How To Feel Good About Yourself After A Breakup

Breakups are awful, whether it was your idea or not. You can feel sad, angry, exhausted and disappointed all at once. Sometimes breakups are expected, and other times, they can take you completely off guard. You need to take care of yourself and acknowledge your feelings.

We often rush to get over the breakup and move on to the next stage of our lives. Remember to take a beat and reflect on what you learned in that relationship. Here are a few ways you can start to feel good about yourself after a breakup.

Look after yourself

Breakups can impact your confidence, especially if infidelity is involved. You need to put some time and effort into yourself to restore this inner confidence. Indulge in the things you love to do – whether it’s buying a new lingerie set or baking. Spend some quality time with yourself and rediscover your hobbies and passions. You can afford to be selfish with your time and energy during a breakup. 

Make a list of the reasons it didn’t work

There are probably plenty of reasons your relationship didn’t work. But in the breakup phase, it’s normal to focus on all the good things about your relationship. Write a list of all the reasons it didn’t work – such as personality clashes, lack of common interests and different life values. Take a look at the list each time you start to miss your ex. It’s important to remind yourself that you made the right decision. 

Remove reminders of your ex

It’s time to remove all reminders of your ex. Takedown photos and trinkets that remind you of them and store them in a box. Give the box to your friend and ask them to take care of it for a while. You can fill the box with anything from the top you wore on your first date to a valentine’s card. You can go through the box and decide what to keep when you have moved on from the breakup. 

Connect with others

You need support from your friends and family during this time. You might want to be alone right now – but you will feel so much better with your loved ones around. They can take your mind off the breakup and help you to move on. They can also comfort you at 2 am when you feel alone and heartbroken. Remember that breakups don’t last forever, and you will feel like yourself again soon.

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