Coming from both a middle-class conservative family and being an unwanted child by my parents as I am a girl, I was born & been bought up by my grandparents with rich values and high-quality standards throughout my life. My First #BEYOUROWN path in my initial days was laid by maternal grandfather who taught me to be a strong independent woman, who should be able to find happiness on my own. He always advised me to have deeper self-confidence and esteem without having to rely on another person or community or society for validation. Unfortunately, destiny had a different plan to make me grow stronger.

My dreams shattered when my own father was against my wish to study engineering, as he felt educating an unwanted girl could make him poor and forced me in getting married to a wealthy guy which I am completely opposed to reluctantly. My grandfather’s guidance and excellent education credits gave me some good scholarships to further fulfil my dreams of becoming an engineer.

However, that’s not all, life had an even bitter experience that awaited me when a man whom I thought to be my ‘soulmate’ had left me without answering those 1000 questions that my heartfelt he was responsible for. I was in severe depression for almost 8 months and became a 3-time suicidal survivor. However, I was able to achieve my childhood dream to come true with all the tremendous support and unconditional support from my mother. Her advice of “If you can overcome your inner fear, you can make difference” had a huge impact on me becoming what I am today. I’ve never ever imagined that I would be in my dreamland working for a leading e-commerce company Reply UK as service delivery lead, much inspired by the leadership skills of my mother.

“You are only one decision away from a totally different life and you can aim for stars and start over again. One failure does not overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough” that’s my version of I AM #BEYOUROWN.

Maynah Naidu|32|London|Software Engineer|


Instagram: @itsmemynah



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