How To Adapt Your SMB For Mobile Users

It can be hard to adapt your SMB for mobile without the skills and expertise. But you can use multiple services that will address some of the more modern user expectations for you.

Work with partners for business

One of the key things you need to consider is working with partners in your niche. Working with a wider web-based or mobile service can boost your business significantly. For example, talbots and restaurants are seeing massive gains in sales because they use online food ordering software, which is extremely popular these days. So, it can really help your business to team up with like-minded satellite companies that understand your needs from a sales point of view.

Use a responsive Site Theme

Increasing organic traffic to your site is one way of getting more business. And you may have even spent a lot of time and money working on this. Yet alas, you failed to address the fact that over 90% of people now use their mobile devices, such as a smartphone, to access information. Because of this, search engines like Google now rank your mobile-friendliness in their SERPs ranking system. So if you haven’t done it yet, update your sites to be mobile-responsive ASAP.

Adapt your SMB for mobile with local SEO

Like most SMBs, the local area probably makes up the bulk of your clients and customers. These are the loyal and valued people that do business with you on a daily basis. And the trick is to attract more business from the surrounding area. Therefore, you must focus on the local area as much as possible. This is because the local customers are the ones who are going to use their mobile the most to find local services. So use local SEO in your current online strategy.

Consider App development

As you already know, there are apps for just about everything these days. And you don’t even need to make the best app in the world. Just an app that puts you on the map with mobile phone users. You can think of an app as an extension of your website. You can show customers all the great things about your company on your very own app. And you can even use services like Appy Pie to do this with no code. Further, you can push current sales to phone numbers. 

Develop SMS marketing lists

Further to pushing sales to phone numbers, you can use SMS marketing as an excellent supplement to other marketing methods like email and social media. SMS messages allow you to run ads, provide discount links and steer traffic to your website. This is a great way to make users aware of your content updates as and when they go live. And it’s another method of engagement that your competitors may not be using, therefore increasing your user experience.


It’s easier than you think to adapt your SMB for mobile users and increase business all around. You can work with partners in your niche, use local SEO, and develop SMS marketing lists.

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