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The Inner Circle Experience

Conceived a media company in 2016, BEYOUROWN has since established the Inner Circle which now operates as a private members club for women in business.

The Inner Circle operates as a private members club that comprises a diverse community of established business owners and seasoned entrepreneurs. From finance to STEM to retail, the Inner Circle is a proud collective of women where concepts are brought to fruition, collaborations are created, partnerships are signed, and most importantly, genuine connections are formed.

BEYOUROWN Inner Circle is run by Samanah Duran

Samanah Duran is a British entrepreneur and media personality with a fierce emphasis on inspiring each individual to embrace their identity and to take pride in their individuality.
In order to support personal and professional growth over the course of a company venture, BEYOUROWN makes use of Samanah’s unique experience and brings together a community of business leaders, industry pioneers, and change-makers. For this, BEYOUROWN provides you with all the necessary tools, resources, and assistance, regardless of where you are in the process.

We invite you to enquire about our Inner Circle Membership; however, please keep in mind that your enquiry will be added to a waitlist for review.

All of our Members are committed to forming genuine connections with one another in order to accomplish goals that benefit both parties.

A hand-picked selection process and criteria must be met in order for new Members to join. If we have been referred to you, then you are required to have the existing referring Member sponsor you in order to be taken into consideration for a potential membership.

We offer just one Membership at £245 per year

  • Email our team with your company credentials, website and your own personal LinkedIn page and the best contact details for you
  • Wait for our team to review your information
  • If you have met our criteria upon our team reviewing the information submitted, our team will arrange a follow up call to offer a personal invitation
Invitation Enquiry

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100+ PR Opportunities Within The Shared Value Ecosystem

8X Women Who Lead Luncheons Per Year

Elite Network Connections

4X Key-note Talks, Workshops & Round Table Discussions Virtual Events Per Month

4000+ Content/Articles Members Only Premium Access

BEYOUROWN Inner Circle Policy

Please note that the value of our Inner Circle is held by Membership being Limited with a handful of industry leaders occupying the same role. If your Invitation Enquiry isn't successful within the first 6 months, we are open to a second reviewal. We also DO NOT hold places open for longer that 5 days once an invitation has been extended to you.

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Give us a call or drop our team an email and we will contact you. We endeavour to answer all inquiries within 24 hours during business days.