How Momtrepreneurs Can Still Thrive Whilst Working From Home Through The COVID-19 Chaos

How Momtrepreneurs Can Still Thrive Whilst Working From Home Through The COVID-19 Chaos #BEYOUROWN #BEYOUROWNBOSS

Samantha Regan, a 33-year-old momtrepreneur from Manchester, could be worrying about the pandemic ruining her business, but she’s not..the way she sees it, you cannot stress about what you cannot control. Instead, start focusing on what you can.

It would be easy to fall into the pit of fear and unknown and struggling to see the light in a dark situation so here is Samantha’s 3 top tips on how to remain positive and productive, both as a mum and a business owner.

Start Planning

Plan your entire week, day by day, hour by hour.  This way you can manage your day and ensure you are maximising the time you have. For example, getting up at 6.30am having a coffee and doing a home work out before the kids get up, 7.30am waking the kids up and having breakfast together, washed dressed and allocating two hours of the day for their homeschooling. This is the time to be very on top of your time management and not slip into procrastinating at home even though binge-watching your fave show seems appealing right about now. By creating a structure to your daily routine you ensure you are maximising and managing the hours in the day, doing the best you can for your business, still being Mom and not losing your mind!

Get real about your business

What can you be doing now to improve your business? That may be getting up to date on paperwork, learning a new skill, reading that business book collecting dust or creating more consistent and valuable online content. It is super important to use your social networks to keep in touch with your clients and remind them you are there. Give away free tips and techniques, do an online video, keep creative and keep doing what you love, this will be super important to stay motivated whilst still connecting with your clients.

Self Care

it’s so important to maintain a level of self-care during this. Once the kids have gone to bed, the dishes are done, the laundry has been folded, you have done all you need to for work, allow yourself to switch off. Whatever you use to relax whether that be light some candles and have a bath or it may be to divulge in some car crash tv with a glass of merlot (me) allow yourself this. You deserve it!

Enjoy this time! We are always told on the other side of fear is the greatness, nows the time to truly believe that. This will be the biggest challenge but you will come out bigger and stronger from all this.

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