How Influencers Can Use Their Platforms Responsibly During The COVID-19 Pandemic

How Influencers Can Use Their Platforms Responsibly During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Malvika, founder of fashion platform and blog Stylebymalvika, is one of the top five up and coming fashion influencers according to Pixlee and is based in Los Angeles. Her platform caters to the driven dreamers and luxury fashion lovers of the world but sees a large South Asian audience.

She has also appeared on The Cut, Create & Cultivate, and Buzzfeed. Some of her previous collaborations have been with brands like Jimmy Choo, Clarins, Givenchy Beauty, Reebok, Essie, and Lancome in her journey as a fashion content creator! Milvika gives us 3 tips on how influencers can use their platforms responsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Know your audience

What they look to you for, and try to understand what their plight might be given the current situation. This will help inform you how to better shift your content schedule to strike a balance between offering help and advice in regards to COVID-19 and proceeding on with putting out the type of content you usually produce. The best way to understand what their plight might be is to do a little social listening, ask questions on your Instagram stories, and be open to feedback.

As an influencer

Whether or not you signed up for it, you do have a responsibility to use your platform to better the world, especially in a crisis as large as this one. One way in which you could help is by researching different causes in which your audience could donate. Share a few that stand out to you, along with what exactly those organisations plan on doing to help in this crisis, so that you followers know of ways in which they, too, can help.

Whatever you do

Encourage your audience to take the situation seriously. It’s alright to make a small harmless joke here and there, but you should be doing all in your power to encourage your followers to take the necessary safety precautions as often as possible.

No amount of times is too many, especially since many still do not understand the severity of the pandemic and how easily it spreads. The safety precautions you could try to share often: stay home unless it’s imperative to leave, if you’re going out for a walk on your street you must maintain a 6-foot distance, wash your hands and/or use gloves after opening any parcels that you receive, and a few others as well.




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