How Marketing Has Changed In The Last Five Years?

When hoping to become a better business, we have to first start by gauging the air around us and realizing just what’s going on now. It can be very easy to live in the past and to think that if a strategy worked then, it must work forever, but as the world changes so quickly, so do the businesses that occupy it.

However, ironically enough, to know how to get the best out of the present, you need to know exactly how you got there. For this reason, we thought we might take a look at how marketing has changed in the last five years, what effects it has had, and how you can use this information to possibly predict where marketing could go in the future.

After all, it’s healthy to be a pioneer when you can, or to at least see which way the wind is blowing. When you consider marketing and its whims, you’ll be much more likely to get that right. Let’s discuss this together:

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become even more prominent in the last five years. Before, the idea that a YouTube influencer could be as large and as pressing as a real celebrity would likely make people think twice, but now, brands are deciding to use those with online internet platforms as a means of sponsoring their product for good. It can’t hurt to do this if you believe someone is out there and pushing a great message that aligns with your brand. For instance, your fitness supplement may go perfectly with an empowering female bodybuilder content creator, helping your product become ‘approved’ in the eyes of their audience.

Relatable businesses

Businesses, even businesses that are generally considered very professional and tight-lipped, are becoming more and more open and active with jokes, being humorous, enacting a sense of snark on social media, and even enjoying self-deprecating humor. You need only look at RyanAir Airline’s TikTok account to see how intensely some companies have embraced online culture and wish to become visible. If you look through the comments of these posts, you’re likely to see just how much praise is being thrown their way. Now, the people who run corporations are slowly becoming more relatable than the branded entity themselves. Might it be time that you consider that approach?

Scheduled & timely

To a certain degree, and for better or worse, marketing has become automated. Companies make scheduled posts on their Twitter pages so that they hit at the right time, while algorithms are used to decide just who on social media is the most likely to respond to an advertisement with interest rather than irritation. For this reason, it may be worth deciding what your parameters are, how often you wish to contribute to online life, and what data you can use to help automate your decisions in future. With the best types of video content supporting your campaign, you’re sure to excel.

With this insight, perhaps you can feel more empowered marketing now rather than using methods past their sell-by-date.


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