How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit From Online Coaching By Rebecca Daniel

How many entrepreneurs do you know who are not highly ambitious and who don’t want to succeed? You would struggle to answer that question and struggle to name an ‘unambitious’ entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed that as individuals are all capable of achieving anything they set their minds too. However, there is one key ingredient that every entrepreneur needs to excel, to maximise their potential and say “adios” to those pesky mind goblins – and that’s a coach!

When people often think of coaching or any other form of personal development, they tend to not realise how accessible and affordable it is and attach many negative connotations towards having one. We speak to transformation coach, mentor and educator Rebecca Daniel to clear up some common misconceptions and share with you her top 3 ways entrepreneurs can benefit from online coaching. 

Flexibility + Accessibility = Valuable Time Saver

As an entrepreneur you have this ambitious fire within you to do more, be more, thrive more. However, time is often not on our side and we need to find ways to use our time efficiently. Online coaching provides you with opportunities to receive transformational and impactful coaching from wherever and whenever.

The flexibility and accessibility of online coaching is a highly desirable motivator for many entrepreneurs. It means that we can continuously work on achieving our goals, improving our mindset and working towards living a life of abundance. With the ability to receive coaching online, whilst minimising disruptions to your day to day life, this is a huge advantage for many entrepreneurs and one you should consider too (if you haven’t done so already).

Invest in you

Let’s get real for a second. We often hear other online entrepreneurs promoting that you can’t put a price tag on your own happiness, security and success or the other clichés which tell you that you have to spend money to make money. To an extent, agreed.

However, as entrepreneurs, you do have to be wise when you invest in your business and in yourselves. It’s important for you to assess what you choose to invest in and look at the impact that you want it to have, otherwise what is the point? The great thing about online coaching is that it is more affordable than in-person coaching which makes it more obtainable for entrepreneurs looking to invest in their own development. It’s important to take a step back and assess whether you are investing in yourself enough and if not, it’s never too late. 

It’s ok to ‘let it go’ and talk

Talking to a non-judgemental, qualified and experienced coach will be one of the best decisions you make in your business. Even as a coach, many too have invested in one. It’s refreshing to have someone who will give you space, time and freedom to release your inner and deepest thoughts.

Often, when we all ponder over something or have unreleased thoughts, we tend to either not take action on things we know we should take action on, or we overthink and overanalyse situations. In some cases, unreleased thoughts can also create anxieties and fears within us which have purely manifested within our own personal thought cycles. So, it’s time to unlock those thoughts, freely release them and create new and empowering ones.

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