A Kickstarter Campaign is the launch of the next phase of Caitlin Charles-Jones. It gives her the opportunity to introduce her new pieces and show a glimpse of what’s to come.

Her vision is to create beautiful, wearable yet innovative knitwear with ethical and sustainable roots. We’re a small business that needs to grow, but it is essential that they grow without compromising her integrity.

After a year of trying to keep up with the big brands and struggling to produce small quantities at the same price as their mass produced pieces Caitlin decided there must be a better way. Her solution is to step away from the wholesale market (ie selling through stores) and only sell her pieces directly to the customer.

Caitlin Charles-Jones is not in the market for producing thousands of pieces at the lowest price, she cares about where and how her garments are made and feel strongly that everyone involved should get a fair price.

The majority of Caitlin’s pieces are handmade and are produced either in her studio in London or outsourced to specialist craftspeople in Scotland and small production studios. Many of Caitlin’s production partners worked in knitwear factories before they were closed down when brands began to move their production abroad, so they are highly skilled and passionate about their craft – a perfect fit for the CC-J brand.

Caitlin’s Kickstarter Campaign sees the launch of brand new pieces which set the tone for what’s to come.

Moving forward, Caitlin Charles-Jones will offer a collection of pieces available all year round, only holding a small amount of stock and restocking as we see which pieces sell well and are in demand. In this way she hopes to have absolutely no waste and Caitlin can keep improving and refreshing her products, as opposed to being tied to two seasonal collections a year.

The money raised will mean we can produce stock of the pieces available as well as some new styles; in addition, it will be invested into a new online store through which to sell them. The more Caitlin raises the better as Caitlin can then launch a marketing campaign so that she can spread the word and reach more customers.

Browse online to see the fabulous packages available in return for your pledge here.

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