We all know that the term “life coach” has been applied to one too many Instagram bio’s- that the identifiable roles of one are now weathered, misinterpreted & vague. Yes, we said what you were thinking so on that note, let us introduce to you Tiffany Ivonne, a healer psychic medium clairvoyant and an earth angel who tells us is on a mission to help others see the light within themselves.
Tiffany offers a wide variety of Tarot Readings. From love readings to deep look readings, and even crossroads readings. These readings were created by her to get her clients the clarity and results they need. Find out how you can shake things up and finally live the life you deserve with this in-depth interview with another one of our great life coaches that really is going to help you become the champion of your life.

Hey Tiffany, how is your day so far?

Hello love! My day is going fantastic so far! It’s a blessing to be alive and to have health, wealth, and happiness. You have to count your blessings and start with gratitude.

You are a life coach and mentor, can you tell us what a typical 24 hours for you like?

My day-to-day experience is never really quite the same but one thing that always stays the same is my morning ritual. I tend to wake in the early morning anywhere from 3am to 6am. It depends on when my soul feels it needs to wake up my body. From there I start off with moving my body either going for a nice jog or I dance for an hour and 30 minutes. It’s in that hour and a half that I am able to be present with my body and tap into my inner voice. After moving around in my body I partake in a mindfulness practice.

Either meditation or yoga depending on how busy my day will be. But this is something for me that’s a no-no to skip. I believe that when you find that stillness you can take on the day with a sense of calm and levelheadedness. Then I’ll shower alternating from warm water to cold water this wakes me up for sure as you can imagine. After getting myself ready I’ll take my dog out for a walk whilst being barefooted. I live around a lot of grass so this helps A LOT! I believe besides the meditation and workouts this is something that is absolutely crucial to having a good day.

This helps ground me spiritually and on a physical level, it gets my body stabilised. And everything is interconnected. The body, mind, and the spirit. So starting my day this way is always putting me where I need to be…Those are my morning rituals that get my buzzing so that I can help my clients and work on my business. As far as business goes it changes with the day of the week. Sundays and Mondays are always dedicated to batch creation for my social media accounts.

I am mostly active on Instagram as it helps me to convey my message in the best way possible. So those days I’ll be creating graphics and picking out what message I’d like to get across for that week. Each week I like to bring new perspectives into people’s minds so that they can be more mindful as they go through their lives. Then the rest of the week I am building connections with people and checking in with my clients to see how they’re progressing. I have a deep love for each of my clients and always let them know that they can reach me whenever they need me. I encourage them and even tell them I’m here as a friend.

In my opinion, there are a lot of people working in the same field as me but some (not all) are so focused on material gain instead of how much progress they are making. I made it very clear to myself before I got into this that I am doing this for the people not just for the money. Money is great and everything but it is only a tool to accumulate more of what we have and take care of recurring bills. What matters is making a lasting impact in the lives of others. They are people out there that don’t feel loved and connect with my clients in such a way is a gift. For the rest of the day, I work on personal development. I read books that help me spiritually and with business. I do spiritual work on myself so that I’m in the purest state that I can be in.

Working my way towards the end of the day I relax and unplug. I will drink tea, have a nice warm shower, light some candles, and spend time cuddling in bed with my dog. At that moment I will sit in silence thinking about the amazing blessings that came into my path that day. I will send love to the people who are close to me and thank God for all that I have. This always impacts me positively as there is always so much to be grateful for. A grateful heart sees all the beauty in life. The beautiful things along with the things that may have stressed me out because they are both parts of the journey. Right before bed, I write a list of the tasks that I will complete the next day. Once that’s done I meditate and rest my body. That, in a nutshell, is what a day looks like for me. There are more details in between but if I listed everything we would be here for a very long time!

Can you take us through the process of launching your career in this field?

Wow! This started with making a decision that I was putting off for such a long time. I knew that I absolutely did not enjoy working for others. I noticed that when I was a 15 working at the Burger King in my small town that I was always behaving as a boss would. I never really listened to my managers and always took charge, but they loved me! I have nothing but respect for them but my inner boss was like, “Hey! Hey! You should be your own boss! Do SOMETHING!” I didn’t know what until I hit 18. I tapped into my inner child and she had all of the answers. My lifelong dream has been to impact the world in a massive way.

Whether that is through art, music, writing, or speaking. In a way, I am slowly but surely integrating all of those avenues into my business. So one day it hit me I should start to open my own business after being a freelancer for some time. I loved the time freedom I had because it allowed room for other things I loved. One day I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw an ad for a webinar. This webinar was for learning the in’s and out’s of starting a blog. I had an impulse to sign up so I did. I attended the webinar and my brain started to move rapidly. Idea after idea. Then I thought to myself I can actually do this!

I’ve been writing and letting my art flow through me since I could remember. I would lose myself for hours at a time writing, creating, and flowing. That little girl inside of me smiled and then I knew this was the beginning. Then after a day of creating a voice inside me said, “Empower yourself. Love yourself. Grow.” That’s when my brand was created! It’s so magical when we allow the Universe to flow through us. I started the blog and little by little began branding myself. I spent many hours researching, reading, and having moments of stress/anxiety. So I would say that I launched my career. I like to look at it more as an unfolding because that’s what it really was.

It’s one step leading to the next step and then you find yourself walking.

You also Tarot read, where did this passion start?

This passion started when I was a freshman in high school. I was always interested in the metaphysical and spiritually but never knew what Tarot cards were until I got my first reading. I felt drawn to them although I didn’t fully understand them. At the age of 18 I started to use Oracle cards then transitioned to Tarot cards. When I got my first Tarot deck something remarkable happened. I felt like very connected the first time I opened cards for myself. It came so naturally to me.

So I started to do readings for close friends as a way to test out my skills. To my surprise reading after reading I was accurate. And the fact that my friends were impacted positively made me have a serious aha moment. It made me think, “If I could help them. Who else can I help?” That’s when I started mapping out how to integrate that with my brand and business.

We are our biggest critics, so why do you personally think that women are struggling with learning to love ourselves?

I feel that women are struggling to love themselves because from the time we were born we taught that we needed to fit into a specific mold. Society paints a picture that we have to look a certain way, act a certain way, and are treated as though we are weak for being women. Society has shown women that it if you’re a woman your life is going to be hard. That is absolutely wrong we are strong, bold, and fierce individuals that must unlearn what we’ve been force-fed by society and others. This unlearning indeed can take a long time but self-love is truly a journey and should be looked at as one. Because we don’t just wake up one day saying, “That’s it! I love myself one hundred percent.” It starts with making the conscious choice to have a deep relationship with yourself and that you fully commit to your self-love journey regardless of what may show up. For in the end, that’s what it’s about.

Embracing everything that shows up regardless of its form. On a personal note, I grew up getting abused by my close family members and was bullied at school. I didn’t feel safe anywhere. So I started to seek other people’s approval. Which led me to lose that love for myself and even my sense of self-was crushed. After a time I developed an eating disorder. I used what was happening in my life and grew a hatred for myself.

From age 18 to age 20 I took that time to get to know who I was on a deeper level. I did some serious soul-searching. There was much pain deeply embedded in the core of me but I loved seeing that and embracing it for what it was. That’s when the magic began because I stopped feeling sorry for myself and saw myself as the hero of my story. I feel that this is another reason why it can be challenging for women to love themselves is that they don’t see themselves as the hero. They see themselves as the victim. I deeply believe that people, in general, are so powerful that they can literally rewrite their story and transform their lives. So for anybody that reads this, I want you to know that you can do it! If you don’t love yourself right at this point just know that it is okay.

But from this point forward do what is needed to love yourself. Start with accepting where you are right now, where you’ve been, and start having a relationship with yourself no matter where you currently are on your journey. It’s okay to take all the time you need to develop this self-love because it’s important! Learn to love yourself, build that relationship with yourself, and work on that healing because it definitely is a healing process. You are worthy let that sink in. You are not your past or what society tells you or what anyone tells you for that matter! You are who you choose to be and at your core is a remarkable woman. Be patient with yourself.

You are also an author with 4 self-published books that are available to buy on Amazon, when did you write your first book and can you take us through the thought process?

I had always wanted to write a book but didn’t think that it would be possible. Then I came across self-publishing and decided to take a chance and write my first book. I started coming up with ideas for a book and my mind was flooded with way too many book ideas.So I just wrote down all of my book ideas. I let a whole month go by so that I could brainstorm and come up with a strategy and began to make an outline. So I officially wrote my first book in July of 2017. I sat down at my laptop for 6 hours typing out the book. I felt like an energy was moving through me when I was going through the process of creating the book. It was a feeling I have never felt before, to be honest. I wasn’t tired, hungry, etc. I had one thing in mind and that was writing my book. The hours flew by and after the 5-hour mark, I felt like I was going to lose my mind if I kept sitting in my chair. I got up for a short break then a burst of energy came rushing through my body. I sat down, finished my book, and published it the same day. That was a day of absolute madness in a positive way of course. Because yes I wrote out the details of the book and had been prepping for quite some time I just couldn’t believe that one of my creations came to life.

I can’t imagine that every time I sit down to write books that I will have the very same experience so it’s definitely a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life. It’s remarkable to see an idea go from a blog challenge to a book that helps others dive deep into their healing process. As they navigate through the deep-rooted issues they are then able to little by little to find that inner radiance that they’ve always had.The writing of my first book was definitely influenced by divine energies because there is no way that I could sit down for 6 hours to write the book and publish it the same day. I was moved by a force far greater than myself. Writing my first book taught me that anything is possible.

Despite all of the hardships I faced I am happy that I continued. A lot of times we have a burning desire to do something but we don’t do it because of the voice inside of our heads. While there was an energy flowing through me my ego was fighting me. For me, those hours I spent working on the book were the most challenging and most rewarding. Challenging because of the battle I had with my ego and rewarding because it is something that I deeply passionate about.

One thing I didn’t know before getting into this was the fact that my ego would try to talk me out of finishing the book. At the moment it caused me so much stress and anxiety. Now that time has passed I see the whole lesson within that. I see that it happened because that was my ego’s way of protecting myself. My ego was telling me, “No one is going to want your book, They won’t understand you, and Don’t bother finishing it.” Whenever I hear that coming from my ego I know that it is a clear indicator that I am doing something right. That I must keep moving forward. Our ego can show up when we are doing something big or out of our comfort zone.

Self-publishing can be really difficult, can you talk us through how that was for you?

I attended a webinar about self publishing three months prior to writing my first book. I listened to every single bit of information I could get from the webinar. I took notes so that I would be able to use them when I write my books. Surprisingly enough self publishing is not as difficult as I thought it was. I feel that if I didn’t take the webinar it would be extremely hard for me. I was doing research for a long time on self publishing, Ebooks, and publishing via Amazon. But the after the webinar I got all of the information and steps that I needed to execute what I was longing to do. Right after the webinar finished I mapped out three of my books. Seeing that it was easier than I thought I continued because I saw the vision clearly at that point. So I wouldn’t say it’s difficult entirely. I would say that it is difficult if you don’t have the knowledge on self publishing if you do it’s easy and can be fun even. The true difficulty is in the actual writing of the book. Once I understood that it was easier for me to dive deep into the creative process and execute.

Was there a specific reason you chose Amazon as a platform? If so has it been the most beneficial?

The reason that I choose Amazon was that of its scalability. Amazon is available for people all around the world and that makes it so I reach different readers across the globe. I know how important my mission is so I preferred going with Amazon instead of just selling a digital download from a website. I did that when before when the first book was just released and noticed that it wasn’t so user-friendly.

Seeing as though I was looking for a platform that could reach a larger audience while being user-friendly and functional it was easy for me in the end when I decided to go with Amazon. And I do not regret it one bit! Amazon is an amazing platform for anyone looking to self-publish their work.

What other tools are you using to raise awareness and promote your business?

I have an assistant that helps me promote via Instagram which helps me reach potential clients and build a network. Via Instagram, I reach out to the people in my network to do a “shout-out for a shout-out.” This is a tool that I absolutely love! I love it because it’s such a win-win! It helps me and the other person get ourselves out there while building a deeper connection. Outside of that the rest of the promoting is left for me to do. Two of my favourite tools I use to promote my business is an in-person interaction and Instagram stories. I love the in-person interactions because I get to be a representation of my business and brand.

Being face-to-face with someone is where I can make the most impact and stir up the most emotion. Now when the interaction ends the conversation will stay with that person. And every time they see my business card they will think about the energy that was present when we had spoken.The reason why I love Instagram stories is that they help get a point across quickly and precisely. So I use it to advertise and promote my services and any promotions that I may have at that time. It has literally gotten me so much reach as well as new clients.

They help out so much that I feel every business on Instagram needs to be using Insta stories to bring their business to another level.

You are a spirit teacher, did you have any mentors to guide you through?

Yes, in my life there were two people who were my mentors. And they are the ones at the core of why and how I am able to do the work that I do. My first mentor came into my life when I was a freshman in High School and is still in my life to this date! He helped me to develop my gifts and taught me that I wasn’t crazy that there people out there like me. For the longest time especially when he came into my life I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere.

He showed me that a girl like me could come from where I come from and grow into the woman I needed to be for the world and myself. Every time I would see him we would talk, open Tarot cards, I would learn about crystals, and have my paradigm shifted every time. I’m so deeply grateful to him and will never forget what he has done for me…My second mentor was a healer that I met at the age of 18 in Israel. I stayed with her to help her around the house and with her children as well. Since she is a healer and I am as well she taught me everything she knew.

After learning from her I started to help her heal her children, her and her husband. I fell in love with energy healing and started to hear my higher self clearly. Shortly after I was guided to start healing others. So if it wasn’t for them both I really wouldn’t be where I am now. They are my Spiritual teachers and have helped me blossom into who I am now.

Can you tell us a real seminal moment for you in your career?

There were three major moments that were seminal for me. These major moments have truly shaped me and how I show up in my business. Moment number one was when I first launched my business. I was already a month or two in business when it hit me that I have so much power within me and over my life. It helped me to see into the situation and what the journey would look like for me. In that moment of knowledge, I visually saw myself running my own company impacting others. This filled me with excitement as well as motivation. Amazing things can take place when you hold a strong vision and take the necessary action steps.The second was in late November of 2017. I had gone through the worst financial loss of my life and dealing with the aftermath of an emotionally abusive relationship.

At moments I felt completely drained and lifeless. It was difficult to get out of bed in the morning let alone run a business.During a batch creation day, I began writing out my experiences in the form of blog posts. This helped me out so much! I started to see my experiences as valuable and kept putting myself out there. That’s when I got a deeper sense of how I was going to run my business and build my brand. Through vulnerability and rawness. It was an important lesson that taught me to be open with others within the business and in my personal life. Since I learned that lesson I incorporate it in my business and can say that I am quite satisfied with my results.The last moment is where I am right now in my life and business. I have overcome so much to be in the place where I am right now. It’s powerful to reflect and see so much growth.

That growth happened intensely because I began healing at a deep level. That healing was much-needed and took close to 6 months but I don’t regret a single moment. In those months, I lost all of my friends and people around me started turning on me. I felt like I had no one but one close friend in Australia. He was there for me consistently and he would let me fully express myself. This helped out and I will always be grateful for his friendship…The people that were around me judged me and criticized me for being an entrepreneur.

They would constantly put down my ideas and then what I was and am still building. It’s not easy to be an entrepreneur if it was everyone would have been their own boss. But it’s not. There is so much that goes into being a boss that people don’t see. So it was challenging and hurtful to go through that but it just motivated me to strive for more! Sure I lost everyone in my circle but I’ve gained so much because of it. I see that it is important to have supportive people around you as you are making big moves. Now I won’t settle for less, I’m more mindful of how I spend my energy, and from it my self-love has deepened. I had to believe in myself when nobody did and that’s a good example of what self-love is.It’s moving forward regardless of the external and doing it for YOU. Those three moments were and have been such an anchor for me. They remind me what I am capable of and what I came to this planet to do.

What areas are you looking at to continue the growth of your healing techniques?

I’m looking to study Traditional Chinese Medicine. I love Chinese medicine and have always been fascinated with it. I believe that our body is so powerful that it heals itself. That’s why I got so deep into energy healing and Reiki. I would love to be able to treat clients on all levels of healing. Physically, Spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I feel that the client would experience equilibrium and this could potentially change the whole course of their life. So I would definitely learn the ancient medicine to grow my healing techniques and take it take it to a new level

What is the best advice you have received recently?

Stop apologizing. Stop apologising for the gift that you are.

Any setbacks you have come across so far?

Definitely! I have had my fair share of setbacks but I there is something I always repeat to myself over and over when I’m experiencing those setbacks. “After every setback is a major comeback.” This keeps me grounded in those times. The more and more I would repeat it to myself the freer and freer I became.

Have you at any point throughout your career trajectory had self-doubt?

Yes! I feel that when you’re an entrepreneur you’ll go through stages of self-doubt. In my case, the self-doubt would kick it every time I was about to do something new. Or something “big” like writing a book. My wounded self and ego would intensify the self-doubt but instead of feeding it I became mindful. Creating awareness of what was showing up was a game changer. That awareness highlighted the root then I could go in a heal it.

How have you overcome that?

Hearing those voices and understanding where those thoughts are stemming from. I have compassion for them and then move forward. Replacing those thoughts with the actual truth of the situation.

We are not our thoughts or the doubt that goes on within us. It all has an origin and most of my self-doubt came from experiences that I’ve had when I was a child. Being mindful and gentle with myself along with awareness changed the way I react now completely. It was and is a process but as I get older I know I will master myself, even more, when it comes to those thoughts and triggers. All I have to do is be patient and love the process of overcoming self-doubt with all that it brings.

What are your goals for the next 6 months and how are you striving to achieve them?

I have 3 major goals as far as business goes and a few personal goals. My 3 business goals are to launch a course on Sacred sexuality and Yoni healing, start writing another book, and researching different schools where I could study Chinese Medicine. I am striving to achieve them by completely mapping out the course and creating a strategy for the course.

As far as which platform I will use, the design of the course, pricing, marketing, etc. I do that first then go into the creation of the course. As far as writing the book goes I just need to schedule an hour a day to write bits and pieces of the book so that little by little my book gets written. I have a lot on my schedule as it is but this will put me on the right track. My last business goal will be achieved by doing research online in schools as well as talking about it with others in the field. A lot of reaching out will be needed on my end and I find that very exciting.

Any tips for us to liberate ourselves more?

Step into the truth of who you are. You can do this by being who you were as a child and integrate it with all of the knowledge you have now. Be unapologetically you because people will always have something to say. The moment that you do this your paradigm and life will shift completely. My last tip is to do at least one thing a day that makes you light up!

Treat yourself, dance around, or sit down and read that book you’ve been wanting to pick up. Do something today that will make your heart happy. And start today down wait until tomorrow because we are always waiting for tomorrow then we forget about ourselves. And it doesn’t matter how small it is so long as it makes you smile and feel like a happy kid again!

How do you feel when you see the hashtag #BEYOUROWN?

#BEYOUROWN to me is living your truth and radiating that back to others. It’s never giving up on a dream because of what may happen on the way. #BEYOUROWN is stepping out of the pack and turning on the inner power you once ignored. It’s going beyond any feeling of lack or limitation. Just going for what’s written on your heart. It’s being unapologetic!

Knowing you are worthy because you’ve learned from the lessons the Universe has placed in your path. #BEYOUOWN is most importantly knowing thyself, accepting all of the parts of you that make you who you are and loving yourself unconditionally. Self-love comes first.


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