Teal Elisabeth, a professionally trained relationship coach, has a deep passion for supporting ambitious, powerful women to be able to Relax into LoveShe has studied personal development for over 15 years, underworld teacher & Indian philosopher Krishnamurti –  instilling a deep sense of self-awareness and tools for reflecting upon each of life’s experiences. She then became trained by Buddhist monks in Thailand during silent meditation retreats where she mastered the principles of self-love, attachment, ego, & intuition and witnessed her first out of body experience.

From there she became trained as a relationship coach – and went to work at Uber alongside Arianna Huffington – to build training programs for the global employee base in how to master the principles of work-life balance and reducing burnout. The principles she shares are tried and true – and helped her attract her fiance. She now supports women around the world to Relax into Love while living out a life-long dream of travelling the world for over 18 months with her man.

Welcome Teal, it is great to have you with us! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself as a professionally trained relationship coach?

It’s so great to be here. Yes absolutely. What fun and exciting work are to help women ignite deep connection to themselves and attract more loving relationships. I tell you – nothing lights me up more than hearing my clients share with me their big “aha’s!” and see them actively transform their life and the way men relate to them… it’s so fulfilling, and I love my work so much!

I have always had a deep fascination with personal development and self-improvement. Since pre-school, I studied for 12 years underworld teacher & Indian philosopher Krishnamurti at a unique private school in Ojai, California called Oak Grove. This progressive school instilled in me a deep sense of self-awareness, conflict resolution, interpersonal dynamics and tools for reflecting upon each of life’s experiences for growth.

Then after college, I became deeply interested in Eastern Philosophy and trained under Buddhist monks in Thailand. I still remember it so clearly – I travelled to Thailand and enrolled in an immersive 5 – Day Silent Meditation in the mountains of Chaing Mai, and I witnessed my first out of body experience. No joke – it was such an incredible experience. And it really helped me gain a deep understanding of the mind, ego, heart and attachment.  I cultivated a deep connection to my inner self, giving me the understanding to later help my clients go deep within their own selves.


But upon returning home and I jumped back into the career world. I worked alongside Arianna Huffington – on the People Development team at Uber in San Francisco to build training programs for over 30,000 people around the world in how to master the principles of work-life balance and reducing burnout. This gave me a strong professional background in building transformational training programs that work.

But in climbing the corporate ladder to “keep up with men, and prove my worth” I struggled to be single for over 8 years… with relationships that would hook and fizzle over and over – leaving me wondering if I would ever find a man that I could connect to and that would love me for the ambitious, go-getter that I am.

No matter how awesome I felt with my job, and city apartment, and friends, I couldn’t understand how to actually connect with men on a deeper level and find that “ideal man” that I dreamed of. So, after 8 years of failed relationships even after all the inner work I’d done for myself, I realised I needed to get help. So I hired a relationship coach to help me understand what was missing. I ended up loving the work so much that I decided to go deeper to become a Relationship Coach myself. I specialised in the work of embodying feminine energy and clearing subconscious fears & limiting beliefs. 

This work shifted everything for me in my relationships – and a few months later, I attracted the love of my life! We’ve now been dating for over 7 years, been travelling the world for over 18 months and just got engaged last March! With all of the experience I gained over my life and from coaching women on the side part-time for years, I felt a huge calling and responsibility to step forth as a strong, feminine leader and role model for modern-day women to know that they can have it all too – the kickass career, the fabulous life, and a chivalrous romantic man who adores them for who they are.

Can you tell us more about your business journey and your need for wanting to support ambitious women to attract a loving relationship from a man who respects them for the powerful women that they are?

Yes, definitely. After working with women for years, and going through my own experience dating struggles, I’ve noticed something catastrophic happening to creating loving relationships in the modern world. The rise of women’s empowerment has brought incredible opportunities for women – we’re taking a stance for sexual assault, equal pay, & equal opportunities. It’s a revolutionary time for us as strong, ambitious leading women.  

But it’s creating major challenges for relationships. We are in a time right now ladies, where we – being the incredible, powerhouse women that we are – are energetically, and sometimes physically – pushing men away. What I’ve seen for clients, as well as for myself, is that in trying to be equal with men, we end up closing our hearts to the beautiful hearts that men can provide us.  

Without realising it, we’ve been making them the enemy – sometimes putting them down in order to get ahead – and we’re bringing this new ego into dating… not just intimidating them, but pushing them away. Because let’s face it.. what happens to our men when we can “do, have & be” everything that they can? How are we intentionally, or unintentionally, making them feel when we tell the world that we don’t need a man anymore?  

We say we want a life partner, a soul mate, a companion to share our world with, but what message are you giving when you get into relationships?

Can you gain respect, without being closed off?  

Can you be powerful, without being intimidating?  

Can you be vulnerable, without feeling weak?

Yes, you can. And that’s what my work is all about. Learning how to Relax Into Love.

My job is to help women create a new story for what dating, relationships, and love look like in the modern world… to help you continue to claim your presence and power as the feminine being that you are, without sacrificing being that badass Boss Babe that you are.

Can you tell us what 3 qualities we should take into consideration when we are looking for a meaningful, loving relationship whilst still standing firm in our power?

  1. Respect
  2. Trust
  3. Love of yourself, as much as for your partner

And I want to talk about #3 here for a moment. This concept of loving yourself… We hear this all the time, you’ve just got to love yourself! right? But what does that really mean?

We all want love from a life companion – and there is nothing wrong with desiring this – it is one of the most rewarding parts that life can offer. Someone to share your highest goals, your biggest challenges, and your deepest intimacies. When you meet that person who is able to get you on that deeper level, who accepts you unconditionally, life just feels a bit easier – like a foundation that is finally stable from which you can spring forth to show the world your best self and all your gifts!

What many women often overlook is that attracting love into your life is often a reflection of the type of love that you have for yourself. How we feel about ourselves inside will reflect the type of partner we attract.

I want to repeat that again because it’s so important. How we feel about ourselves inside will reflect the type of partner we attract. So if we have any lingering insecurities, or limiting beliefs or fears from past relationships, it will subconsciously attract men that meet us at that energy vibration. In other words, you create a reality that is a reflection of you. The concept is described differently in all manner of spiritual teachings, but it comes down to the same thing: We create our realities from the inside out.

So how do we do this? It starts with becoming grounded from within yourself and connecting to your own inner self. When we to tap into this essence, an internal grounding occurs. A feeling of deep connection — of coming home. Attuning to your true nature is crucial to successful manifestation because only from this state can we create what we truly desire.


Anytime we’re longing, grasping, needing, or chasing something on the outside (for example, a relationship), the result will be manifested by those same qualities. In other words, you’ll create relationships where you feel longing, grasping, needy, or chasing. This, clearly, is not what you actually want.

When you are aligned with your true nature, you aren’t grasping. You, in that state, are complete. Therefore, anything you manifest from this state of being will be infused with that essence of completion and wholeness.

From this place, we can connect to our vibration. We as human beings are big energy fields – and our hearts produce energy wavelengths. Just like in physics, if you think about an atom that has electrons swirling around it radiating energy, our heart is a massive collection of atoms with a huge energy field around it.

When we connect to our heart’s energy field and come into a relationship from that place, we are connecting to an extremely powerful source of love. It’s what I like to call the Frequency of Love. And that’s what is the basis of all of my teachings. Helping women to connect into the Frequency of Love.

What are your marketing methods and what platforms are you using to raise brand awareness?

I share most of my work through my Instagram, Private Facebook Group and YouTube Channel. 

What methods do you use to measure the success that your clients benefit from after working with you?

I have each of my clients fill out an intake form before we work together – sharing what they would like to achieve and the type of woman that they want to become after working together. Then at the end of our program, I have them read back their answers to me – and every. Single. Time – Emma, it’s incredible to see their reactions. It’s one of my favourite moments watching them speak their visions into existence, and then step forth into 100% embodying that vision. It gives me chills. And they are so astounded to see what they achieved in just a short 2-3 months of working together. It’s powerful.

I have to read you one of my favourite client testimonials – she said: I had no idea what to expect when I started this program and had a goal that I’d love to start dating again by the end of it since I hadn’t been asked out in years. But then that happened so early on in the process by so many men that I thought, “wow, I guess I have to set bigger goals!’ But this work became so much more than just dating…

I really started peeling back the layers of my own self & I have gained such a deeper understanding of who I am as a person in this world. And that is such a difficult gift to give someone, but I have absolutely received that from you, so Thank you, Thank you, thank you!

Hearing things like this from women is the reason I do what I do. It’s amazing how limiting our mind can be in what we “think we can achieve” – but it’s incredible to see how large our hearts are when we start to open them up to the true depths that love and intimacy have in store for us.

Who is the most influential female powerhouse that you admire and why?

Can I say myself??? I love myself so much and I am an influential powerhouse! All ego aside, I have to say, Oprah. I know it may sound cliche but she has had a profound impact on my life. I am so impressed at her ability to tap into the truest essence of her soul and use her impact both before being famous and now to bring spirituality, self-awareness, and deep inner self-love work to the masses. I am so impressed by her presence – she is the ultimate embodiment of a modern-day Queen.

The best lesson in love so far?

  • Our thoughts create our reality – what we choose to believe, we attract. 
  • Change your thoughts and beliefs about love, and change your love life.
  • And if you need help doing that – I’m here to help.

In which areas are you looking to grow and expand throughout 2020?

I am really excited for 2020 – I will be unveiling a brand new group coaching program that I call ‘Love from Within’ – a deep dive into our self-love, self-confidence and self-love work as powerhouse women. I have been taking my VIP 1:1 clients through this program for the past few years and the results have been phenomenal – so I want to open it up to a group environment. 

I also plan to host my first retreat next year in Bali (Spence and I will be moving to Bali in 2020 so it seems only fitting) and also plan to be engaging in more live speaking events to share this message with more women around the world.

Thank you so much for creating this platform for women like me to share my mission with the world. I am so grateful to BEYOUROWN for what you have created, and I trust that the right women will feel called to reach out to me if these words speak to them.



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