Entrepreneurship: The Power Of Brand Sponsorships By Samanah Duran

Most recently I teamed up for my latest BEYOUROWN project with 9 incredible women who I believe are equally the epitome of the BEYOUROWN platform. As previously mentioned as I headlined the project, I feel that as a brand, we have a strong sense of social responsibility to champion and support all women, doing a variety of different things.

In addition to that, I really want to highlight here, just how important brand sponsorships are, and why it was a smart move to get some of the coolest brands who are exceptional at delivering quality to their audience on board to be part of our community movement.

We are incredibly proud to have Lily Advisory, Nailberry, Livia’s Kitchen, Violet Simon, Emily Crisps ,and Critics Clothing kindly support PROJECT 25: I AM #BEYOUROWN.

If you are not too familiar with brand sponsorships or what it entails, as a brief overview it essentially means that other businesses or companies would either offer to fund, provide services or send over products/samples in return for exposure.

So if you are looking to hold an event or put together a project and you are still wondering why so many of us find sponsorships a useful component in our marketing game plan, I will summerise 3 reasons for you below:

  1. Promotes brand visibility. For every tweet you send or product placement featured on Instagram (the list is endless) that mentions your current sponsor’s involvement, the chances of them re-sharing that amongst their own audience on their own platform is 9/10. Not only does this amplify press coverage on what your brand is doing but it also gives you the ability to tap into a new audience that possibly hasn’t heard of your brand at all yet.
  2. Builds great business relationships. Striking up sustainable business partnerships are never particularly easy, but by proving you produced great results backed up with data on the first occasion, a meaningful ‘businessship’ should develop that will enable you to successfully reconnect with your sponsors again should you want to have them on board for a new project further down the line.
  3. Increases sales potential. With a clever marketing strategy in place, combined with a great sales team behind you, sponsorships could result in racking up sales from new customers.


Taking all that into consideration, it is important to understand each companies unique set of objects and identify what their mission statement is. Equally, make sure they align with your own personal ethos and your brand DNA because choosing the wrong company to work with, could be costly, shift brand perception and misconstrue your own brand message.



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