All Members Must Adhere To BEYOUROWN Membership Club Rules

BEYOUROWN Membership Club is an exclusive business club for professional female entrepreneurs, leaders, founders and influencers. We aim to champion the success of all female entrepreneurs, accelerate business growth and enhance both personal and professional development. We seek to harness the power between business and female entrepreneurship, cultivate a strong community and inspire women of the future. The BEYOUROWN Membership Club also has a strict code of conduct for all of our members within, which can be found on this page.

The BEYOUROWN Membership Club requires all prospective members to be at least eighteen years of age at the time of applying. All applications must be made by submitting a completed application form and upon form completion and succession, payment will be taken for the membership either month or year ahead. Admission into the BEYOUROWN Membership Club is at the sole discretion of the BEYOUROWN Masthead, if for any reason an application isn't suitable, we will terminate and refund immediately.


SPAM Or Unsolicited Email

BEYOUROWN Membership Club has a zero-tolerance towards any of our current members sending SPAM or unsolicited emails of any kind to another member. If any of our members are to be found breaching this rule, we reserve the right to restrict or fully terminate the offending members account with us without left over subscription refund.

Respect & Privacy

BEYOUROWN Membership Club current members must always conduct any engagements or conversations with another member in a respectful manner. Members must absolutely respect the privacy of others and refrain from repeatedly approaching other members, where the evidence clearly states it is unwanted.

Membership Fees

In relations and considerations to the exclusive benefits inclusive of the membership, BEYOUROWN will charge all members on an annual subscription basis for the membership year ahead, once the membership commences with us.

Membership Criteria

All BEYOUROWN Membership Club current members must be 18 or older due to the nature of the club. All members must maintain up to date billing information and ensure correct profile information is given.