For me I AM #BEYOUROWN means being your true authentic self 100% of the time and loving and accepting yourself, even the deepest darkest parts of your personality you wished didn’t exist. I was fostered and adopted as a small child and so I spent the first 24 years of my life not really knowing who I was, where I came from or where I fitted into the world.

Being abandoned by the people who were meant to love me is probably one of the most confusing and heartbreaking things anybody will ever have to try to understand. 

Unfortunately this led me through years of mental torture, emotional pain, substance misuse, mistakes and a mental health diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. I felt lost and empty for a very long time and when my life became so unbearable I couldn’t carry on anymore, I made the decision to find freedom from my demons and turn my life around.

I have been fortunate to receive the right support which has helped me to learn that it’s ok to love and accept every part of myself. It’s ok to love the strong independent business women I’ve become, who’s covered in tattoos and lives her life, her way, but it’s also ok to love the vulnerable women who still find life difficult at times because of her past. 

It’s loving and accepting every part of me, even the really hard parts that have shaped me into the most grateful, kind, the strong, unbreakable person I am today. #BEYOUROWN means being proud of who you are and never letting anybody or any situation dull your sparkle.

Hannah Furbear|31|Surrey|Small Busines Owner|


Instagram: @belleangeliquebeauty @inkedupleo87


Not only do we aim to ‘Lead Women With A Vision, but we also proudly stand by our no photoshop policy throughout all of our media campaigns and projects, simply to celebrate the original raw authentic beauty in all of the women we work with.

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