How To Design Your Home Office Backdrop For Work Calls

Remote working looks set to become the norm moving forward, particularly for those new to running a small business. This means that a lot of communication with employees and clients will be done through video calls, which obviously brings up several challenges. One of these is creating a suitable background.

The last thing you want is for people to think you’re unprofessional because of what they can see behind you during a call. Luckily, with these three tips, you can ensure that never happens.

Avoid windows

Lighting is everything in a video call. If you don’t have great lighting, people won’t be able to see you clearly, which doesn’t exactly set a great impression.

You might think that being around a window will ensure good lighting, especially on a sunny day. However, if that window is in the background, all it’s going to do is provide too much backlight. Sitting with it facing you is one of the best ways to use light to your advantage during a video call, so long as you’re not too close to it. That way, you reap the benefits of natural light without things being too dark on camera.

Showcase something inspirational

A completely empty background might look tidy and professional, but it can also be a little boring. You don’t want your employees to think you’re too drab, which is why you should find something to hang on the wall.

Something that would work well for this is anything that could be considered inspirational. That might mean a thought-provoking painting or a meaningful quote. If you’re going to go for the latter, it may be worth getting a peg letter board.

Available in numerous sizes from Discount Displays, these allow you to craft your own inspirational messages, which you can change for each video call. You can also use these for memos, such as reminding employees of important dates coming up, in case you don’t want (or forget) to bring them up during your meetings.

Put up shelves

Your office surroundings can tell people a lot about you without having to say a word. If you’re trying to win over clients or establish yourself with employees, this can greatly benefit you.

For that reason, you should consider putting up shelves or installing a bookcase in view of your webcam. These are spots you can use to show off awards, items that showcase your personality, or even your business’ products. If you have a certain rapport with individual clients, or you want different people to see you in different ways, you can easily swap what’s on your shelves. That way, you never come across as too stuffy with employees or too unprofessional with your clients.

There’s nothing wrong with showing a little personality in your video call backdrop. In fact, that’s something you should aim for because it shows people – employees especially – that you’re more than just a boss. While you obviously want to keep things professional, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show other sides to yourself here and there.

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