With a wealth of knowledge, training and experience in life coaching, fitness, business and marketing, Tiega Orr, from By Tiega, has her heart set on taking a woman (and the world) from a place of self-doubt and unworthiness to completely owning their worth and leaning into their power. Tiega believes the secret to complete self-acceptance is to embody your authenticity, wholeheartedly and without apology. Here is what she has to say about finding yourself, eliminating self-sabotage patterns and the positive side of social media!

Great to have you Tiega, can you introduce yourself to us as the founder of By Tiega?

Hello, thank you for having me. Yes, of course, I am an Australian woman who, in seeking her gift to the world discovered that it came in just that, the seeking and the growth. First, the journey was my own, then continued on in facilitating and holding space for other women to find their authentic self and discover the strength that comes along with owning that completely, unapologetically.

This journey took me a while, often we do things the way they ‘should’ be done and in a society where we are in constant comparison of each other through social media, it took a while to break free of the fear of being seen and stop second-guessing myself and do it my way, but here I am!

I was aware early in the piece, that social media was going to be a huge part of our culture and I wanted to learn how to use this powerful tool for good, so after years of travel, completing my Diploma in Life Coaching, both Certificate III & IV in Fitness, and a certificate in business operations, I went on to learn how to tell ones to story wholesomely and with integrity, by completing a Diploma in Social Media Marketing.

Today, combining these skills, I am thrilled to be able to offer a holistic approach to life, incorporating coaching, wellness, business and marketing, by me, Tiega.

Having spent the past 10 years being dedicated to learning the human mind and body through your own personal training and coaching how are you channelling that to authentically tell raw stories through the use of social media?

Amazing question. Firstly I want to reiterate that for me social media is a tool that if used in the correct manner can benefit and empower a lot of people, it can be powerful, effective and informative. However, it can fuel comparison, as well as thoughts and feelings of unworthiness, and this is exactly what I’m trying to combat. Firstly by empowering women to believe they are enough, and I don’t mean just telling them that, I mean using techniques that get under their skin, into their subconscious and change their beliefs and behaviours, really get them to believe with all their heart that they are enough, good enough, smart enough, successful enough, sexy enough, whatever they want to be, they are enough! And they get to make a decision on who they are every morning.

There are different aspects to us as humans, firstly to be happy, we have to take care of our mental, emotional and spiritual health, release hurt, set healthy boundaries and know your core needs in life. These, of course, come hand-in-hand with our physical health so I use my skills as a coach, neuro-linguistic practitioner and personal trainer to get my clients to a point where they’re feeling like they’re putting the best foot first, authentically. Once feeling strong enough to go after their dreams, its all systems go, though these need to be attacked from a wholesome and empowered place for full effect.

By then teaching them how to use social platforms, not for competition but as powerful avenues to share their products, services, knowledge and love, they also then start healing those around them. When you’re approaching the online sphere from the space of worthiness and authenticity it is empowering. I hope to eradicate self-comparison and promote self-acceptance!

Can you tell us how you are combining your skills, insight and mindset to help others find their inner confidence to be who they truly are?

It seems quite simple, I question, and I listen. But there’s a difference between listening, and really hearing someone, and that makes all the difference. There are also elements of my skill set that are gifts I am grateful for, I’m highly intuitive, I often hear the unspoken truth, see the root cause of an issue, and I understand the human body and its subtle communications well, I use this to see the issues we are turning a blind eye to ourselves.

As humans, we have a tendency to doubt ourselves, to think we are not good enough, as a coach and a neurolinguistic practitioner, I work to undo your limiting beliefs around self-worth, help you to build an image of yourself, inside and out, that you are proud of. I encourage you to see the strength and freedom that comes from being boldly authentic in your life, know and hold strong boundaries and connect to your own intuition, gut feeling and love yourself.

Using my skills, my intuition and a lot of straight-talking, I hold space and give you tools to transform into your best self, its extraordinary. When I can hold up a mirror, real or metaphorically and hear you say you love what you see, my work is done!

What does the onboarding process entail when taking on new clients to work with, and what can those clients expect to take away from the experience of working with you?

The onboarding process with me is really quite simple, there is a discovery a call for about 15-30 minutes where we just chat, no obligations or strings attached, about where you’re at momentarily, where you would like to go and what’s holding you back. From this, I get a really good representation of your beliefs, blockages and motivations. The client will also get a lot of insight here and this alone may just be enough for you to move forward on your own, it might not. 

If it is not, I will either offer you some of my free resources or offer further coaching and let you know the options here, price packages etc. Of course, if you’re still unsure at this point you can think about it, download the free offerings on my website and take action when you are ready. Though keep in mind the difference between self-education, which is learning, no action taken and often ongoing, and self-development, actually stepping up and bettering yourself, and that some times the difference between the two is someone to hold you accountable! 

What is a typical day like for you with By Tiega?

I love my days and I try to walk the talk. I love getting up for sunrise, it’s my favourite time of day and the feeling when it gets to mid-morning and you feel like you have already lived a day is unbeatable! Water on waking, sit and enjoy sunrise and just feel grateful for its beauty, then delicious fresh ground coffee with cream and scrumptious seeded sourdough with a rotation of a few of my favourite toppings and some journaling, looking over my day, or a good book if I’m reading one, I just love this part of my day as well, even if I don’t make sunrise, I love to start my day like this too.

I’ll then jump into some work for a few hours. I used to exercise first thing and sometimes I still do but I just love my mornings so much I now tend to move my body around lunchtime, then lunch, and a little more work. After work I’ll spend time with family and friends, go adventuring somewhere in nature or do a bit of self-development or simply relax, it depends on how I feel and the season. 

Then unless there is something very exciting happening I’m early to bed, happy and excited for another day tomorrow. I am incredibly grateful for By Tiega and this kind of work, that I can do it from anywhere, working with clients, of course, means I have to work in with them but its always flexible. The knowledge that one of my core needs is freedom has helped me create this life and that in itself is enough to make me as happy as can be. I also love connecting with people and seeing them grow and shine.

Who is the most influential female powerhouse that you admire and why?

Ohhhh there are quite a few! But at this moment, Madison Hedlund. She is a powerhouse of self-acceptance, fun, wisdom, sexuality! I’m just getting so much from her at the moment. Others would be Brene Brown and the incredible woman in my immediate circle.

What support networks/channels do you personally love and can recommend to other aspiring female entrepreneurs out there to become part of?

Consciously build and strengthen your own face-to-face network of family and friends daily, but also don’t be afraid to let go of those connections that, when you really listen to your soul, are no longer nourishing you.

Join community groups (I just joined the CWA, it’s a group of 75+ women who bake cakes and make jams to sell and help their local areas, I feel they concentrate on nourishing the existing community, and I swear I was born in the wrong century). But also any group in your area with which you feel aligned, a sense of community is great for the soul.

There are so many great groups on Facebook, Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine is the first one to mind, joining a group from within your industry or beliefs is great, I’m a part of quite a few and I get a lot from them. 

I would really recommend doing a cull through your Instagram and Facebook Friends or followers and delete anyone who you wouldn’t be comfortable voicing your true self to. This is extremely powerful in that you no longer have an excuse not to be completely authentically yourself and it helps in feeling capable of doing so. It also means there isn’t as much ‘fodder’ on your feed to filter through.

And of course communities like #BEYOUROWN, that embody what it is to empower and lift up other woman creating a community of compassion and support instead of competition!

The best lesson throughout building By Tiega you have learned so far that you can share?

Oh boy! It’s a journey! Don’t be afraid to change, morph, turn corners, I think it’s going to be like this forever for me, forever growing. Though I am a lot more solid in listening to that inner voice, that gut feeling, my intuition nowadays, so my decisions feel like they stand the test of time a lot more.

Be you!! Be authentic, obviously, that is the base of my message but also in business, and life, if your copying someone else, its been done before, your uniqueness is your key! It’s also what will bring you your ideal clients to you because they are aligned with you and your energy because you’re being real.

Get help. I’m the first person who thought I could do it all myself, and I nearly did, but then I realised you need that outside thought, encouragement, and perspective. The insight, quality of work and acceptance that came after I had softened to help was phenomenal.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

#BEYOUROWN has already given me so much! To me, it is a community, support, love and a solid message that woman are stronger together and that we are wonderful. Thank you. 

In which areas are you looking to grow and expand By Tiega within the next 3-5 years?

Oh gosh, so many dreams and goals! Write, I wish to write more, maybe a book. Expand in the services I offer, workshops as well, a short course before too long.

I’d love to get a formal qualification in Nutrition to be able to share more knowledge on how we can help ourselves with what we put IN our bodies. Id love to help Mother Earth and partner By Tiega with some of the charities and organisations that work so hard for her, Id love to donate some of my time and energy to young women, so they enter adulthood believing in themselves instead of healing later. I’m not sure that’s all within 5 years but there is so much to work towards, it excites me every day!

By Tiega has already given me so much freedom, growth and fulfilment, I’m so grateful and I not only wish to continue to fulfil my own dreams but continue to inspire other women (and men) to do the same and believe with all their soul that they are enough!

With love and thank you.


Instagram:@By.Tiega @Being.Tiega


Website: https://www.bytiega.com.au


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