How To Keep Your Workplace Safe When Introducing A New Team

Bringing a few new employees into the workplace? Maybe it’s the first time you’ve ever hired someone? Either way, this is a worrying time for you! As a business owner, you’ve got to work hard to keep your employees safe and sound when they’re at work. And even if you’re keen to keep things small and efficient, you’ll still need a few extra pairs of hands on deck. Here are a few ways to ensure they settle in without any trouble; a safe workplace is a productive one. 

Mind your traffic flow with furniture

Your office, your shop floor, and even the break room are all going to have distinct flows of traffic. Because of this, you should study the way people move around them. What shortcuts do people take? How do they like to move? Where do they tend to stay in one place? 

Once you know these flows, you’ll be able to place your furniture appropriately. For example, you’ll be able to feature the water cooler in a prime position, where people don’t have to travel too far to get a drink while working. 

Regularly test your equipment

Wherever it is you work, you’re going to need to run safety tests on the equipment and products you use. From standard EET Testing to health and safety drills, you’ll want to run through these checks around once a month. 

If you don’t, faults could appear in the line and slow down work, and fires could crop up when you least expect them. Of course, you never want to have to deal with a fire, but you certainly don’t want a practice drill to turn into something real! 

Make sure it’s comfortable to work in

A comfortable workplace is a happy one. And when your employees are happy, they’re going to work hard. This’ll get the job done quicker, despite what a lot of experts in the field will tell you! 

People don’t like to work when they’re uncomfortable; if they’re too hot or cold, or their back hurts thanks to a stiff and awkward desk chair, not much is going to get done. It’s a simple truth that so many business owners still don’t understand, so be sure not to make the same mistake here. Purchase ergonomic furniture wherever you can! 

Regularly double check legal standards

If you really want to be safe in the workplace, keep an eye on the legal standards that govern your field. This way you’ll always be inside the law when it comes to your health and safety checks, and you won’t have to worry about the rules you’ve set. You know they match up to what the law requires of you as a business owner – doing a quick bit of due diligence here and there will be the easiest way to become the best boss possible! 

Want to build a safe workplace? Go above and beyond to see how people use it. This way you’ll never have to worry!

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