Finding Creativity Through Coronavirus

Esther Wane is a creative coach, as well as being an author and a voice actor. Once an investment banker, Esther took a dramatic career change after the birth of her daughter and with a Ted Talk now under her belt, she has never been happier.

Ester joins us to offer a few ideas on how to use creativity in your life for calm and wellbeing since the Coronavirus has changed everything. The world we thought we inhabited has altered for the foreseeable future and we are being asked to change our behaviour rapidly. There is shock, there is pain, there is anger, sadness, grief, denial and a tiny tinge of acceptance. Many of us feel like we don’t know how to manoeuvre this and that possibly we don’t have the resources to do so.

Find creativity in problem-solving

We all exercise our creativity on a daily basis, and we can all work with our creativity to make this situation a calmer, more pleasant one than it might otherwise be.

We have the fundamental human ability to solve problems and make things better for those we love. Yes, we get derailed at times and can’t see a way through, we slump to the floor feeling helpless and hopeless but then something happens. After a while, we become bored of sitting there doing nothing and an idea arises of something we could do.

It might not work, or it might. Whether it does or it doesn’t we will have forward motion and we will also have a greater understanding of our situation.  We can learn from what doesn’t work to move closer to what will.

Creativity wants to help

This is our creativity working with us. You may believe that creativity isn’t possible in a crisis, whilst we are stressed; or that we have to be calm to be creative. You may also believe that creativity needs total freedom to arrive, a situation we don’t currently have.

This is all untrue. Creativity is more “creative” than that. It is true that in moments of extreme emotion we become stuck in our feeling and can’t create until it subsides a bit but as soon as it does creativity is waiting to enter into our minds and hearts and work with us to improve our situation.  It wants to heal our distress.

And as soon as we engage with it and start taking action a calm descends, if a calm mind is a creative mind then the reverse is also true, creativity is calming in itself. As for freedom, creativity loves boundaries.  It loves to be told that it can’t thrive here, just consider all the poetry created in the First World War, the hospitals made in impossible places, the engineering of aeroplanes when the need was great, money was scarce, and time was tight. Like the flowers that poke their way out of the cracks in concrete pavements, creativity will find a way.

Creativity is all around

We can see it happening all around us. People are creating neighbourhood WhatsApp groups, engineers are making new types of breathing devices, scientists are creating vaccines, doctors are redeploying developed treatments in new ways.  Creativity is all around us, it is helping us to heal and to thrive. How are you going to engage with yours?



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