How To Develop Eye-Catching Business Displays

Marketing has come a long way since the days of shouting about your produce at the local market, but the truth is that consumers themselves have also become adept at filtering out the promotional messages they’re not interested in. You can no doubt relate to this; it’s not as if you memorize every single advertisement played during television commercial breaks, and you probably couldn’t list all the advertisements you saw on the side of buses on your way to work this morning.

However, it’s true that businesses still have some techniques to try and engage your eyeballs, and to do so in a manner that not only makes you pay attention but inspires you to do so. A great business display showcasing the best products or signage can be a fantastic example of such a fixture.

But it’s not as if these displays generate themselves from a vacuum. Competent design and stringent planning have gone into every display you see. As a business owner, then, we hope to help you develop eye-catching business displays to gather that natural and organic engagement:

Readable Fonts & Accessible Language

Readable fonts can allow passers-by to better engage with your display without having to stand there and read more intensive details. This is why typography is important, as you can give the most important information up front, and then a smaller summary if needed. Make sure to use a professional copywriter that caters to the general reading age of your audience, allowing for accessibility from the top down so your message never confuses.

Backlit Displays

Worthwhile backlit displays can help your presentation pop, for example, perspex cut to size can serve as a fantastic backdrop for glasses, and this can be backlit to help those smaller frames become more notable. This can work for those passing by your retail environment, or those visiting your store to see the items you have on offer. Clean backlighting also offers a sense of magic to your display, as well as a premium quality that can be difficult to achieve anywhere else. This may also help you attract passers-by into your store as it’s hard not to notice bright, but not stunning, lighting that invites attention.

Visual Hierarchy & Legibility

Depending on when and where your sign or display is located, it’s important to understand the visual hierarchy of size and layout. We’re going to assume that you’ve driven through a fast-food drive-thru window for on-the-go ordering. Notice how the larger burger deals are always emphasized, as well as the time-limited options, often with noted prices and pictures. Then as your eye travels down you can see extras, other options, and timeless classics that remain year-round. Consider how you want the visual engagement of your display to work in the mind of the viewer, as depending on what you have to offer, this process is highly influenced by how legible you make that communication.

With this advice, you’re sure to develop eye-catching business displays in the best way possible.

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