Entrepreneurship: Why Creating Company Culture Matters By Samanah Duran

If you own a businessor are thinking of starting one, it is important to also think about the kind of company culture you want to build. Company culture is not only a reflection of your core values but a way to access its stakeholder’s perceived perception. If you do not have clear guidelines or you are not intentional about creating a company culture, it will evolve naturally. However, the result may not be one you would have wanted.

When thinking about creating a company culture, embed standards that you believe in and take actions that align with those standards. Let’s look at 3 ways of the reasons why creating a company culture matters.

Communicating vision and values

When the culture vision is clearly communicated there are clear expectations, this then helps in the achievement of common goals within an organisation and sets the tone.

Fosters trust and respect

Company culture dictates behaviour, so when a company has a healthy culture, employees are more likely to thrive. This arises from feelings of trust and respect dictated by clear guidelines. There is better engagement and employees are more likely to perform at their best, work harder and stay longer.

Positive impact on the community

In an organisation which has a notably great company culture, the focus is on people and not just profits. When you take care of your employees, it goes without saying that they will take care of your business. So bear in mind that your employees who feel valued the most will indirectly have an impact on your community as a result of their happiness.



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