How To Create Order In Chaos

Keeping your life organized isn’t always easy, but it is definitely possible if you utilize the right tools and put in some serious effort. If you’re not organized yourself and want to start getting there, use these simple and effective tips on how to keep your life organized. Here are 5 tips on how to keep organized:

Utilize Technology

There are many tools out there that help keep things organized – use them! Although smartphones and computers require a bit more effort on our part to stay organized, they’re great at making specific tasks more manageable. For example, both phones and computers have reminder apps that can be set up to remind you of upcoming events or things you have to do. 

You can also get an app for specific tasks, like time management apps, job management software or grocery list apps. Smartphones are perfect because of the camera function – why bother writing down expenses when you can take a picture?  If it’s not always easy to remember certain things, keep your phone or computer with you at all times and write them down immediately when you think of them.

Get a planner

This one might seem quite obvious – of course, you need a plan if you want to be organized! But it’s more than just about writing down what you do every day (although that’s important too). 

There are many kinds of planners: daily planners with week pages, weekly planners with monthly calendars or blank pages, all-purpose bullet journals for keeping track of everything – the possibilities are endless! Even digital apps work really well for keeping track of everything. So no matter how you choose to plan your day, make sure it’s something that works for you.

Set goals

Instead of just trying to keep yourself organized on a day-to-day basis – which can be really hard if you have a lot going on – set long term goals. This will make staying organized easier because it gives you something bigger to work towards rather than just doing things because you “should.” If you know there’s something you want to achieve in life, do whatever it takes to stay organized enough so that you can work towards it.

Get plenty of sleep

This might be the most important tip on this list! Your brain functions much better when you get enough sleep – and staying organized is definitely easier when your brain is working properly. 

So turn off your electronics an hour before bedtime (or at least try) and make sure you’re getting seven or eight hours of rest each night. You will feel like a totally different person if you start making this one simple change.

Be realistic about what can realistically be accomplished

It’s easy to take on too many tasks because you think you can finish them all in time – but that’s just setting yourself up for failure! 

When you get overwhelmed because there are too many things to do, take a step back and reevaluate which tasks are most important.  You can also delegate some of the less important tasks to other people if necessary. However, it might seem like something is being neglected, so always prioritize what needs to be done first.


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