How to Find Motivation When Life Seems So Hard By JJ Barnes

To achieve your goals, you need to stay motivated. But staying motivated can, at times, be incredibly hard. Facing a pandemic counts as one of those times.

Challenge after challenge is being thrown at you. You’ve been forced to work from home with your family all around you like caged in tigers and, potentially, facing the trials of home-schooling as well. According to the Office Of National Statistic, women have picked up the majority of the housework and home-schooling responsibilities during the pandemic, so you’re fighting an up-hill battle just to get through a normal day, before you even start piling work goals on top of it.

It takes incredible motivation to fight through and get everything done that needs doing, especially when so much of you just wants to curl up on the sofa and binge-watch Netflix until it’s all over. If your to-do list feels impossibly big when set against all the responsibilities of life, plus the absolute exhaustion you’re facing every single day, you need to connect with your inner desire to succeed. Find that motivation and cling onto it, because if you lose your motivation, you’ll never get where you want to go. You don’t get what you want by sitting back and letting life pass you by. So, how do you do it?  JJ Barnes is co-creator of Siren Stories, an entertainment business collaborating with different artists to produce books, music, art and more. JJ explains how we can find that motivation when life is making everything seem so hard.

The fear

The fear of failure is an incredible motivator. If you don’t work hard enough, you could lose everything. So, embrace that fear. If you’re tired or overwhelmed, the fear of losing everything you’ve worked for can drive you on.

You don’t want to look back on your life and know you could have got what you wanted if you’d tried harder. That is a scary idea. Use it.

Think of other people

If other people depend on your work for their own work, hold that in your mind. Other people are working hard to achieve their goals, and you don’t want to get in their way. You want to be supportive and a force for good, and sometimes that means pushing through and doing your job even when you’re lacking personal motivation.

Inspiring children

So much of learning from home comes from teaching children about the importance of hard work. You can inspire your children to fight for what they want and follow their dreams by showing them that you’re doing it too. Motivation and passion for projects is inspirational, and showing the next generation how it’s done, you’re helping shape their future for the better.

True Love

If you love what you do, and it truly matters to you, hold onto that. Whether it’s a work project or something personal, you started this because you love it, because it matters, so don’t lose that passion. If you start to feel drained and like you can’t find the energy, imagine having to do something else. Don’t give up on the thing you love the most. Cliched though it might be, there is strength in love.

Give yourself a break

Whilst pushing yourself to always get what needs doing done is important, so is taking a break. Think of yourself as a jug of water. All the time you spend working and pushing yourself to do more, you’re tipping your jug. The harder you work, the more you tip that jug. Eventually you’ll run out of water.

You need to refill that jug. This could be in something creative like art, something inspirational like reading a good book, or simply something relaxing like a hot bath. But whatever it is, you’re not a robot. Humans need to take a break now and then or they’ll run dry.

A bit of time away can make you come back to your project with renewed energy and motivation Ultimately remember that you deserve to accomplish your goals. Hold the love and the passion for what you’re doing forefront in your mind and remember that if you don’t do it yourself, nobody will do it for you. This matters, you matter, so keep that motivation a live so you can get what you want.

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