Confidence coach Vicky Lincoln helps women stuck in their own way who know they were always meant for more, are committed to finding they’re ‘why,’ creating a life they’re obsessed with, and feeling fulfilled and lit up “every. damn. day.”

Welcome Victoria, thank you for taking the time to share your story with us, can you introduce yourself to us as an intuitive life & mindset coach?

Thanks so much for this opportunity! Absolutely.  I’m an intuitive life & mindset coach and I work with women around mindset and confidence.  I have also done intuition mastery training with my amazing Intuitive Coach & Energy Healer, Jacki Beem and I now use that to strengthen my coaching skills.  Most of the transformation in my life has come through work on confidence, self-worth, believing I am enough and leaning into my intuition to create the life I want.  I see the same in other women and I believe every experience I’ve been through was for a purpose to help other women through the same.

Can you give us a little back story on your journey so far and how you launched your career?

I started working with coaches myself about 5 years ago now because I felt stuck, I felt like I was living someone else’s life, but I didn’t know where to start.  I felt unhappy and unfulfilled and I wanted to fix that.  It has been and still is a journey of discovering my true self, what I want my life to look like and letting go of the limiting beliefs that stand in the way.  I’ve always felt the desire to be an entrepreneur and even when I liked my career, it didn’t bring fulfilment in a way that I was looking for – I felt in my gut like something was missing.  As my experience with coaches continued, I quickly realised that’s what I wanted. I wanted to help other women who were stuck in the same place I was.  I have turned my pain into my purpose and I feel like I am exactly where I’m meant to be.  Coaching can be so powerful.  We are wired for connection and having a coach, basically, a mentor, friend and cheerleader, is the most impactful thing we can do to change our lives.  I always tell women looking for a coach to find someone who’s been what you’re going through, who is where you want to be, and who you connect with.  That’s literally all you need, and your entire life will change.

What is a typical day like?

As I’m growing my coaching business, I’m still in a 9-5, so right now things are pretty crazy – but absolutely and totally worth it.  Coaching is what lights me up and gets me out of bed in the morning.  And knowing that I’m following my heart and my dreams is pretty awesome, too!  Right now, my focus is running retreats – my first one is in San Diego in 3 weeks!  As I’ve settled in Dublin I am also running a meet-up group and local events on confidence for women – a topic as I’ve said I’m super passionate about.  I also just started a video masterclass on confidence, and once I finish collaborating with women from all over the world on that, I’m going to turn it into a podcast.  Basically, I am filling up my days with as much as I can that lights me up and helps others, and that feels pretty great.  My goal is to leave my 9-5 by the end of next year and based on everything I have going on now and how aligned I feel with living the life I’m meant to live – that seems not only possible but super exciting.

Can you tell us the most rewarding aspect of helping other women build the life of their dreams?

Giving women back the control to live the life they really want is a feeling like no other.  I love meeting new women and sharing this message.  I know that for each woman I help, she helps another – and slowly I’m changing the world.  And that – is why I’m here.

Could you give us 3 tips on how we can progressively feel fulfilled and lit up every day?

Often the noise of the world and of other people can cloud our own feelings.  Everything you need and every answer to any question you have, is inside you.  All you need to do is listen.  If you can’t hear the answer, it’s because you’ve not been listening, and the voice gets quieter.  Or, you’re afraid of the answer.  So first, I’d say lean into your intuition.  Listen to that gut feeling.  Your heart never makes a wrong decision.  Second, I’d say surround yourself with people who lift you up.  People who push you to follow your crazy dreams.  People who love you for who you are and remind you when you forget.  And last, I’d say do more of what makes you happy.  Go for a walk outside, listen to music, play the piano, sing in the shower, walk in the rain.  Find the little things that make you happy and fill more of your days with that.  It’s the little things that add up and really make the difference.

What support networks do you personally love and can recommend to other aspiring therapists out there?

There are SO many groups and support networks.  These women and communities have had the biggest impact on me, but honestly, it’s about what resonates with each person.  I always say to find what feels right for you – and no one else can tell you that.  I’ve had some seriously amazing coaches and communities I’ve been lucky to be a part of, but they might not be right for someone else.  What I would say is to search for them.  Ask a coach to have a 15-minute chat to see if the relationship feels right.  Follow them to get their vibe and see if they resonate.  Find more groups of women to be a part of – there is serious power in a circle of women.  Whatever you do, definitely create a support system around you – it will change your life.  I also think that live events and retreats are where the magic happens.  This pulls you out of your comfort zone and takes you away from the noise of your daily life and allows you to re-focus on what you need.  There’s an energy that’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before at these events.  And they are for the 1% of people willing to step outside their comfort zone and attend.  But when you do this, you are betting on yourself – and that’s a bet you can never lose.

How are you working on your own personal development?

Always and every day.  I currently have three different coaches – an intuitive coach and energy healer, a business coach and a mindset coach.  I am constantly listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and reading books – anything I can get my hands on!  It’s a continuous journey of learning and growing.  It’s about being comfortable being uncomfortable.  It’s about challenging yourself to learn the lessons life is throwing your way and using them to grow.  I believe working on myself is the best work there is.  And it allows me to continue to grow and help others do the same.  And that is where the magic happens.

One hard lesson in business you have learned so far?

Take action now.  Ready is a lie.  I spent a LOT of time trying to be perfect to make sure I was ready.  But really, there is never a ready.  So, I’d say listen to what’s right for you and take action now.  I had this idea recently for the Confidence Masterclass, and I didn’t let even a day go by without taking action in finding women who wanted to be a part of it.  Life is short.  Way to short to not do more of what lights us up.  It’s so important to not wait for perfect and just to make it happen today.  The world needs you now.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

As someone who can’t stop talking about confidence, this resonates with me so much.  Confidence is about being you.  Being your own.  And not caring what others think but standing proud and confident in who you are and who you’re being.  It took me so long to feel comfortable in my own skin, and it’s a feeling that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  I used to copy what other people did and had and wanted because I so badly wanted to fit in.  Now, I’m confident in who I am and I try to stand out.  And I help others do the same.  As Brene Brown said, “The opposite of belonging is fitting in.  Fitting in is listening to others tell you what to do, who to be, and what to say.  Belonging is belonging to yourself first, speaking your truth and telling your story.  Belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are, it requires you to be who you are”.

In which areas are you looking to grow and expand throughout the rest of 2019?

I’m running my first retreat in San Diego in October so I’m super excited about that.  After that, I’ll launch my 2020 retreats and I can’t even believe I get to say that.  I’m focused now on continuing to grow and find myself and help other women.  Helping others, knowing that women out there need me and are waiting for me is what keeps me going.  Helping a woman finds her true self and realise the confidence she needs has been inside her all along and watching her discover and strengthen that is a feeling I can’t even explain.  Let’s just say I’m grateful that this is what I get to do, and I’m thankful every day that I found this path.



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