Get Unstuck & Stop Under-Earning In Business By Christal Allen-Harrahill 

When you think about your business do you feel empowered with a good amount of momentum while earning the monthly income you need or want? Too many of us feel the opposite, stuck and not earning enough revenue. Feeling stuck or overwhelmed is an indulgent emotion, and when it’s not put in check can keep you on a perpetual cycle of thinking “I don’t know what to do or where to start?”
Money on the other hand and the thought of it, can divulge a range of emotions. And if you are under-earning in your business you may be internalising it as a personal reflection on you as a person or your self worth. Whether it’s you, your significant other or family member not legitimising your business, know that you are enough and capable! Let’s get you unstuck, empowered, and creating the results you want in your business.

Gain some clarity

Have a healthy curiosity for your clients and understand a need or problem they have. How can you solve this problem? What kind of language do they use when describing the problem? What are their habits when searching for a solution? If you are new to business it’s easy to get caught up in designing your website or logo. Understand your clients first and how you will show up for them in the marketplace.

Failure tolerance

Failure is not personal. Failure is data and information that can be used to pivot or improve how you are approaching or implementing something. Develop a healthy relationship with failure as it’s going to be along for your entrepreneurial journey. Embrace it, learn from it and keep moving forward.

Being a busy bee

Are you busy working hard and not seeing the results you want? What exactly are you working on? Are they income generating, client focused tasks that will move your business forward? Be honest with yourself and check to make sure all that busyness isn’t a disguise for fear of really putting yourself out there. As a business owner you have a unique gift to share with the world. Don’t hold it back.

Maximise the power of your calendar

At the beginning of the week sit down and write out everything to be done both for business and your personal life. Then assign each task a place on your calendar, including free time, where you can allow your brain to color outside the lines for a moment.


Create simple procedures within your business and execute on them. This can include where and how you promote your business, turnaround time for answering client inquiries, what social media platforms you post and a schedule of when. As your business grows and you begin to add independent contractors (like a Virtual Assistant) or employees, you can share these procedures so they can hit the ground running!

If you take these suggestions and actively work them into your business you will get unstuck and closer to achieving your goals. Being consistent in your actions and having the willingness to try things, will sometimes take you on an unexpected journey that’s even better than the plan you have in your mind. Have fun and enjoy the entire process, failures included.

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