Do’s And Don’ts For A User-Friendly Website

Do's And Don'ts For A User-Friendly Website

Creating a website can be a very involved process, and you may not know where to start. One of the biggest priorities is that your website is user-friendly. No one will be able to access the information if it is difficult or impossible for them to find. Here are a few tips to make sure you have a user-friendly site.


If your site isn’t accessible, it will cut out part of your potential market which is damaging when attempting to grow your business. You need to consider all aspects of accessibility when designing your website including visual and hearing impairments, physical disabilities, photosensitivity problems, and cognitive issues. Don’t assume that using the internet is easy for everyone just because it’s a simple task for you. Consider accessibility on every level and on every device that your site can be accessed from before moving forward. You should provide warnings if anything on your site flashes so those who suffer from epilepsy and photosensitive seizures will know not to access it. Add a component to vocalise all of your text, and look into alternative keyboards for those who need to use Braille.


A blog or website will not be successful if the content is lacking. All of the best intentions can’t beat quality content that is structured well. Words and pictures are important, and they should be used in a way that makes your site rich and informative. Pictures should typically emphasise and highlight word content so limit yourself to 2-3 images per page.

Make sure the pictures are clear and that they work with the quality words in your posts. Place information strategically, using sidebars when it’s appropriate. It’s also a good idea to understand how SEO keywords work so you can decide when and how to use them on your site. You want to make sure your website is easy to find. Don’t assume your passion for a subject is enough to make your website successful. Creating a user-friendly site where information isn’t difficult to locate and is simple to understand is the best way to make your site stand out from others.


Another way you need to consider your users are paying attention to the actual speed of the site. Your website needs to load quickly if you want users to stick around and search through it. If clicking on your site results in significant wait time, you will lose potential followers. After all, no one likes to wait around for something, especially if they expect it to be available quickly. In today’s world, users expect to find the information they need as soon as they want it.

You have to provide this to stay competitive, so don’t create a site that isn’t backed up by the best support. Creating a user-friendly website is one of the first steps to success. Follow these guidelines to help increase your audience on the internet.


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