The BEYOUROWN Podcast Series is brought to you by BEYOUROWN Collective and hosted by Forbes 30 Under 30 founder Samanah Duran. A weekly podcast interviewing and highlighting some of the most incredible female entrepreneurs on a mission to succeed, these casual conversations aim to inspire you to BEYOUROWN, as Samanah unearths new learnings for us all.

Season 1

BEYOUROWN Podcast Launch X A Note From Samanah Duran

BEYOUROWN Podcast X Businesswoman Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor is a successful award-winning businesswoman, media commentator and brand for boutique hospitality brands.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X Dough Bakehouse Owner Carina Lepore

Notably known as the winner of last year's BBC The Apprentice​, Dough Bakehouse owner Carina Lepore is going strength to strength in her career after securing the £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X Hotel Shangri-La Los Angeles CEO Tamie Adaya

Tamie Adaya is a celebrated artist, art patron, creative director, award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of Hotel Shangri-La in Los Angeles.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X DAME Co-founder Celia Pool

DAME launched the world’s first reusable tampon applicator and DAME organic cotton tampons, which are free from toxins and synthetic materials.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X Businesswoman & Author Erica Wolfe-Murray

Business entrepreneur Erica Wolfe-Murray is a leading Forbes business expert, author and founder behind Lola Media.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X Third Person Omniscient Productions Founder Joy Cheriel Brown

Third Person Omniscient Productions Founder Joy Cheriel Brown is an accomplished filmmaker and author.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X Nourished Founder Melissa Snover

Melissa Snover (aka Melissa Burton) is an entrepreneur, visionary, and a trendsetter in the world of food technology and 3D printing.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X Self-Love Expert Fabiana Dorea

Corporate lawyer turned into self-love expert, published writer, public speaker and life coach, Fabiana Dorea found her purpose in teaching, motivating and empowering women to find their place in the world and embrace their wholeness.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X Grow Your Brand With Impact CEO & Founder Angela Tsai

Angela Tsai is the CEO & Founder of Grow Your Brand With Impact, which was launched in 2019 with the mission to help women experts and coaches unleash the essence of their value.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X Award-Winning TV Personality Marci Hopkins

Marci Hopkins is an award-winning TV personality, host, author and executive producer. Marci is a fearless new voice in television who tackles a wide range of issues on her show, including mental illness, domestic violence, divorce, addiction, trauma, weight loss, sexual abuse, wellness, and more.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X MONAT Managing Director Ros Simmons

Ros Simmons is a British businesswoman and current Managing Director (UK and EU) of MONAT, a new haircare range and initiative from the US.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X Organic Apoteke Founder Dr Nitasha Buldeo

Founded by Dr Nitasha Buldeo, Organic Apoteke is tested for safety, purity and potency, whilst only using certified organic ingredients.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X MassageByMir Founder Miranda Horvath

Miranda Horvath created MassageByMir Consulting to draw back the curtain and aims to help others create a thriving practice as a truly successful holistic entrepreneur.

BEYOUROWN Podcast X Your Latitude Founder Laura Cole

Laura Cole is an executive coach and founder of Your Latitude, a professional development firm supporting organisations in creating optimal workplace environments.
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