’d throw my legs over the bed and wait-when a small bit of feeling returned I’d take 1 maybe 2 steps; the soles of my feet felt like a tender bruise, eventually my shuffle turned into a walk.

The sighs, uptight shoulders, semi-eye rolls my physicians would act as if I would get-they thought it was all in my head instead of just admitting they didn’t know what was wrong, didn’t know how to test, didn’t know what to look for and didn’t know how to support me. I can’t say suicide never crossed my mind. 

In 2016 after several diagnoses I received my final 2, Lyme and Mycotoxicity + CIRS,  from the support of a functional practitioner who taught me what the application of critical thinking and applying those skills looked like in practice; I had done much work with many different practitioners in several different modalities all of whom brought value to the table. I believe it was at this point in my life that I was ready to receive the gifts that were being offered not only through the validation of finally feeling as though I was being seen and heard but in introducing to me to what I felt was the final piece to my education that I was missing to make the impact I wanted to.

This diagnosis is almost taking my life gave me life; What dark and winding road are you walking all alone? Want some company? I was determined to create a practice that ensured that for those who were seeking to rediscover their health that the search was over. I was also determined to ensure that those who sought out my support, guidance, and care would never again be told that they could achieve their wellness and thus life goals.

I didn’t get here overnight but after a decade of formal education and research, 500+ books, and 300+ client sessions I’ve discovered protocols gifted to me through my mentors that work. I also wanted to be a voice of reason and balance in an age so much misinformation and double-speak;  Your body has an innate capacity to heal and works towards and wants to support you in all the ways that it can and my mission is to show others how they can support it in doing so.

My goal is that others are able to learn from my mistakes, trial & error, and research while sidestepping the rabbit holes I found myself falling down and digging out of.

What is a typical day like for you as an integrative health practitioner?

I am a mom and a military spouse wife; I am currently solo parenting as my husband is away on assignment and thus my day starts with the responsibilities of getting a household up and ready for the day.

Once I’ve taken care of this aspect of my morning I am able to transition to taking care of myself (yes, everyone read that right, my day starts and ends with self-care. It’s a non-negotiable)

I am an advocate for practising what you preach and thus my day is time blocked. I start my morning off with water and a smoothie, I ensure I get a walk and functional movement in through a 20-40 minute workout, I ensure that my personal needs are met prior to diving into my day.  I feel it is important to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically prior to committing to pouring into someone else’s cup.

It is the structure of my day and the commitment I have to my own health and wellbeing that allows me to show up and support others in the unparalleled way that I do.

I often meet with 4-5 clients a day in between each meeting I have a wide variety of responsibilities in my practice as I am a one-woman show and thus I spend my time researching, creating content, tweaking plans of care, reviewing lab work, and client support and follow up.

I pride myself on being able to remain intimately connected to my clients as I believe one of the greatest aspects to healing that is overlooked is a connection in which creates a space for vulnerability; It’s important to know birthday’s, kids and spouses names, current events, trials, tribulations, and triumphs.

Who is the most influential woman within the health and wellness industry that you admire and why?

There are too many to name but one, in particular, has stood out in the last year of whom I follow religiously; her name is Melissa Ramos founder of Sexy Food Therapy and creator of the Sexy Lady Balls program and community. She is also a nutritionist with a background in Chinese medicine.

Melissa is like my spirit animal she isn’t afraid to show up exactly as and who she is; she understands what it takes to heal and isn’t afraid to dish out tough love when it’s needed.

Her fearlessness in the delivery of her message is inspiring and she doesn’t shy away from controversy. She’s smart as a whip and owns her spot in the health and wellness space. Who she is, what she has to offer, how she shows up are all things I aspire to convey and portray in my own practice, on my own platform, in my own unique way but it is so nice to have a role model to show you how it’s done.

What has been the most challenging yet rewarding barrier you faced and how did overcome it?

No one warns you that part of becoming a small business owner in a field that you love also entails the same struggles many in the workforce face with a slightly different angle. Work-life balance (I used to wonder-does that even exist?)

I love what I do and it is very easy for me to get lost in it for hours and hours a day; I mean, I get to watch women bleed for the first time in two years, get pregnant after months if not years of trying, sleep through the night when they don’t remember what it’s like, lose weight, restore energy, find a healthy relationship with food, breakdown mental and emotional barriers that become physical manifestations of dis-ease.. How could I not get lost in it?! I am so fulfilled and consider it such an honour to be able to bear witness to these breakthroughs.

With that being said, this has also been the reason for late nights, lack of boundaries, and burn out which really doesn’t look cute on your practitioner nor does it emanate what my practice and I are all about.

Thus, time blocking, creating space for myself, giving myself permission to participate in self-care multiple times a week, shut it down when I am tired, say no to things and people that aren’t a good fit for me is a huge personal accomplishment as a former chronic people-pleaser with Type A tendencies it’s a big deal for me to let go and flow.

What support networks do you personally love and can recommend to others out there to become part of?

This is honestly an area I am continuing to explore personally; I have found it to be incredibly helpful to find the online community’s in groups of areas of interest. I also run my office out of a healing centre in my community and the access and support provided by the various practitioners and community activities is a gift. So, find a local community centre that offers a variety of areas to explore (therapy, reiki, massage, Integrative health, aromatherapy, reflexology, acupuncture) and make it your playground!

How are you working on your own personal development?

I believe that mentorship is critical to personal and professional evolution and what you need and are seeking in a mentor changes depending upon where you are personally and professionally. I believe a good practitioner is constantly being coached themselves to learn new and applicable skills to apply in their own life and practice and thus I consistently have a mentor.

I am also a perpetual student of life and love to learn; I am like a sponge when it comes to soaking up new information on old topics or learning new topics altogether and thus one can and will consistently find me participating in CEU courses or training for new certifications to keep my mind sharp and my ability to speak to and support my clients and community on multiple subject matters up to date.

I also believe personal development comes from investing in yourself on an energetic and physical level too; Again, in practicing what I preach I can’t tell my clients the importance of reiki, chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture, supplementation, and testing  unless I myself am willing and consistent in doing those very things and thus that is another aspect of which one can find me investing in my own personal development regularly.

The best lesson throughout your career you have learned so far that you can share?

Where do I start?! There are a few!

  • Find your voice; Your voice will attract your tribe.
  • Always be willing to have open and honest conversations; your needs aren’t being met? Speak it. You aren’t a good fit with or for someone? Speak it. Feeling overwhelmed? Need a break? A little extra support? Speak it.
  • It’s ok to agree to disagree and it is possible to still love and respect another human being while not sharing a sentiment or holding the same viewpoint.
  • I have also come to realise the importance of being ok with the fact that I am not everyone’s cup of tea but that very thing is what makes the world go round (as I laugh and tell myself to refer back to lesson #1)

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

We are all given unique talents and gifts to offer this world and we do it and ourselves a disservice by silencing those gifts.  Be bold enough to be who you are even if that means risking failure and falling at times. Life it meant to be lived in colour and much more exciting when things aren’t seen in black and white.

In which areas are you looking to grow and expand Taylored Wellbeing in the next 3-5 years?

I am looking to expand my reach while being able to touch the lives of many, many more. This means creating programs and avenues of support, education, tools, and community while never having to tell another person no again.

I do firmly believe that we all deserve the right to the needed and proper education on how, what, when, and why to support our body in various ways to facilitate health that it is my goal to provide an affordable, easy to access way to do so.

You know what’s unstoppable? A woman who is empowered by the knowledge of who she is and what she needs and the world needs more of that.



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