How To Effectively Advertise A Job – A Brief Guide

Advertising vacancies in a company is no longer as simple as putting a sign in the window or placing an ad in the local paper. The internet has done a great deal to help businesses find suitable candidates. Still, with the vast array of channels and platforms to advertise on, recruitment can often be an overwhelming task. Here are some tips to help you effectively advertise positions in your business.

Social media is an excellent tool 

A presence on social media is becoming a necessity for the growth of a business in all aspects. It is no different for recruitment. You should not only treat these platforms as a tool to market your products and services. Rather, you should occasionally use them to promote your company culture, making it a more desirable option for the best candidates. Having a strong brand on social media and a considerable following can help to improve your reach when advertising a vacancy. Additionally, those that follow you on social platforms will likely already have an interest in your business, so using them as a tool to recruit people can help to find genuinely passionate candidates. 

Job sites grant great visibility

Posting the vacancy to a job site is a brilliant starting point for advertising a job. These platforms are often free to use and offer paid features that can help improve your ad’s reach and engagement. Some sites are very general and are suited to any job. Still, more industry or role-specific sites can be helpful if you are looking for a particular area of expertise in candidates.

While using job sites can attract many potential employees, this can often be overwhelming, especially for companies without large HR departments. Therefore, it might be a good idea to seek help with job advertising. Companies like Hiring People offer services to streamline your recruitment drive online by posting the ad to many job sites for you while simultaneously reducing the cost of recruitment in many cases. 

Get your employees to help

If your company has a strong identity and culture, some of the best people to advertise vacancies are already there. If your employees like your company and are invested in its success, it should be no problem getting them to share any vacancies with their network. Nowadays, networking is how 85% of vacancies are filled, so this can be an extremely effective and low-cost strategy. This is such an excellent way to promote vacancies that it might even be worthwhile to offer incentives to your employees for referring new candidates. Doing so can make employees that may not be so receptive to the idea begin considering their contacts for positions, expanding your reach further. 

The takeaway

In summary, there is a multitude of avenues to take when advertising a position at your company. While this is not an exhaustive guide to doing so, an important takeaway is that it is unnecessary to spend a considerable amount on recruitment with the tools available now. Instead, using your company’s culture, your social media presence or enlisting the help of specialist agencies can all be valuable and cost-effective methods of advertising jobs. 

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